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GTA 6 Thread

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Atiku    133

The leak is probably fake but there's probably some reasonable guesses in there. I think Vice City is a likely place for the series to go next based on how we've had HD versions of Liberty City and Los Santos. Similarly, it would be hard to imagine Rockstar not capitalising on the fact they can do this with the title/logo:


Related image


As for the South America stuff, it's likely we'd see something like that after having North Yankton in GTA V and similar things in RDR 2 (not going into detail for those who haven't played). Similarly, it's hard to imagine Vice City without the 80's aesthetic which would link up well with the drug trafficking/pop culture around the era.


I'm not convinced by the leak, but the content seems to be a good guess about what the next GTA will be like.  


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