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CEF Phone

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St3fan[NL]    129
Posted (edited)
Feature Showcase: Phone


The CEF Phone is a feature we've been waiting for quite some time. We have a couple of smartphones in game and one old Nokia. All smartphones are now operated by the CEF phone update, the Nokia still has the old /sms, /call etc commands.

The CEF Phone speaks for itself, you can use it like a smartphone In Real Life. You have a couple of apps you can navigate through and go back with the home button. If you click the home button a few times in the home-screen it will turn off your phone, clicking the home button when the phone is off, will turn it back on.

You can also watch the 1.6 showcase video below to see the phone in action:



Text commands


/phonesize 70-100 Will allow you to customize the size of the phone















Upcoming updates


In a couple of weeks the Phone will be updated with a groupschat application which allows you  to create groupschats and add up to 20 users in the group to chat with each other. More about this will follow once released!


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