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The Steps of being a San Andreas Hippie

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PaganFears    77
Posted (edited)


How's it going, man? I hear you want to walk on the steps of how to be a proper San Andreas hippie. Well I tell you what, man, it’s not as easy as you might think. Picking up a tie dye shirt, getting a headband over your head and smoking a blunt doesn’t make you a hippie, amigo. So pick up your notebook and a pen and listen up… Actually, screw the notebook, too many trees are being cut to make it. It’s killing the environment.



The hippie movement initially started off as a youth counterculture of the 1960s, along with other groups that were mostly composed of people who protested against war, fought for civil rights, free speech and of course equality. It’s believed by many that the hippies came from San Fierro, and so the city became known as “The place where man can escape the man”.

I won’t go into full detail as to how the hippie movement started off, dude, I’m not an Wikipedia article. You just have to know that it boomed during the 1960s, especially after 1967, when the famous “Summer of Love” festival went on. Tents, Crazed-ass music and a lot of mescaline vodka, which leaves us to the next chapter.



1.1 - The art

If you probably haven't realized already, man, the hippies are the founding fathers of the psychedelia subculture you've probably heard about. When you want to picture yourself a hippie the first thing you go to, man, is the atmosphere, the buzz, the vibe. Getting the perfect vibe means getting your hands on the perfect sound, and that's the music, dude. Now, the oldies prefer the sweet sound of a psychedelic rock record, some classic hard rock and even some heavy metal. Stuff like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix and the list goes on, dude. However in the recent years some hippies have started adopting some newer sounds, especially in the metal area, with the introduction of stoner rock/doom metal. Sounds of bands like Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Down, 1000mods and Sleep now populate the speakers of the hippie festivals nobody should know about. If it gives you that good trippy feeling, man, the sound is good to go.

Now the imagery, man, the painting. You can't be a hippie without knowing how to decorate your place/car/everything into giving you the perfect buzz, man. YGHtPPV, dude, a.k.a. You - Gotta - Have - The - Perfect - Psychedelic - Vibe. I wish I had the words to explain to you what I mean, man, but maybe these pictures are gonna give you the right idea:






1.2 - The fashion
This one's an easy one, friend. If you can't get this one out then why you should even try? It's okay, man, I'm only kidding. Hippies are about accepting, so we're gonna let you in anyways, even if you look like an idiot, you're bound to learn, right? And the time for learning is now, dude. You can pretty much wear whatever you want (as long as it's nothing too offensive or too superficial now, you know? Oh and most importantly, no brands, man, everything either self-made, bought at flea shops or second hand) but you know, tie-dye clothes, man, they're a must to have in your pile, even if you don't wear it. One of the most important things to have as a hippie is the long hair, friend, whether you're a man or a woman. Dudes often had beards, and chicks wore little to no makeup, and go all day without bras. And now, accessories, man, you'll always see a hippie wearing them: headbands, head scarves, those long beaded necklaces and the list goes on. Again, you probably know all these man from all those pictures you've seen of different events, which we'll talk about later.


1.3 - The beliefs
When I say "beliefs", friend, there's three things I'm talking about here: Sex, Religion and Politics.
SEX: Many used to say that hippies were "promiscuous, having wild sex orgies, seducing innocent teenagers and every manner of sexual perversion.", many of which were kinda true, but it had nothing to do with hippies, man, I tell you, it was all just some bad timing. But you know what we did? We took it and made it become something, man. "If it feels good, do it".. classic line.
RELIGION: We don't bother with Christianity, man. If anything Christianity kills cultures, and remember that. We instead go for more spiritual stuff, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, you name it. There are some very spiritual hippies out there, friend. We call them "high priests", they can give you more detailed teaching on practices you should go through to experience spirituality at a new level, man.
POLITICS: We couldn't care less about politics, man, but if you want to label us as something, you could label us as libertarians, I guess. We're pacifist, friend, and that's all there is to it. Make love, not war.


1.4 - The drugs
I bet you were waiting for this one, man. It's time to talk about the thing that makes the hippie a hippie... psychedelic drugs. And the most important of all: dope, pot, grass, you name it. When it comes to weed friend, you have many different types of hippies, but we're gonna talk about the most common ones: The Grower and The Consumer. Now, do I really need to go into detail about it, man? Yup, I do.

- The Grower: The dude, the man you're looking for when you're out of lucky trees. They grow it, they know everything about growing it, they can find you the best weed. These guys tend to go a bit away from the commune though, man, and adopt a lone wolf lifestyle, like way lone wolf, man. If you have no experience, these guys are gonna be a though one to find, cause you know, they're lone wolf and well lone wolves are alone and like... You know what I mean. They usually sell their stuff, but some are kind enough to give them out for either free, or a very small price, only condition is that they have to smoke with you.
- The Consumer: The most common type of hippie you can ever find, dude. And when I mean it... I mean it. You'll find these toking them, talking about them, passing them around, but never selling them. They usually buy from the growers, or from other people. They never really tell you, unless you're worthy of knowing, know what I mean?

Like I said, you also have other types of hippies when it comes to psychedelics, dude. You just have to find them out for yourself.




Now that you know how and what the hippie thinks, man, it's time to get on going to my favourite subject: History of the San Anne Hippy. Don't worry, you don't really need to remember all of these, you'll probably forget half of them after your third acid trip, it happens to everyone. But if you want to be far out, you should listen to some of these:


2.1 - Events

- "Get The Hell out of Vietnam!" protests: We talked about how pacifist we were, man, but when there's war out there, the hippies were out to stop it. Loads of people gathered out and protested against the Vietnam War, but did they listen to us? They didn't.. And now look what happened.
- The PsycheyD-Gathering: Back in 1966, man, the damn government decided to make LSD illegal, because they were too mad we were right about war, and well.. We didn't like it, man. Around seven or eight hundred hippies gathered around the Gant Bridge Park and protested, in our own way. We showed the people that LSD doesn't turn you into a lunatic, man. Because, to be frank, it doesn't.
- Summer Of Love: the place where everything started, dude. If you're talking to one of the old schools, they're surely gonna remember this one. 100,000+ people, man, that's like... TOO MANY, dude. Tents, loud psychedelic rock, drugs and most importantly, friend: love, friendship and equality. Random people who joined us, dude, went out enlightened.
- The Great Communes: After Summer of Love, we started calming off into our own realm of wonders, and starting making large communes around the places. One of these largest communes were The Dandelion Fields and The Village. The Dandelion Fields were mostly just a normal commune, with hippies taking off into their day to day lives, the numbers sure helped them. The Village is a different story, one of the most spiritual place in all of hippie culture, dude. I mean like, so far out that even the furthest out can't even out it, you know. That's where you find the High Priests, if you know how to search for The Village.
- Psychestivals: Your usual psychedelic rock festivals, dude, like the Summer of Love, only not much to remember from them, unless you were there. Though there was a very crazy one during 1986, man, that most people call the Fierro '86 Love-In, but we call it "Psychedeliczilla Festival". You won't believe how many psychedelics people took that day, man.. I think we broke three records in one week.

2.2 - People
- The Merry Pranksters: A group of hippies and followers of the novelist and fellow traveler, Ken Kesey, one of the most far out dudes out there when it comes to the psychedelic life. Anyhoo, these Greenwits were super into how far out Ken was, that even started living communally at his home in Bayside. They were known for dealing LSD and all other types of magic to a local biker chapter, but most importantly, they were known for "The Great Greenwit Escapade of 1964", when Ken Kesey and the Pranksters all got along in this cool bus called "Furthur" and traveled through the U-S of A.
- The Diggers: San Fierro Activisits and Street Actors who started mocking the 60s government and the issues around it, as long as some other problems in the USA at that time, including the sudden commercialization of the hippies, dude. But, man, most of our real fellow travellers knew deep inside that they were right, and that we were slowly becoming the very thing that we disliked the most, but after all we didn't try doing anything about it, in the 70s we were as mainstream as pop music, but nowadays we're all good. These digger guys also organized some kind of mock event called "Death of the hippie", don't know much about that, really. They weren't bad guys, they even gave out free stuff to the people. Maybe they were fellow travelers, like all of us.
- Yippies: A couple of rogue offshoot hippies who started parodying the government and different political parties. They were funny, I'll have to be honest, especially the piggy. But, like the diggers, they were also mocking some of their own fellow travelers.
- John Lennon: How can you not know John Lennon, man?
- Charles Manson: I don't even want to talk about this superficial scum, dude.
- Blake "Merlin" Batty: Fellow traveler and creator of Beam Me Up. The Blaine County government has once tried to stop his by hiring a toxic waste specialist to test the soils around, which at first showed high level of toxicity in the area. Merlin and his followers protested against this and ordered a second test to be taken, and thus the test came back negative, and no toxic waste was used into making Beam Me Up.


An important part of being a hippie, man, is knowing your places. Here we got some of the most known hippie landmarks in all of San Andreas, man.




What we have here is the pure work of the modern hippie, dude. People who have seen that the problems of today's society can't be fixed anymore, so they've decided to gather around and work on getting help from our own universe, man. And now time for some more history: The creation of the mountain started back in like 1990, when a super cool dude by the name of Blake "Merlin" Batty decided it was time to try and gather the people of Blaine County and seek help from aliens. At first, he got a little bit of kicking around from certain locals, dude, but that only encouraged the hippies to come out and help the man express himself. It only took him adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of lead-free paint to get the creation done. Unfortunately though, in 2010, old Merlin died of a heart attack, but the hippies can still be found at Beam Me Up, working on keeping the place clean, because of all the vandals coming around the place, like some idiots who thought it was a cool idea to show off their loud muscle cars at the place, only to leave a huge mess.




The only standing hippie commune in Blaine County, as of now. Here's where your fellow travelers hang around. The community was an usual trailer park during the start of the 80s, but as time went on, the place is now basically a prime hang around spot for all the fellow travelers.


Even though it might not look like it, man, Sunset Shores was and currently is used by fellow travelers as a get-along hang-around place every now and then, because of The Range and all. On your day to day life you'd mostly find different other squatters, rednecks and whatnot. So along with your average psychedeliacs you'll also stumble onto a vast variety of high-proof distilled spirits. You might be wondering why the place looks all bikery and stuff, well, dude, it's simple. Back in like 2000-something some motorcycle club gang took over and basically kicked out all the travelers and squatters. Since then the bikers left and now the originals are all back and well.



When it comes to drugs, man, all of us hippies search for the perfect trip. One of these perfect trips can easily be found at this place, man. The Dome, like the name suggests, is owned by a super mysterious but far out dude called "The Truth", and has been the go-to place for all consumers from around the word, man. We can't tell you much about the guy who owns the place, because, dude, we really have no idea about it. Only some are lucky enough to know what The Truth is, like me, but shh.. no telling, man. Unfortunately though, this place is mostly just a myth by now, and I can't really pin-point you the location. But who, knows, maybe The Dome will make a return one day.


Grapeseed is an agricultural settlement dedicated to providing San Andreas with its food. Most of the area consists of large fields of crops and livestock along with barns, sheds, and silos containing the necessary equipment to maintain the crops. The rural town stays true to its slogan and is mostly meant for agriculture or labor
To normal people, Grapeseed seems like a boring land full of farms, which is like true, in a way. However, dude, what most normal people don't know is that Grapeseed is the land and home of many potheads, growers, amphetamine makers and various other groovy freaks. A majority of people in here make it, sell it, consume it, man. There's no way out of it.




Small fishing pier going east of Grapeseed and southeast of the El Gordo Lighthouse. Cool little place for fellow travelers to hang around in. It's a common place for Toxic Waltzers to show up, almost as if they're living there. Despite their name, they mean no harm.



Now that I laid down everything you should keep in mind about keeping to your hippie lifestyle, it's time for you to know some of the stuff that you should DEFINITELY NOT do as a hippie, man.
1. Don't just stand around smoking weed or taking psychedelics all day, man. Live your life, you got so much stuff you can express yourself through. Make art, play guitar, practice yoga, you can do ANYTHING, man.
2. Not all hippies are crazed-out conspiracy theorists, dude. As a matter of fact, no hippie is a crazed-out conspiracy theorist, they're truth-seekers.
3. The word "HATE" should never be in your vocabulary, man. You don't ever "hate" something, you just don't like it, and that's all.
4. You DON'T have to be dressed so stereo-typically, man. You can wear whatever makes you comfortable, man. After all, that's what it's all about.
5. Hippies aren't dumb, dude. We've even had our own philosophers and writers. We have our smarties, and our dumbies, you know?


Right on, man, if you've done everything right, you can finally get along with the subculture, dude. And now, remember: Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out, Screw the system.



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Zweepuh    45

Dope stuff, man! 



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Love the unique concept you're bringing on the server, kudos and keep up. ❤️

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Gall    202

A good read!

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