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[Saints News] Tequila-La-Argh!

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HaveADream    174





possible shooting was tonight thwarted by security staff who instantly jumped at the sight of a firearm and apprehended the suspect. It is currently unknown why the fight began as details are currently scarce, but what is known is that a bottle was used to attack the armed man, who then pulled out his firearm in response. Police and Paramedics instantly attended the scene, catering to the unnamed suspect who was apprehended and ensuring the safety of the patrons. There were no further injuries.


We reached out to the owner of Tequila-La-La, who responded with this statement.


" Unfortunately there was an incident involving two people. One of them was hit by a glass bottle - proceeding to pull a weapon out. My Security boys intervened immediately, tackling him to the floor. No one was harmed and the police were called. My boys' reactions were superb and I'm extremely proud of them. They're all heroes and deserve the credit. There was [an ambulance] for the man who pulled the gun. As I said, he was hit with a glass and required a medical response. The police and the paramedics' fast response was appreciated - everyone reacted to the event professionally, calmly and appropriately. Tequi-la-la does not condone any sort of violence or aggression within our venue. We're here make sure our customers have fun and are most importantly - safe. My Security boys did exceptionally tonight. No shots were fired - they jumped in front of the man instantly. That's how much this place means to us, we're a family here and fortunately for us, no one was hurt."


We reached out to both the Los Santos Fire Department and the Los Santos Police Department but did not receive a response.





Saints News


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Email: [email protected]

Comment: Paramedic from the RA on the scene here, the vic was transported to a nearby hospital where he was handed over to a trauma team for further treatment. He was stable with high-chances of survival on hospital arrival.

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ashlyii    9
Posted (edited)

Email: [email protected]

Comment: I'd just like to take the opportunity to say once again - we do not condone any violence in our venue. Tequi-la-la is about making fun memories in an environment where people can feel comfortable - a place where they can let loose and be themselves after a long day. Your safety and opinions mean the world to us and we're really trying to make this a venue that Los Santos can be proud of!


The staff are like family and I'm so proud of my team for stepping in as fast as they did - putting their own lives at risk to ensure every customer's safety. I couldn't ask for more from them and I hope everyone realizes we did everything we could to ensure nobody got hurt.


I can only credit the response time of the Police and Paramedics who were there in minutes. They don't often get the love they deserve.


I'm honestly heartbroken with how tonight planned out and I really hope that people will give us a chance to prove ourselves and not let this event change their opinions. We did everything we could, as fast as we could.


We'll be closed tomorrow to let the police carry out whatever investigation they may need with our support, but we'd love to see you all with us soon!


C. Karlsson

Owner of Tequi-la-la

Edited by ashlyii
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A_Acko    198

Email: [email protected]

Comment: did they find the guy that smacked him with a botle yet?

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