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Staff Update - May 2019

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Notbond    157





It's been a year since we quit GTMP to start working on RageMP, and I must admit that I still feel like it was yesterday. We've all, as a community, progressed together through the past year way easier and faster than I expected. You all know I spent 3 weeks working day and night on converting the entire gamemode starting from June 3rd last year, and It was one of the most painful and exhausting experiences in my life.


However you have all offered me a relatively calm year after that without major drama or issues, so I would like to thank everyone for it and I want to thank the entire admin team for their constant dedication. They're the shoulders I can always rest on when I need to breathe for a while or when things are not going right, and I hope to be the same for them when I'm not breaking their balls.


Of course, I and the other developers have still been extremely busy this year, and we'll be even busier in the upcoming weeks as we're fully preparing for update 1.6, which will bring a lot of long-awaited polishing on the server and new features. You'll soon know more about it, but you'll all love this update and the amazing work that has been put into it! (And the removal of mining coming along with it..?)


My last words this month will be for @Everett, who joined the server when it opened, then became a tester and finally a web developer on the 13th of December in 2017. Without @Everett, everything you have today when it comes to our web services wouldn't exist. He's been leading the web development team way better than I lead my own gamemode team for a while now, and I never get the opportunity to thank him for all the hard work he's achieving here daily, so make sure to thank him too whenever you get some time!


I very rarely get developer friends I can fully trust and rely on for years, @Everett is one of these people, so thank you!





Admin Promotions

@Atiku is now Assistant Head of Administrators
@Keane is now Assistant Head of Support

@Björk from Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2


@Thirteen from Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1

@KV from Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1

@Dashing from Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1


@krille120 reinstated as a Trial Administrator



     New Support Team Members

Please give a warm welcome to the brand new team members!










Reserved Applicant





Commiserations to all those who were denied and a big welcome to all the new Support team members, please contact @Dominykas.  If you were put on the reserved list, please contact Dominykas for further feedback.

If you are not on this list of reserved testers, you are not reserved even if you were put on reserved in a previous update. We only keep people on the list for one month.

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Crocker    206

Cogngratulations everyone, in particular my new partner in crime @KV and my boys @Atiku & @Keane

Edited by Crocker
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Mecovy    173

FearnR and Cascade my absolute baes. Well done! 

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