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Quickstart - A Beginners Guide

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HaveADream    231


Quickstart - A Beginners Guide


Accurate as of version 1.5.5g


The Basics

First of all - welcome to GTA World! GTA World is a high-standards roleplaying server set in the GTA Universe in the city of Los Santos and the outer Los Santos area. Joining a new server can be daunting - especially when you don't really know what you're doing, where to go or how to go by doing pretty much anything. I was fortunate enough to meet someone early on in my time at GTA World (Shoutout to @Joelrwuk) who had no qualms about showing me the ropes, the purpose of this guide is to provide that same support to you and get you accustomed to GTA World and the many, many opportunities it provides.


Let's start with some commands.


/b - This is used for local OOC, this can be used in too many cases to list here, generally use it to talk to other players as yourself, not as your character.

/me - This is used to describe something that your character is doing, an example would be: /me looks around the room, sighing to herself before approaching the bar, which would be printed as: Kalani Jamil looks around the room, sighing to herself before approaching the bar.

/do - This is used as an extension to /me or as a way to provide clarification out of character. For example, let's say our character, Kalani Jamil, has been hit by a car, and paramedics on the scene, to describe what they see, I would use: /do Kalani would appear severely injured, having been hit with some force, she'd currently be unconscious with a low heart rate. This would be printed as: Kalani would appear severely injured, having been hit with some force, she'd currently be unconscious with a low heart rate. (( Kalani Jamil )).

/s - This is to make your character shout, perhaps they're showing anger or simply trying to get someone's attention.

/low - This is used to make your character speak quietly, for example, in a private conversation, or simply just wanting to speak quieter.

/w [ID or Name] - This is used to whisper exclusively to a character, be sure not to use this to powergame!

/id [Firstname Lastname] - This is to gain the ID of a character, useful in many cases, one being whispering!

/name [ID] - This is to get a characters name from their ID. Can also be used to get your own ID.

/vget - Your car will appear where you last parked it, useful after a crash or after relogging to get to your car!

/vpark - Your car will be parked and saved to the database, useful for logging off. (Abusing these commands is punishable, so be careful!)

(Not a command - a keypress) - Start your engine.

(Not a command - a keypress.) - Lock your car/property.

/report - Stuck somewhere, or need an administrator to watch over some roleplay? Use /report.

/helpme - Used for more general questions and enquiries, things that don't actively need an administrator.

/changechar - Useful if you're bugged in some cases, or if you just want to switch to a different character without restarting. 

/help - A list of commands for a multitude of features.



Other commands for individual features can be found using /help. They can also be found by this useful guide by @Nervous, located here!



Getting Started



Secondly - welcome to Los Santos! Los Santos in our little community is a thriving city with countless businesses, criminal organisations, a working government, active police and fire department and endless opportunities. Please read my City Guide for more information with the currently established businesses here in Los Santos.


You will spawn at the airport, probably a bit confusing what to do next, right? Below I'll discuss my personal recommendation of your priorities fresh off of the plane in Los Santos.




The red circle, just across the road from where you start, allows you to rent a vehicle, be warned though, while you don't need a drivers license to drive a rental vehicle, driving like a maniac is frowned upon by both the local police departments and server staff alike. 




This is the menu you'll be presented with at the vehicle rental, pick your vehicle and we're ready to go!


My recommendation is to get a Drivers License, you won't be able to get much far without one. To get your license, head to the License Centre (Red Circle below) to do your test.






As you can see, there are many licenses to choose from (How exciting, right?), but for now, we're only focusing on the Drivers License. Click on "Driving License" to begin your test. Be sure to follow the traffic laws of the city, keep within the specified speed limit, stop at intersections, crossroads and turns and hopefully, you pass!


Passed? Well done! If not, just try again! 


What next?


You don't have a phone! Phones are needed in order to respond to adverts looking for work or perhaps something you're interested in buying, keeping in touch with friends, and pretty much a requirement of all the player-jobs available in Los Santos. This can be found at the Red Circle below.




Once you arrive, you'll be presented with the following menu.




More information on the Phone System can be found in this guide, published by @Westen, found here.


Okay, I got a phone, I got a license, I got a few bucks to burn and my rental is almost expired, now what?



Why not buy your own vehicle?


This is an exciting part, thanks to the Grand Theft Auto V base, the number of cars you can buy and the customisation you can do seems to be limitless - you can truly have one a kind if you wish, or you can live more within your means and have a bog-standard car, choice is all yours! A comprehensive list of all vehicles currently available for sale and where they are sold is generously provided by @Ikechukwu, listed here!


Look towards the Red Circle for the location of the cheapest vehicles.


You will receive $5000 an hour for your first 40 hours, for a total of $200,000. A lot of players use this to buy a car after a few hours or so.






Once you find a car on the list that you're interested in, you'll see a preview of it and an option to buy it, seen below.




Bought it? Good!


Your car needs registering, though. Your vehicle won't spawn after you bought it, you'll need to spawn it in. This is done with /vget. Now, onto registering!




This can be done at the Department of Motor Vehicles, you know where to look on the map at this point!


NEW: You can call 205 to insure or register your car! (Thanks @Nervous!)





Arrived at the DMV safely, without being pulled over for driving an unregistered car? This is the menu you'll be presented with:




You need to register your car to drive it legally. Insurance is optional (however, will soon be compulsory), however, it'll really come in handy if your car gets destroyed, or you'll end up paying a hefty payout! More information on registration, tax and the DMV can be found in this helpful guide by @Ribsey and @Keane, this is found here.


So you have your car, you have your license, you have a phone, you're ready to go!


You made your character in a dark room, with a zoomed-in look, I'm guessing you'll want to change that, leading us onto...



With the standard GTA Online model, the customisation provided is certainly exciting.


The Red Circle on the map is what I call the 'Customisation Corner' of the map, you can change your hair, your outfit, your face, your makeup, your tattoos, everything!




Plastic Surgery

We can all admit that some faces can look good in the customisation, but look a little... 'derpy' in practice. Head over to the Plastic Surgeon to get that amended.






No, these aren't the same picture! Little differences can have a big effect within the standard camera. There's a very useful guide by @JoeWarner on changing your face, read it here!



Clothing Store/Hair/Makeup

Hair, makeup and clothes can be assigned to outfits, useful if you want to wear makeup with some outfits, but not others, or perhaps your character likes a good wig? Head into the Clothing Shop and you'll see something like this:




You can customise everything about your outfit here, I recommend setting Shirt & Undershirt to 15 and your torso to 3, to avoid clipping, then choose your outfit over that.




Picked an outfit? Good! You have 19 outfit slots to save it to, and you can switch between them at your car or your property (Within RP Reason, obviously) with /outfit.


Please read this guide from @JoeWarner for more details about the clothing system, read that here!


Hair is quite similar, look below.





Makeup is for boys, too! Blush can be used to add contour to both a male and female character's face, use it wisely and it acts as an addition to your characters face.





Jobs are great, right? It's how you make the money you need to buy the things you want in life. I'm not going to go too much into detail about all the jobs provided by the script, but I will give you a map!




These jobs will be removed in the future, until then, please read these guides to get an overview of these jobs.


Courier Job - @Nervous


Mining Job - @Nervous

Fishing Job - @Nervous


Taxi Job - @St3fan[NL]


Garbage Job - @Nervous


What's going to replace them?


Store jobs, such as Ammunation, 24/7, Mask Shop and so on, read more about that here. Player to Player provided jobs have never been more plentiful, always keep an eye out on the ads!


I need more money!

You will receive $5000 an hour for your first 40 hours, for a total of $200,000.


What Next?

Now, you enjoy yourself! Get immersed, get to a club and meet people, go to a bar and make friends, this is a multiplayer game, right? Might as well immerse yourself into the community. Welcome to GTA World, the opportunities are again, endless, be who you want to be and more importantly, have fun! Happy Roleplaying!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is FaceBrowser?
A: FaceBrowser is our social media platform, it's all in-character and adds an extra level of depth and immersion to both yourself and your character, at this point, it's almost a must-have.


Q: I just get a black screen when I first join, what up with that?

A:  If you're stuck in a black screen during your first login, this is because your game is downloading a 70MB hair mod we have on the server. 

Wait in the blackscreen for 1-2 minutes, then restart your game. If the game loads to a blackscreen again the mod didn't download fully, and you'll need to wait on the black screen a bit more before restarting your game again. (Thanks @Pascal!)


Q: Where can I find more guides and features?

Guides can be found here, and the feature book and be found here.


Q: Is there voice on this server?

A: GTA World is text only.


Q: Is there a list of available properties?

A: Check the Los Santos Property Map!


Any questions? Add them below and I'll add them to the list!


Useful Links

Los Santos Penal Code - @Brett

Los Santos Property Map

Thank You For Reading!

Enjoy GTA World!


Written by @HaveADream




Edited by HaveADream
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Connor    9

Very nice guide! Little bit to add to insurance, it will become illegal VERY SOON. So you may want to just add that - other than this perfect guide!

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KV    84

Good guide!  The /help command, link to the property map, and link for the penal code could all be useful additions.

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HaveADream    231
12 minutes ago, KV said:

Good guide!  The /help command, link to the property map, and link for the penal code could all be useful additions.

All of those were planned but I forgot about! Will update.

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HaveADream    231

Updated! Added the new registration and insurance system.

Edited by HaveADream

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Chipsdose    9

@HaveADream  Very helpful guide for new players but with Update 1.5.6a new characters spawn with a phone, so they dont really need to purchase a phone anymore.

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McCatalyst    32

A+ on the guide to author.

To every new RP player reading this I assure you that by going past "The Basics" section you'll rob yourself of explicit experience IC an OOC. Because the story you'll make by finding these things out IC yourself might build a hell of a first story. 


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