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Staff Update - March 2019

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Notbond    157





Fortunately, staff updates have returned to a somewhat regular schedule - hopefully, no more mid-month updates for a while. I seem to be saying this every month but I really cannot believe the incredible numbers of players we have had in game recently, peaking at 380 just a few days ago I never thought it would be possible to have so many people playing, especially so quickly. Thank you so much to everyone who logged in and if you missed out make sure you don't miss it again!


Onto a few staff matters, as the need for staff members increases in line with the player base increase, you can expect to see staff applications re-opening earlier than normal. If you're a long term member of the community who has been on the fence about applying, you should definitely give it a shot for next month. We have also just started an internal bug busting competition in light of some player feedback, while the stability issues were temporary and related to the most recent update, some community members have expressed their frustration at certain bugs not being sorted out! Unfortunately, these are often unreported or hard for the development team to replicate so the staff team has been hard at work trying to do just that. 


A slightly shorter list this month, which is unsurprising given the mid-month promotions, however, I do want to express my thanks to all the staff members who have been going above and beyond this month in order to deal with the massive increase in applications, reports and tickets.


Finally, the positive feedback in the Staff Appreciation Topic has been a real motivator and a great way for the community to show off the staff members they feel have helped them the most, please post there the next time you have a really great experience with a staff member.






Admin Promotions



   @SpawnMatrix from Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2     


  @Crocker from Support to Trial Admin

@Thimble from Support to Trial Admin


     New Support Team Members

Please give a warm welcome to the brand new team members!









Commiserations to all those who were denied and a big welcome to all the new Support team members, please contact @Dominykas.

If you are not on this list of reserved testers, you are not reserved even if you were put on reserved in a previous update. We only keep people on the list for one month.

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Nervous    2364

I want to thank all the administration and testers team that have done an insane work this month handling applications and reports despite the huge increase in numbers. Some of you were personally thank'd, It's rare enough to be written on your walls and used as a painting. Keep up the great work for next month too!


And welcome to all our new testers, may the force be with you.

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