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harrison    30
Posted (edited)

South LS OCG


The Obshchak:

In criminal contexts, funds are raised through the extortion or voluntary contributions of prisoners or entities outside prison. Those who give voluntarily signal their commitment to the criminal community. The term is linked to organised crime in a two-fold way. On the one hand, obshchak is part and parcel of extortion, whereby so-called protection money is paid by racketeered businesses. On the other hand, the obshchak ensures integration within and cooperation between criminal groups. This penetrates all levels, from individual prison dormitories and street gangs to city districts and even regions, with funds funneling upwards to the most powerful groupings. Both functions – the collection (informal taxation) and redistribution (informal welfare) of common funds, dissociated from the state or other legal providers – are essential for the emergence of mafias. The colloquial use of the word obshchak can also be used in non-criminal contexts, as an abbreviation of obshchaya kassa (‘common fund’), to highlight the informal nature of collection and distribution While the criminal obshchak can be used for mutual aid and support to those who are ill, in police custody, or in the segregation unit of the prison, the spoils generally accrue to those at the top of the criminal ranks. Thus, the obshchak should be understood as a form of generalized reciprocity that locks those who practice it into consistent lines of action. This means it represents an investment by criminals who do not receive immediate benefits but who then have an interest in remaining within the criminal community to reap the long-term returns as they move up the ranks. As such, voluntary investments in the obshchak can be understood as a signal of commitment, solidarity and positive attitudes towards the criminal community. Investments are a measure of this commitment and can lead to promotion within the prison hierarchy or organized criminal group. 



The South LS OCG, “South side”:

Due to the natural expansion of Eurasian organised crime within Blaine County and Los Santos, the need for an increased presence in the city grew as well. The South LS OCG was the solution to this new demand and things began to run smoothly under the leadership of the founder, Borys "Borya" Kapylyushny. The newly formed crew quickly secured their territory with the purchase of Auto Re-Perez, a garage located in the North-East of Strawberry. Borya re branded the aging property in to "Kapylyushny Holdings -Automotive" and set about organizing his crew into what resembled a well structured organisation, but things soon changed. At some point, Borya’s motivations had changed, he grew less concerned with the South and more with the county as a whole. He bought several properties, including the former club house of a recently extinct MC. This was first disguised as a means of diversifying the crew’s property to avoid creating too much heat around their garage in Strawberry, but it was soon made clear what Borya’s intentions were. In the span of several days, all of Borya’s properties had been sold, including the garage, the man had disappeared into “retirement” leaving his crew leaderless and exposed. Borya was soon replaced by one of his lieutenants who led the crew in a new direction. The actions of this new leader are not widely known, it would appear he took a more reserved approach from that of Borya and this led the crew in to a strange period of decentralization as each associate took charge of their own small crew and operated independently of one another, meeting their leader once or twice a week to report their progress and pay in to the Obshchak’s purse. This period lasted for several months as the group transitioned from Strawberry to Textile City.



Textile City, Simmet Alley, and the Teremok Kiosk:

With all their properties in Strawberry gone, the crew resettled in Textile City, a former Slavic hot spot that had been left unclaimed for months. It wasn't long long before the isolated groups of former members reformed into a more centralized group, it was clear that the splitting up of each associate was a mistake and it is assumed the current leader left the city in hopes to avoid punishment or ridicule from the various other leaders within the County. Just like that, the South was left leaderless until one of the former associates was brought in to take temporary responsibilities.Once again under new leadership, the crew began to stabilize and slowly begin to reclaim the strength that had once been present during the height of Borya’s reign.



This faction is dedicated to portraying realistic Eurasian criminals, whether they be immigrants or part of a second or third generation. I recommend checking out some third party sources when researching how to roleplay a Russian/Eastern criminal.

If you have any questions just PM me on here and I can try and point you in the right direction for research material.

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Brox26    266

Take it far, great crew great guys

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