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Forbid Voice Chat for the LSPD

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Jedai    56
2 minutes ago, borhoi said:

OOC drama is most-certainly relevant when it's an in-group that people communicate with voice-to-voice ooc'ly every single day. It's bound to be. To expect it to not be is ridiculous. Who would want to go through the OOC shitstorm making a forum report would bring them? I know I wouldn't. I know I didn't want to. It'd have to have been something absolutely, wholeheartedly, egregious for me to have wanted to put that drama on myself. And anyone can say 'Oh that's just you I would totally report it.' They wouldn't. They're not going to. Take into account the people in PD that are legit OOC friends? Forget about it ever happening whatsoever. Also, it's not inherently unfair for me to be more open with sharing my thoughts on this now that I am out of PD and the thread reminded me of it. 


There are enough OOC reports that Command Staff gets regarding a wide variety of subjects. If you as an individual choose to not report it then that onus remains with you. A lot of people are friends with each other and a lot of self policing goes on among friends however when that fails, reports do in fact get made. 


11 minutes ago, borhoi said:

Next. Being told not to do something is not the same as there being real consequences for having done it. Never once did I see someone disciplined for improper use of VC. If it goes unnoticed, for whatever reason, even if that is failure to report it by faction members, then that is a shining example of why it shouldn't be allowed at all. The faction members won't report it, it's impossible to monitor fully, and as stated above it gives an unfair advantage to PD during situations where real time decisions have to be made. These are my points.


People have been as well. The same way people have been removed or punished for not meeting the roleplay standards expected. At this point you're still entitled to your opinion or whatever you want to believe however, I simply would like to clear up that when people do report these things, the matters get taken very seriously and there is active attempts of regulating people. 

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Hello, @Smilesville,

That's some great writing what you've done there! I read it all and I put myself in officer's situation, also in the civilians' situation. My conclusion is that even if we, the civilians, are in disadvantage in comparation of LSPD because of the lack of voice chat channel(s), that doesn't create any issues. There's why.

  • If me, as the officer of law,  go in patrol duty by myself without any partner, I will be not able to announce the pursuit on ANY vehicle, because untill I will write on radio, he'll be gone.  Beside that, I need to make constant update until some two officers based unit will join in pursuit to take the update.
  • if me, as the civilian, I'm being chased by the cops, I can announce my friends simply by "I'll be at Pershing Square. Wait me". Yes, there will be the disadvantage because they can speak to each other easly, but I will not speak to my friend. 
  • Los Santos Police's TeamSpeak3 channels are being overly and strongly moderated by the leadership of the faction. They can not make any type of metagaming or trolling in chats. 


The singlest solution here to fill the void between this disadvantage is allowing voice chat channels for civilians too, only with the condition of having active phone call or radio. Because, if I want, I can metagame anyway in Teamspeak or at Discord channel. Right? But that adds some realism for both parties. 

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WirelessMind    129

The one time I was ever in PD updating was about the hardest thing to learn even with voice chat, I couldn't imagine PD having to actually type it all out all while chasing someone in a car. It's not like the suspect will stop his car so the cop can type out the update.

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Voodoo    11

Isn't banning using voice communications for other-than-LSPD factions, or anyone for that matter along the same lines as prohibition? You don't expect people to actually follow that do you? This is a text based RP server. If for whatever reason I need to provide video evidence of anything, and it includes audio of me, metagaming or otherwise, using voice communications with other people I'd just mute the video.  Making this against the rules does nothing to actually stop it from happening anyway. (editing after the original post because inevitably someone will say "no rule prevents someone from breaking rules, so why have rules /s" or whatever else. The point here is that people in VC together 99.99% of the time aren't going to snitch on each other because they're clearly friends outside the game, hence them hanging out) Hanging out and bullshitting with your friends in TS or Discord while you RP is pretty much expected, and it should also be reasonably expected that what is going on in-game will bleed over into that conversation.  


And just to kind of sum all this up into two simple points

1) with modern communications equipment it is reasonably expected that someone could have someone on speaker while they're driving, or hell even have a bluetooth connected phone to their car, etc. ( i saw someone earlier said "oh what gangs have radios in their cars? lololo")

2) the rule is a formality in the first place that most people ignore completely 

Edited by Voodoo

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Serower    39

 I disagree.


You act like PD members plan out their every move over TS. You do realize that PD has extremely strict rules over planning and saying things that could be said IC'ly over TS? For example, if PD is in pursuit with a suspect and he crashes into a wall and they have him surrounded, from there, most of the chatter will be IC because there is no reason for them to be using TS anymore as everything else can be stated IC'ly. 


PD is also heavily monitored by Faction Management whereas the same can't be provided for every single faction on the server, not to mention the abuse that would come out of it, but because PD manages to set those rules in place and are capable of executing them whilst remaining under extreme FM supervision, that makes it easier to do rather than just monitoring every single faction and being in their Discord/TeamSpeak or other VOIP programs.


I think that'd be really hard to do and I believe PD maintains a proper standard when it comes to using TeamSpeak to make sure it is fair for both sides.

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Rukka    85

I'm going to lock this thread as it's already 8 pages long and I haven't kept up with it as of yet.


In short, we will not be removing TeamSpeak usage from the LSPD faction at this time. However, TeamSpeak usage is under constant review by Faction Management and the usage surrounding it is critiqued in depth. Faction Management were reviewing the amount of channels on TeamSpeak already and this is still something we are looking at to see if there is a requirement for such a large amount of TeamSpeak channels. 

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