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Donation system revamp notice

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Nervous    2336

After almost 2 years, we finally decided to review our current donator offers as many donators suggested various additions during the past months and asked for more World Points related features. As we did not wish to add more "locked donator features" ingame, we focused on reworking the current packages to optimize them and to add new donators privileges that wouldn't modify any of the non donators environment/accesses.


Our review concluded that the silver package was useless as It was representing only 6% of the donators, thus being an extremely low amount of donations each month. We're completely removing it.

We're replacing it with a platinum package that will please the donators who have been asking for more things to spend their World Points on without affecting the rest of the playerbase, this new package will grant you the following:


Platinum (300 WP)

  • 1x namechange
  • 1x numberchange
  • 1x vehicle plate change
  • +1500 furniture items slots
  • 1x cat following you around whenever you need!
  • Access to GTAW Roleplay Test server to test upcoming updates and give your feedback!
  • Permanent access to donator forum 
  • 3 minutes cooldown between ads
  • Permanent platinum donator rank on discord and forums
  • 1 month of property inactivity
  • /bad to place a marker on the map for your business when advertising
  • /cad & /bad will print on discord advertising channels
  • /blockpm to block another player's PMs
  • /leavejob is instant instead of having a 24 hours cooldown
  • /bleave is instant instead of having a 24 hours cooldown
  • Different walkstyles
  • Add your own custom radio channel


If you've already paid for a year worth of gold / bronze, you may keep them or ask for a partial refund of WP in my PM to switch to platinum donator. If you've paid for silver, the rank is staying but will not be available for purchase anymore.

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