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GTAW 1.6 Development blog

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Nervous    1445
Posted (edited)

GTAW 1.6 Development blog


GTAW 1.6 is a massive update, focused on reshaping your experience and to do that we have been working hard to release new content but to also replace our old content. We've been rebuilding from scratch multiple parts of our gamemode to prepare it for future content and reshape it in a 2019 look instead of the usual GTA menu.


This update will bring a lot of new roleplay opportunities and improve your overall experience on GTA World, from new businesses to new jobs, while getting rid of deprecated scripts such as mining, courier and selling fishes to an NPC (you'll still be able to sell your fishes to restaurant owners for example).


So, what's coming for the beginning of this summer?


New character selection screen


You can now preview your characters directly from the login screen while having some stats directly printed out:






New dealership implementation


We've completely reworked dealerships to be fully dynamic and to change its display! All dealerships are now dynamically loaded with a specific amount of cars, and you'll be able to own and manage vehicles inside your dealership in a soon to come update after 1.6! For now, only the design and the backend system changed:






CEF Phone


It is finally coming, the CEF phone! You'll find below a very early implementation and design of the phone, which

will most likely change for its final implementation as we're currently mostly working on the backend. You'll be able to message and call your friends, while also using Facebrowser of course!






The long awaited player list will now be available directly ingame when pressing O! It's been a long time requested (and missing!) feature. The key might change if there is any impact on O, so feel free to give us your feedback about it in comments:






New business Tobacco store




You can now own a tobacco store to sell cigarettes & cigars! These stores will be available in the city and you'll now be required to buy cigarette before being able to use the smoking animation.


Illegal activities will also be boosted as selected roleplayers will receive cheap illegal supplies of cigarettes to sell.



Weapon attachments


We've developed weapon attachment synchronization and it's now ready for a release! Police officers & criminals will be able to use these attachments and tints for their weapons. Below is an example of the technical feature:




Obviously not all attachments and tints will be available to ensure continuity within our realistic world.



Note system (Flyers, pictures, papers...)


You can now buy empty notes and print them with pictures or text to distribute to other players! Advertise your company, your club opening with a flyer, or just share a love letter with someone with our new note system!






You can name each note and set their content, it can be a specific picture or some text.

All imgur links will be valid to be used as pictures. You'll need to visit a printing shop to put an image or a design on your notes!


New business : Printing shop


The printing shop will allow you to buy an important amount of flyers, advertisement papers, notes at the same time and to design them with images! Go to your nearest printing shop and see what they have to offer!




New job Trucker


This new script will allow us to close the economy circle by supplying each businesses with their needed materials and providing a never ending cycle of market needs that will be funded with players money and city projects. You will be able to either join a trucking company (player owned or not) that will have trucks you may use based on your trucking licence / skill and thus supply companies after delivering orders:







This new trucker job also includes a full change of the component system, and each businesses will now require their own component: food for restaurant, clothes for clothing store, papers for printing stores, etc.


The trucking was initially planned for 1.5, however some last minute issues forced me to delay its release to deliver a flawless experience. Thank you for your patience!


Invite your friends and receive free World Points!


We'll be offering everyone free world points through an affiliation system! Invite your friend by generating an affiliate link and then track their progress through the registration and ingame!




You'll be able to see who has reached a 100% progress on the requirements to unlock the world points directly from your UCP :




To avoid potential abuses of mass registrations, every players will be asked to play at least 50 hours to confirm that they are new "active" players, before you can receive your 50 WP!


When is it coming ?


When it's ready! Most of these features are almost finished and we still need to polish everything, so expect an early July release ? 


What's coming next ?


We're going to keep working on improving existing features such as the dynamic dealerships for players to own, and we're also slowly developing from scratch a fully new drug system that will provide an in-depth drug roleplay, from creation of synthetic drugs to cutting agent modifying the drug strength, quality, while giving you the ability to also name your own drugs.


We're also working on a card system for various card games, and casino slots machines! Many more projects are in the boxes, but these are two big ones that I would love to be able to show soon.


What about RAGEMP update ?


RageMP next update is currently under beta testing and should be finally coming soon! It'll allow us to put more server side mods as the launcher will directly download the files and the blackscreen reload bug will not exist anymore. @Pascal and I are currently beta testing the update!
Some amazing sync and streamer changes are also coming to improve melee fighting, covers in gunfights and the overall synchronization of vehicle / player positions.



Edited by Nervous
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jessica    110

This looks amazing! Amazing work from everyone who contributed, can't wait to see it in game.

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St3fan[NL]    105

I'll be happy once it's released ? Have everyone enjoy the hard work in game ? 

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Jak    5

this is lit

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Blackbeard    159

bom chicka wah wah.

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