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Hillside XIII

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Hillside13    78
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Hillside Trece [H.S.13, The Heights, Varrio H.T.] is a sureño street gang located in El Burro Heights, geographically placed in the eastern part of Los Santos.
El Burro Heights is one of East Los Santos oldest barrios, dating back to the early 1900s. Around that period of time, the neighborhood consisted mainly of working class families with Italian and Irish descent, working in local shops as well in the nearby industrial area.


That came to a change as the Murrieta Oil Field was bought in 1921. Almost instantly, cheap Mexican laborers began to flood into the area, working in the oil fields in slave-like conditions. As the new laborers began to settle down in the neighborhood of El Burro Heights, they were faced with severe racism by the locals, despising them for stealing their jobs and because of their cultural differences. This caused violence coming from both sides, forcing the Hispanic community to band together and protect each other from the racism and violence that was directed towards them. 

Years later at the height of the Pachuco culture, most of the Italians and Irish locals had left El Burro Heights, spreading out around the city while more Hispanics moved into the area. At the same time, a couple of trouble making zoot suited teens were on the rise, creating havoc on the streets. The group was never given a name, but they made sure everyone knew they was from the Hillside, thus the name of the gang today.

During the early 90's the gang stepped into a feud with The Mexican Mafia as they refused to pay La eMe any taxes. The outcome of their refusal was heavy casualties for the Hillsiders, that eventually forced them to settle peace with La eMe. They accepted The Mexican Mafia as their superiors and the old leader stepped down, handing the reins to the next generations which paved the way for the sureño gang in El Burro Heights. Since then, they have represented the Trece.




The people in the gang prides themselves as a family but they should not be mistaken for a social club, it is a straight up cash machine. The gang operates as a traditional sureño gang with a clear hierarchy and the main purpose of the activities would be to acquire as much money as possible while staying under the radar of law enforcement, while occasionally flexing their strength onto their enemies and rival gangs.

Their strength would not come from numbers as it was lost with the previous generation, but in the brutality of their actions and commitment to both their cause and criminal enterprise. Gang bangers of Hillside Trece would use any means necessary to achieve their task and showing a sign of cowardice or backing down would never be tolerated.


The modern gang of Hillside Trece that we see today is an active gang in the streets of East Los Santos. While their major crimes and distribution of narcotics occurs from the streets of El Burro Heights, the gang does not hesitate to step outside of their area to commit crimes against rival gangs or civilians. You disrupt the gangs business or disrespect the set, there is going to be a problem. This includes internal issues since the organization is structured to the point of no fuck-ups.





We aim to maintain a high standard of roleplaying and to portray a realistic view of a sureño street gang.
If you would like to roleplay with us, simply approach us in El Burro Heights, preferably with a backstory which fits the area itself and an appropriate age. if you have any questions or need help with your characters backstory. Send us a forum PM or contact @Vindus or @iGhoul.


When representing our faction, you are expected to display a high level of roleplay at all times.
This means that even if the server population is low, you do not disregard the server rules, or lower your standard of portrayal.
In addition to this, we take violence very seriously and we want all members to seriously consider the consequences of their actions.
If a murder is committed, we expect our members to roleplay an accurate portrayal of someone who is potentially facing life in prison.


We rather stay small and realistic than losing our vision of the faction just to get bigger. People who try to join will be expected to show high level of RP and realism as well as dedication. Do not expect us to be an easy access to guns and drugs, it is noticeable if you are and that will not get you far. 

The faction leadership reserves CK perms on all individuals within the faction and those that wishes to become a part of it (hangarounds).

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Nice to see you all on the forums! Great group.

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Veitukas    10

Very pretty thread, let's hope your RP is as good. Enjoy yourselves & good luck.

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