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Business created items : Restaurants, Book stores, Video game stores..

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Nervous    2336
Feature Showcase:
Business created items : restaurants, video game stores...



In order to improve the immersion of the GTAW Roleplay world, we've added a new script that allows everyone to start a business that will be able to create items of your own!

These items will have unique names and you'll be able to directly sell / give them to other players. So, what kind of opportunities is now possible thanks to this ? Restaurants, video game stores, food trucks, art galleries, music stores...



/createitem <recipe,goods> item_name


Example of available businesses

There is no limit to what this system allows! Make sure you request one through Property Management on UCP here.

The example of available businesses are:

  • Restaurant: create your own recipes and prepare them for other players
  • Book store: Sell comics, new books...
  • Art gallery: Always loved art? Create some paintings and become rich selling some rare paintings!
  • Sex shop: Wish to sell adult DVDs or items? It's your opportunity to start today!
  • ...




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