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Realism and the Economy

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Missi    32

Realism in the Economy

Welcome to GTA World! 


I'm sure you're wondering, "What sets you guys apart from the other GTA V Roleplay Servers?" Well, one of the many things that sets us apart is our realistic economy system that we have spent hours upon hours deciding upon, with input from experts in the field.


We don't want you to spend hours upon hours grinding a fishing job, a trucking job, a trash job, or any other script jobs. We want to encourage roleplay, and encourage roleplay ways of earning that money. We want this to be the furthest thing away from an RPG game, and completely focus this on becoming more of a "real life" simulator, in both the economy and the roleplay standards that we expect our players to hold themselves to.


Everyone will receive "basic income" until you reach $150,000 in assets. (This means, in bank cash, on hand cash, your properties, your vehicles, and all of the things that you may own.) This is to help people that are starting off on the server and to "simulate" a program of welfare on the server. Once you reach $150,000 in assets, you no longer receive this basic income, and you must find other ways to supplement your income. You're free to roleplay it as welfare from the government, money from your characters parents, or any way of receiving a "base" income. This means that for those whom may want to roleplay in lower socioeconomic classes, such as those roleplaying gangsters, you can hop right into roleplaying and there's no need for them to "grind" for money, as they will be the one's with much less cash. We want things to remain realistic, but fair to all, and this was one of the first steps we developed in coming to one of the more realistic simulations of a real life economy. 


Secondly, there will be a 0.0035% Tax of all of your assets that are taken each hour. Before you worry, realize that this is a significantly small number if you are your average person on the server. If you have $800,000 in assets, you will only pay $2,500 per hour. This will help keep things more balanced, preventing the problem of what was had on many different communities before where people would hold millions upon millions of dollars for years, and the economy would inflate significantly with the money going nowhere. There will also be a slightly higher tax for those whom are millionaires, raising the tax bracket to 0.005% which also takes your bank money into account. This would mean that you are paying $5,000 an hour with $1,000,000 in total assets. This means, if you want to keep your money, you're going to have to be smart with it. Don't worry, there will be many ways for those whom want to be millionaires and live the lavish lifestyles to continue to do so, you will just have to be smart to keep your lifestyle that way. ;)


In terms of prices of vehicles, items, and houses, we are keeping them at real life-realistic prices. An average house in the poorer parts of the city might be $70,000, whilst one in the "richer" parts of the city might go for $300,000. Vehicles are priced (for the most part) with their real life counter parts. You will not see many people driving around unrealistic vehicles such as helicopters and sports cars, unless they actually work to keep their assets and money. 


We hope that you all will appreciate this system of more realism and we are always open to suggestions from others. 



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