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Leonardo Nervetti

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HunterCohen    24
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Leonardo Nervetti, a 47 year old father of two children who is believed to have ties in the Los Santos Crime Family, a prevalent crime family within Los Santos, San Andreas. From a background rooting from Italy, he resides in Los Santos, San Andreas, where he was born and raised, however, he is believed to have many connections in San Andreas including San Fierro and Las Venturas, whether it be through family or friends.


Early Life


Leonardo was born on the 25th of July 1973 to Carmilla and Lucius “Luca” Nervetti, the eldest of 5 siblings consisting of two sisters and two brother. The family was by no means rich, living on borderline poverty for the majority of his childhood, where he has lived on Covenant Avenue, Davis, South Central Los Santos. His father worked in construction in San Fierro, spending the majority of his time there. His mother worked nights at a coffee shop across the street from the house. Leonardo’s father lack of presence no doubt has a severe impact on Leonardo’s upbringing, the only financial security the family faced was the rent being paid at the end of each month when his father would return from work.


With little money for food, and any form of luxury being a distant wish, Leonardo the eldest child and the man of the house, felt responsible to provide for his family, therefore he turned to business; selling and buying candy and soda as an early teenager at school where he made a good amount for his age. He would do this up until he was 16 years old where he began to work at the Coffee Shop across from his house, the owners of the coffee shop eventually recognised Leo as a young entrepreneur, seeing his abilities in business, they started to give him more work, selling off illegally imported cigarettes to stores around the city. He did this for a few years until he was 18 becoming an associate of Abe Caro, one of the owners of the coffee shop bringing him into an earner crew, he started to bring in a lot of money for the family and for himself, he decided to recommend Marcello Nervetti, his little brother, to Abe Caro. Abe brought Marcello under his wing and the brothers started to work together, forming a relationship that would one day turn sour.


8 Months after Leonardo was brought in as an associate into the family, he was shipped out to the Gulf War in 1991, he fought in Baghdad for the remainder of the war, however when the war ended he remained in Iraq fighting the Iraqi NFZ enforcement until 1999 where he returned, meeting his now ex-wife, Viviana.


Marriage, Children, and Current state.


On the New Years Eve of 1999, Leonardo went out to a Vinewood club with his fellow associates and brother to celebrate the arrival of the millenium and his return from the army, that night he was believed to meet Viviana Nervetti for the first time. His first and only wife, and the mother of his children. They married on the 29th of June 2000, and they had their first child on the 5th of July 2000, Ines Nervetti. One year later, also in July, his son followed, Lucius Nervetti, named after his father.


Now with three extra mouths to feed, Leonardo's ambition for success sky rocketed, he started to enduldge into business. He started a massage parlour in Los Santos which was later discovered as a brothel. In 2017, Joey Capril, Abe Caro and 28 other made men of the family where indicted under extortion and racketeering. Joey Capril and Abe Caro faced an extra charge of Conpiricy to commit homicide, after plotting to kill Dave Simmons, a biker from Paleto Bay. This event sparked wide interest in the family, and associates began to be dragged in for questioning regarding their opperations, and the buttoned members they are associated with. In order to skip the limelight, Leonardo left the city with his wife, son and brother sending his daughter to boarding school in Liberty City.


The family returned to Los Santos in 2019, Leonardo's brother, Marcello decided to stay in San Fierro, the connections their father had brought Marcello under the wing in the San Fierro Crime Family, Marcello's future plans did not match Leo's, Marcello being a bachelor with too much to lose, security was his best bet. Whereas Leonardo had two children and a wife, settling down in a city where his family has the best opportunity to propser was his main priority. By the time they came back to Los Santos, the brothel had been discovered and the majority of the legitimate cash was seized from the business. It is believed that Leonardo had assets elsewhere, or was using a shell business in the form of a coffee shop to launder money, as on his return he reportedly bought a new house, two new cars, and a car for each his wife, son and daughter.


At this point, Leonardo was left with no friends, and no form of income, and that is when he met Thomas "Sunshine" Alo, a buttoned member of the Los Santos Crime Family. He met Thomas whilest sellling his house, Tommy and Leonardo later went into business together, starting a Cigar Lounge "Pipe Down" in Downtown Vinewood.


Eventually, Leonardo became an associate of The Los Santos Crime Family through Thomas Alo, during this period Viviana Nervetti left Leonardo due to their consistent domestically absusive relationship that grew to strenous on both Leo and Viviana. Leonardo found this tough, however the prospect of his success, his children, and hew new found friends helped him through the period.


As time went on, Leonardo met Peter Conti, a buttoned member, whilest buying a watch at his store, they also went into business, starting another massage parlour out of Peter Conti's warehouse. During this period, Nervetti aquired a pizzeria, he hired Talia Tudor to design, through her he eventually met Grayson Tudor the president of the Sinful Kings MC. They started doing business together and Leonardo eventually entered the weapon traffiking scene. The Del Perro Pizzeria was being used as a primary gateway into laundering the cash gained through Nervetti's illicit deals, which he grew weary of, when Thomas Alo retired from the Los Santos Crime Family, he left the Cigar Lounge; Pipe Down with Leo, this quickly changed the situation, now with an external business, not connected to his name, Leonardo felt much more at ease with his deals, starting to expand.


With Peter Conti being the new capo, and the head figure of the only crew within the family, Leonardo watched the family shrink and crumble. On the 19th of July 2019, he made one of the most risky and significant moves he has ever made, he stepped away from the family. His business still prospers, and he still moves nowhere but forward, yet moving forward is only definate whilest checking over his shoulder.


Leonardo is now living in Paleto Bay, alongside his business partners and weapon suppliers. He still supplies South Central Los Santos gangs with guns, however the majority of his long-term apperiances occur within Paleto Bay. He plans on starting a cash intensive business in Paleto Bay, a way to filter the weapon money. Leo has taken a different route to the expected, and where he may wish things turned out differently, the future is as bright as the day it was that Thomas Alo brought him under his wing. With more guns coming in and profit increasing, Leonardo has started to look further into the trade, figuring out ways to expand. Wether it means going out of state, or using multiaple suppliers in order to be able to forefill demand in unknown, but Leonardo has been known for his pondering, and wether this is a goal or a halloucination is yet to be seen.


Marcello Nervetti and The San Fierro Crime Family.


Leonardo and Marcello worked together for the majority of their life, however when Marcello stayed in San Fierro to join the San Fierro Crime Family, Leonardo lost that bond with him, seeing Marcello as a traitor. News spread quickly within the last few months that Marcello had been made within the family, and the possibility of Marcello becoming a CapoRegime was likely.


The San Fierro Crime Family saw what has happpened within the criminal underworld of Los Santos, the boss of the Los Santos Crime Family gone into hiding, a significant decline in men within the family, no consigliere, and with the Capo in jail. For them, they see potential, they see a way to grow to the city and expand their business ventures. With that being said, Marcello, one of the highest earners, one of the most loyal members, and one of the wittiest soilders within the family, is expected to be bumped soon to form the crew leading The San Fierro Crime Family's ventures within Los Santos.

Regardless of if Marcello comes to Los Santos or not, Leo still sees Marcello as a traitor, and can't rely on him.


Vincent Agrusa.


Vincent Agrusa is Leonardo's first cousin, his father's brother's son. He is a Caporegime in the Las Venturas Crime Family. As children they had a close bond however have lost primary contact throughout the years.

Vincent contacted Leonardo about expansion into Los Santos, this was a huge turn-around for Leonardo, up until this point he was losing hope. After 28 years of being in a crew, Leo finally saw hope again, and the ability to finally have his button. Family means a lot to Leonardo, offering Vincent a place in his home with his children, and offering a piece of his life, the possibilities are endless.





Leonardo's apperance


Leonardo is always seen wearing a 24 karat Rose Gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding on his left wrist, he bought this watch along with a 999 Silver Jesus pendant, and a Platinum ring with a flawless bagette diamond from Peter Conti's jewellery store, Rothstien's. Jewellery isn't the limit to Leonardo's vanity, he distinctivly smells of Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte, a very expensive bottle of after shave. 


Leonardo's personality


Past Leonardo's vanity, he is a respectful man. He doesn't step out of line without prompt, however if he rubbed the wrong way, his temper shows. Leonardo is extremely hot headed, he is seen yelling more times then not. He is old school, and therefore he doesn't agree with the new wave breaking of steoreotype's, he believes men are men, and men act a certain way.


Leonardo, where he may be aggressive and have an extremely short temper, knows his boundries, he knows who and when to get annoyed with. However, apart from this, he is a loving father, compasionate, and he is not scared to reveal his emotion, unless his emotion makes him appear weak. He does not concider expressing his love for his family as a negative, or weakining emotion, instead a human and natural emotion.






Leonardo with his late little brother, Rocco Nervetti.



Leonardo with his children, Ines and Lucius Nervetti.



Giovanni Nervetti - Grand Father (Deceased, 1898 - 1933)

Luca Nervetti - Father (Deceased, 1933-1998)

Carmilla Nervetti - Mother (Deceased, 1935-2003)

Vincent Lagrusa - Cousin (Alive, b. 1970)

Marcello Nervetti - Brother (Alive, b. 1982)

Liliana Nervetti - Sister (Alive, b. 1986)

Gabriella Nervetti - Sister (Alive, b. 1981)

Rocco Nervetti - Brother (Deceased, 1989 - 1999)

Viviana Nervetti - Ex-Wife (Alive, b. 1982)

Lucius Nervetti - Son (Alive, b. 2001)

Ines Nervetti - Daughter (Alive, b. 2000)





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Changed Face claim, changed thread a whole.
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HunterCohen    24

Topic update: Leonardo Nervetti is now an associate of the Los Santos Crime Family under Thomas "Sunshine" Alo.

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DjoleK    48

Aren't you the guy who plowed thru 4th of July festival with his car yesterday?

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HunterCohen    24
2 hours ago, DjoleK said:

Aren't you the guy who plowed thru 4th of July festival with his car yesterday?

Yeah, Desync is a bitch

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HunterCohen    24



- Faceclaim changed

- Changed and updated character story to current date

- Added a gallary

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