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How to create addon mods for Rage-MP

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Firesky    46
Posted (edited)

This has been a highly requested tutorial, keep in mind this is only for the creation of add-on mods, these do not change direct game files, they are simply dragged to the 'dlcpacks' folder of the server on your Rage-MP directory, mostly for re-texture mods.


Tools required:

  • OpenIV, download here;
  • ArchiveFix, download here;
  • Base add-on files, down here;
  • The mod itself, I used this one as a test example: Mod.


I recommend creating a new folder where you'll be working on the following steps, once everything is downloaded and ready.


Keep in mind: The base files provided for the add-on creation will only work for textures, for such things as vehicle models or weapon models, you'll need other base files as they will not use textures.rpf most likely, take a look here and download according to your needs or the all-in-one package, the process however is the same as shown, this will work also for the so blessed nipple mods everyone keeps asking me over and over for another variant, you can now do it yourself and stop asking, since they're basically textures.


1 - Extract the mod to a working directory for easy management and move the dlc.rpf from the base add-on files to a new location and open it with OpenIV so you can start the process.



2 - With OpenIV open the dlc.rpf and navigate to the textures.rpf, this is where you'll drag all files, don't forget to enable edit mode on top.





3 - Drag the texture files inside now, once done go back and drag the textures.rpf out of OpenIV, then proceed to delete it from OpenIV.





4 - You should now have the textures.rpf file at the directory, just drag it on top of the ArchiveFix.exe, you should get a command line output that the file was encrypted.



5.1 - Now re-add the textures.rpf file back to the OpenIV inside the dlc.rpf we were working on once it's encrypted just drag it back inside the x64 directory.


5.2 - Go all the way back to the root of the dlc.rpf in OpenIV, you'll need to edit both the .xml files inside.



6 - Change accordingly to what you're going to name the folder where the dlc.rpf will be stored, can be anything, don't forget to hit 'save' once you're done.




7 - Disable edit mode once you're done, and drag the dlc.rpf on top of the ArchiveFix.exe just the same way you did with the textures.rpf.



8 - Create the folder according to what you named the mod on the .xml files, drag the dlc.rpf inside, and you're done, just drag the folder to the dlcpacks of the server you wish to connect.


Edited by Firesky
Added pictures + re-organized pictures
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Graham    23

Is there any way to modify models too? I say it because these include some archives that affect models: https://es.gta5-mods.com/player/rancho-13-vagos-retexture


EDIT: I think I might be in the right path; I took the dlc.rpf of the game (following the path given on the download's install settings) and copied it outside; the archives (textures, models, metadata, etc. are there to replace, but within the dlc.rpf where these archives are there is a million more, I ain't sure if I should keep the rest or just remove it all and add the ones from the mod, plus I've got to look further into the content.xml, it's kinda messy. I'll update tomorrow when I'm awake.


EDIT2: I gave up on the PEDs for now because of the content XML, wanted to try something more simple, so I took the glock 17 mod, wouldn't work, gonna keep trying.

Edited by Graham

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