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zUgg zUgg

Safeguarding your Screen Captures - Free

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zUgg zUgg    83
Posted (edited)

Too long - Don't want to read - Get google drive, set it up to automatically backup your screenshot folders and never worry again!


As many of you know screen captures (screen shots) are often the only piece of evidence we have to defend our actions or those of another player. Since the days of SAMP these have become an integral part of providing evidence for refunds and disciplinary actions across the numerous communities. I’ve created a very simple, straight forward guide to providing an easy backup, giving you peace of mind!


NOTE – This guide was created against a 64 bit operating system. I’d assume 99.99% will be using this but if not some of your file paths will be different!

  1. Launch your favorite browser, we need to create a Google/Gmail account. if you already have one, move on.
  2. Once your accounts made and you've successfully signed in we will need to download the google drive application. This portion will handle uploading your media.
  3. Select the Personal Backup and Sync from the left and hit Download. Once the download is finished, run the installbackupsync.exe.

  4. The install will complete and you'll be prompted to select Get Started, sign in and hit Next. 

  5. You will now be prompted to select what folders you want to include in your backup. 

    • Un-check the three, Desktop, Documents and Pictures these are optional and do not cater to our needs!

    • STEAM  - Select CHOOSE FOLDER; for those who own GTA:5 via steam you will need to select the following path;

      • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\7 DIGIT FOLDER\760\remote\271590\screenshots

    • RAGE MP - Note currently these do not include any text or signifying information beyond a blank UI. These generally do not suffice for evidence!!

      • C:\RAGEMP\Screenshots

  6. Photo and video upload size - Original
  7. Upload photos and videos to Google Photos - Leave this unchecked and hit NEXT.
  8. Sync My Drive to this computer - Check this box and hit START.


Note - You've now kicked off the backup process. This can be monitored in the lower right corner of your task bar, clicking the google sync icon will yield what changes are currently happening and also give you an overview of the available storage space.






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