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@ Community / Player Management - A much needed discussion about Section 1.0 Server Rules

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Kestalas    32
Posted (edited)

I've had a few discussions through in-game tickets with a couple of administrators about this topic, so my frustration is not at them but at the handling of the situation in general. There is a serious issue with non-roleplay driving in this server. Section 1.0 Common Courtesy states that one must be role playing at all times. This would include driving in a realistic manner. When I do file a ticket about someone and get an answer, the answer I usually get when I file a ticket is either:

  1. It says it's being answered/responded to and I never see anything happen to the person reported (knowing full well they just drove into a concrete barrier and continued driving as if nothing happened). I'm not always video recording or taking screen shots, so more often than not these people just get away with it.
  2. They respond back and say make a forum report.


The second option I get is to go file a report with the police, through which most of the time:

  1. No one is at the station whenever I go in there to make a report.
  2. When I call 911, I explain the situation and no one shows up because it's not a real "emergency".


I always get a "Well you need to make a forum report or they won't get dealt with". First of all, as I've seen Administrators admit before, 8/10 people don't make a forum report about this because they can't be bothered. As a result, these people continue with super poor role play standards and never get caught. This contributes to a vicious cycle of people who never get caught because people don't report them. It hasn't worked telling people to report them, so something else needs to be done. This way simply isn't working.


Can you imagine the amount of forum reports you have if people would report every single non-roleplay driver? It would be kind of laughable to see how many reports would show up. Even when they do get caught in-character, they don't care. I watched one of them get pulled over yesterday and get ticketed and went right back to doing it again after the PD officer left. They simply don't care.


First of all, I understand that your team is busy with other things. I get it, I'm not a teenager. I've worked on teams in real life that had to deal with 800 things going on at one time, but we had to get it done. That's just the way of it. 


Second of all, here's my issue with the way people drive. Let's start down at the Courier Docks (Soon to be trucking station). People constantly drive over curbs at high speeds in a van that's not meant for any kind of off-road driving, drive in head on traffic just to get to the drop-off point faster, speed through stop signs and yield points with no regards to traffic in any direction, run into barriers and walls and continue on driving as if nothing ever happened to their vans. I could go on and on. These are company vans. No UPS driver or FedEx driving would normally drive anywhere near this in real life. You risk losing your job and on top of that it's company property that you're driving. Do you think this is going to stop when Trucking releases? It will probably get even worse. 


Talking about outside of the courier docks, more people than not simply don't give a damn about traffic laws. Traffic lights? Yielding? Stopping? No, I'm going to take my life in my hands and go through an intersection at 80 mph through what would normally be a busy city. You're going to tell me that people do that in real life and I would agree with you, but not in the way that it happens here on this server. Most people, the majority, do not drive the way they are supposed to. Half this city should be pulled over for reckless driving ? 


There must be something that can be done at the Administration level to help curb this problem. I would have put this in the suggestion section, but I don't have much of a suggestion besides increasing your Player Management staff to focus on this issue. I honestly don't want to criticize the job you're doing. As I said, I know you have to deal with a lot managing several hundred players every day. However something has to give. I opened this up for rule change discussion because I really don't know what to suggest to fix it. I'd love to hear what other people think and if it can even be addressed differently. 


*Gets off soapbox*

Edited by Pollster

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Kestalas    32
Posted (edited)

@iAMTemple You’re great at detailed and out of the box thinking.... help me out here ? I know it’s a problem but have no idea how it could be addressed and fixed. 

Edited by Pollster

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