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Creating An XM Radio Station

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iAMTemple    152



After a lot of trial and error, I've finally come up with the perfect combination to get a radio station up and running in a matter of minutes!

This guide includes how to acquire the server for the station, how to set up the "Auto DJ" feature, and how to set the station on GTAW!


NOTE: There are a variety of different hosts out there, but I will be using my preferred resources in this guide.

I hope this is of some value to those who have been pulling their hair on how to get their radio station going.


Without further ado, let's begin!



  1. Shoutca.st Account (https://shoutca.st/)
  2. Paypal / Credit Card / Bitcoin [More on this below]
  3. Music In (.mp3)

STEP 1: Choosing A Hosting Plan
Assuming you have created a Shoutca.st account and are logged in, we will now choose our hosting plan. This will be the server your music will be streaming from.

1) Click On "Services"



2) Click on "Place An Order" Located On The Left Panel 



 3) Pick Your Server Just choose the one that's closest to your country of residence.







 4) Select Your Plan 

So we have many options here. The "Free" plan is very limited but is essential if you just want to test stuff out. The paid plans vary, explained as so.


  • Be advised that each server is unique and if you start off with a free plan and then switch to a paid version, you will have to re-upload any music you had on the previous plan as well as any settings.


  • Another thing to take into consideration is each server has it's own IP address, so if you submit it to GTAW on a free plan, you will then have to request a change via the UCP (More on this later). That being said, when you've made up your mind, pick a plan.






 5) Select "Checkout" 



 6) Input Payment Information 
Remember the Paypal/Credit Card/Bitcoin? You will then need to input this information here.


  • If you've selected the free plan, you will NOT be charged. This is just their standard practice.
  • Accept the Terms of Service and click "Complete Order".





 7) Click "Continue To Client Area" 

Congrats! You have now completed the first steps on owning and running a radio station.


  • Click on "Continue To Client Area" and let's begin Step 2!





STEP 2: Setting Up Your Station

After continuing to the client area, you will then be redirected back to the main page where you will see your services (refer to Step 1-1).
Here, we will go over Auto DJ and how to upload your music to the server and have it play automatically through playlists.



1) Click On Your Server


2) Click On "Login To Centova Cast"



3) Turn Auto DJ On

Let's turn on the AutoDJ feature to get your music going by adjusting some simple settings.


Click on "Settings" in the panel located on the left-hand side of the page.



Click on "AutoDJ"



Set "AutoDJ" Status To Enabled

Set "Apply Replay Gain" To No


** Click On Update **




STEP 3: Adding Music & Playlists

So now that we have our station ready to go with AutoDJ, let's add some music!

Please follow these instructions carefully as the process can get quite confusing.

1) Click "Playlists" On The Left Hand Panel




2) Click "Create Playlist" Located On The Right Hand Side


3) Fill In The Details To Your Preference


Click "Save" when done.

Playback Mode: If you want the tracks to be played in shuffle mode, tick "Random".
Playback Weight: If you want the songs in the playlist to play more often than others, set it to a higher number than other playlists (20 For Top Priority)

NOTE: For more info on settings, please refer to the documentation. I will be keeping it basic for simplicity's sake.



4) Click "Files" On The Left Hand Panel



5) Create A Folder Relevant To The Music You're Uploading & Upload When Ready

For organizational purposes, I recommend doing folders by either style of music or playlist title.
This is personal preference, but a folder is always recommended.

Double click the folder when it's created and then upload.


Located on the bottom left of the page.



6) Click "Return" When Files Are Uploaded




7) Click "Media" On The Left Hand Panel




? Click "Options" On The Right Hand Side Of The Page > Browse by folders



9) Drag The Music You Want Into Your Desired Playlist Located On The Left Hand Panel



10) Click "Return" When Done



11) Click "Start" On The Left Hand Panel



* Server Should Start *



BAM! ?

To confirm that your radio is working:

A) Click "General" on the left hand panel and it should take you to your history:


B) On the top right, click "Play" and your stream will play:




If you're using Chrome and see this:



Click "Click Here".


Click the white box.



Click "Allow".



STEP 4: Getting Your URL & Submitting It To GTA.W

Now for the final step... Getting the stream link & Setting it up on GTA.W!
There's a couple of ways to get your link. One common way is to use the "Inspect" tool on your browser.

But luckily we can get the link directly from the admin panel on your server!


1) Click "Admin" On The Left Hand Panel



2) Right Click The Play Button On The Player

Then click "Copy audio address".



3) Paste The Link On Your URL Bar

Delete everything after the word "Stream".


4) Press Enter

If you did it right, it should take you to a page like this.
If so, that is your stream link and you're now ready to submit to GTA.W!



5) Go To The XM Request Page & Fill In The Information

https://ucp.gta.world/xmr/request (Due to the page being down, I am unable to provide a screenshot but will do once it's fixed.)


** Please note you have to be a GOLD donator in order to submit a radio station! **


And that's it!

You now have your own radio station running and are free to do as you please! ?

I will soon be making a guide on how to use Mixxx to DJ/Stream live audio on the same platform!

Edited by iAMTemple
Working around the Spoiler bug.
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dazzas619    1

Just used this guide to make my own station. Absolutely brilliant, I decided to pay the month fee but you could easily not pay it. Great tutorial, very simple and informative! Cheers pal I finally get to share Motown & Soul tunes with GTA W!!

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50mb is kinda not enough for anything lol do you maybe know alternative that gives at least 100mb for free?

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iAMTemple    152
10 minutes ago, ZgazenaMacka said:

50mb is kinda not enough for anything lol do you maybe know alternative that gives at least 100mb for free?

Sadly, I do not. I've tried many other services and nothing comes close to these guys.


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ashamar    2

A bit of a necro post but I thought there might still be people interested in getting an XM station in-game and broadcasting playlists from their PC.  It's pretty straightforward.  All you need is Winamp and the Shoutcast DSP plugin for Winamp.  Follow the tips in the video and you should be able to stream your custom playlists.



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Great guide! However I've noticed gta world is lowering the sound of my station a lot, even though whenever I listen to it in any other format it is about x10 louder. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Especially when live!

Edited by Hawken/Moscropp

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