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Curt Robertson

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Japanac    23



Brought into the rough world on the 18th of March,1983.

Curt grew up in a loving,but poor family located in Shandy Shores,from the young age he showed potential and passion for cars and bikes.

Throughout his highschool years Curt wasnt doing good in his classes,so he dropped out.


He spent most of his time hanging around the "car" and "bike" guys,watching them race ilegally,doing stuff that no one normal would do.

After two months of doing nothing,Curt decided to find a job,what job? Of course a mechanic.

He was employed by his neighbour just across the street,he worked for him for three years.


The job served Curt well,he stopped going out with punks,stopped drinking and spent the whole days in garage dreaming about his bike that he would create one day.

It was all going good until one day he came to job and found the neighbour's family in tears,he,the only Curt's hope,died.

Thats when Curt snapped,he lost the only thing he liked to do,and he knew that no one else will employ him because of his school grades and his general state.

He got all the money he had,bought a bike,found some old contacts and got him and his friend,Corey Hewitt a pair of guns.


Next thing they did,probably the most dumb thing in their lives,they...

They robbed a store,and all hell broke lose when they left the doors,police behind their asses,hell,just hell.

Coreys bike broke down in the middle of the chase,there was nothing Curt could do...

Seeing his best friend getting caught was the most painful thing for him,but all the time Corey was in prison Curt came to visit and always contacted him.

After two years,these two bastards are on the road again!


Soon after they reunited,Curt became hangaround of MC Ruthless Bastards and thats the only place for him.

After all the stuff he got through,Curt is happy again,with the people just like him and he will do anything to be with them for the rest of his life.


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