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[GUIDE] High-quality character images (Menyoo)

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jessica    210

High-quality character images [Menyoo]

A guide by @jessica


Hiya! Welcome to my first guide based on how to get high-quality character images! This can be a long process at the start however once you get a hang of it, it should be perfectly easy and quick to do! If you don't know what "images" I'm talking about.. here are some examples!


AB1Jc6m.png a7XFi6Z.png




If these examples weren't enough to sway you, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the following FaceBrowser profiles as the content is simply incredible:

Step 1: Getting the right programs! (They're hyperlinked! Click on 'em!)

The first step to all this, of course, is getting the programs you need! These are all very simple to get and you need to create a folder in your downloads and download all the following additions! (They are all safe, personally tested!)

  • Menyoo - This is the main thing we will be using to make them look extra spicy, it's a single-player trainer mod. If you don't know what that is, it basically makes you admin of single-player and gives you access to everything on the game that you could possibly want. (Animations!)
  • Scripthook - Menyoo can't work alone, they need Scripthook's help!
  • OpenIV - This is what we are going to use later on to add stuff that we want which isn't in-game, you need this to make sure everything you're doing is safe and away from your main game! (I'll explain how!)

Once you have all of those in a download folder, proceed to the next step! Close GTA if you have it open... you don't want that open at this point.

Step 2: Preparing your Scripthook and Menyoo

Now that you have the programs, it's time to get them set up.


  • Locate your GTA5
    • Your GTA5 is, if using Steam, within your Steam folder. If you don't use Steam then I'm sure you'll know how to find it and if you do use Steam and saved it in a funky place, you must know what you're doing. For me, my GTA5 is in the following path. (Follow it)
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V
  • Open the Scripthook Zip
    • When you open the zip you are going to see the following 3 things:
    • Open the "bin" folder
    • Move everything inside of the bin folder to your GTA5 main folder.
  • Open the Menyoo Zip
    • When you open the zip you are going to see the following 4 things:
    • Move only the "menyooStuff" and "Menyoo.asi" in to your GTA5 main folder.
    • (If you are unable to do this, you need to right click the rar folder in your downloads, go to properties and unsure that it has a tick by unblocked! Credit to @Law)

Perfect! Now you have what we're going to use to customize your screenshots (Menyoo) and what we need to run it, (Scripthook).

Step 3: Preparing OpenIV

This one is a bit more tricky and isn't easy on the eyes so make sure you're following each step appropriately.

  • Open "ovisetup.exe"
    What you're opening right now is what we will use later to ensure our GTA5 is safe for any mods that are put in, this is your safety net.
  • Follow the instructions
    As OpenIV installs, it will be giving you confirmations and what not, it's all good. If it says "Do you want to make a mods folder?" at any point, say YES! It may not happen until later but keep it in mind until then!
  • Run OpenIV
    Now you have OpenIV, it is going to look very daunting but don't worry, you won't need to mess with it for long if you don't want to.

Step 4: OpenIV

Now that we have OpenIV, this is our first step in taking amazing screenshots, we are going to go through the ASI Manager and enhance our experience.


  • Go to the "Tools" tab
  • Go to the "ASI Manager" option
  • Install all of the available options

Step 5: Testing!

We've added everything we need to to begin testing! Now here is what you need to do:

  • Open GTA5
  • Go in to "Story Mode" (It will load really slow if you're not tabbed in to the game)
  • Click "F8" twice
    This should bring up the Menyoo menu top left of your screen!


Step 6: Getting your character

Making your character in Menyoo is going to be a task and you really need to stick with it.

  • Getting your character's attribute values
    You need these so the character you take photographs of actually looks like your character in-game. Here is how to get them:
    • Go to your UCP
    • Go to "Characters"
    • Select the character you want to use
    • Just under the name on the left side should be a drop-down "Face Attributes"
    • Take a screenshot or leave the tab open.


  • Getting your base character
    You now need to make that same base character within your single-player world.
    • Open the Menyoo menu (F8)
    • Go to Player Options → Model Changer → Multiplayer Models
    • Go through the options and select "Freemode Female" or "Freemode Male"
    • Be surprised by how funky your random model looks like.
    • Go to Player Options → Wardrobe → Default Components
    • Now go to Player Options → Wardrobe → Outfits → Save Outfit To File → Name it whatever you want!


  • Applying your face attributes
    It's finally time to start sculpting your character!
    • Go to Player Options → Wardrobe → Head Features
    • Adjust all appropriate sections to fit your character
    • Or you can reference this guide for an EASY QUICK convertor:
  • The attributes are different
    You will notice that the attribute names are slightly different however they do change the same thing. On GTA:W there are some options that are not yet accessible so always make sure you are converting a character from GTA:W over to Menyoo because it will not work the other way around, they'll look too different. This stage will take some time to perfect but once again, it's all worth it.
  • Saving the outfit
    Remember to keep saving your outfit, do not use "Apply outfit" when saying but instead "Overwrite file" on your selected outfit. Remember that if your character is in an animation when you save the outfit, it will bug and not work so make sure you're not in one.


Step 7: Getting your pictures!

Now that you have your lovely character in game, it's time to start fiddling around with other settings to get the perfect picture!


  • Options
    • Weather Options - Change what kind of atmosphere your picture will have as well as the weather.
    • Time Options - You have free reign over the time of where this picture will take place, if you want it to not move, you can pause the time!
    • Object Spooner - If you want to have a more custom backdrop, use items and you can even make other people too!
  • Animations (Cannot be used with Snapmatic)
    These are going to play a huge part in what your screenshots will look like, so how do you use them?
    • Player Options → Animations (→ All Animations → Search)
  • Capturing the moment
    Now it's time to either Snapmatic it or Rockstar Editor!
    • Snapmatic
      Snapmatic is basically just the camera app on your characters phone. You can access the phone but clicking the UP arrow key and then guiding it to the Snapmatic app. All of the pointers and directions are given to you on that app! It's basically like your character taking a selfie, a very simple and easy feature.

      A word of advice: Do not left click to take pictures, they come out looking horrible! Instead, hide the grid with G and just taking a regular Steam screenshot or a screenshot with whatever program you use!
    • Rockstar Editor
      To use Rockstar Editor, once you have yourself set up in the position you want to capture, you need to click "F1". This is Rockstar recording by default so unless you've changed it, it will work. Leave it to record for about 10 seconds and DO NOT tab out!

      Once you feel that you have sufficient footage, you can click "F1" again and it will stop recording. It's now time to edit it!


Step 8: Rockstar Editor (Skip to step 9 if you used Snapmatic)

Now we have our recording, we need to fiddle with it and adjust it to capture the exact picture you're after.


  • Open the map and go all the way right in the black tabs and select "Rockstar Editor"
  • Create a New Project
  • Add New Clip - say yes to everything after this.
  • Camera
    When you have the option to enter the "Cameras" tab, you are more often than not going to select the "Free Camera" option. This, combined without OpenIV plugin allows us to do so much with the camera! You can zoom in and out as well as tilt it!

    "Remember that you can enable the free camera in Menyoo and toggle it using F3 - it's another way to go when it comes to taking screenshots." (Credit to @hentai!)
  • Depth of Field
    If you're not sure of what this is, this basically is what you want the camera to focus on in your image. Normally I set this to my own custom one however the default one works really well!
  • Effects
    These are just your filters and general effects, saturation, contrast, brightness and vignette. It is entirely up to you if you want to use this however normally I add what I want afterwards.

From this point in Rockstar Editor, it's all about exploring! There are no limits for what you want to do, within reason, and this is entirely up to you! Make your pictures unique, funky places, whatever you want!

  • Click "H" to hide the overlay and click "F12" to take your screenshots!

Step 9: Editing your pictures

Everyone is going to have a different way that they want to edit their photos when it comes to how they look. It's also important to keep an eye on clothing clipping as well as just general maintenance for your character.

  • Colour correction
  • Makeup enhancement
  • Skin correction
  • Shape correction
  • Shadow correction
  • Clipping correction
  • Expression adjustments
  • Adding in logos or other third-party items

I use Photoshop to edit my images as well as the ones I do for others if you ever have any questions regarding this feel free to reach out to me and I'll either sort it for you or teach you how to do it yourself!

Step 9.1: Photoshop


This is actually another guide made by @xanx but it is completely worth the read!



Thank you for tuning in! I hope that this at least helped you and if not, let me know what would make it easier to understand or follow! I haven't gone into detail about how to add mods or how to edit the photos but if that is something that you'd like, just let me know.


If you have any questions about this, feel free to drop a comment and or tag me and I'll answer it as soon as I can! Please avoid Forums PMs as answering questions on this thread may help someone in the future!

Edited by jessica
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jessica    210



When I take pictures using another PED or object through the Object Spooner menu, I record it and go in to Rockstar Editor and for some reason there is a duplicate?

  • For this, it's a simple fix. Obviously these two items were made separately and they are going to clash. All you have to do is after recording your piece for Rockstar Editor, you delete all the objects you spawned with the Object Spooner and then you can proceed to the Editor! You won't have any more duplicates!


Can I add someone else's character to my game?

  • Yes you can! What you have to do is go to your GTA5 file, go to the menyooStuff folder and open it. In that folder, there will be another folder called "Outfits". You can drag xml files in and out of there all you want and load characters that other people have made if they give you that file!
    • Open up your Menyoo UI.
    • Select "Object Spooner"
    • Select "Spawn Entity" (Or something like that, should be the top option)
    • Select "PED"
    • Go through the menu until you see "Multiplayer Models", select this.
    • Go through this new menu until you see "Freemode (fe)male"
    • Choose the one depending on the gender of the outfit you plan to load.
    • A PED should appear on your screen with a default looking exterior.
    • Go back to the original Menyoo UI.
    • Select "Object Spooner" again
    • Select "Manage entities" (Or something like that, should be the second option)
    • Select your (fe)male PED
    • Go through the options until you see "PED Options" at the bottom.
    • Select wardrobe
    • Apply the outfit your friend sent you


How do I add mods?

  • Each mod that you want is going to vary, I'll be creating a new guide as soon as possible with how you are supposed to add mods to your game!


I recorded a clip and tried to edit with Rockstar Editor but it doesn't allow me to move the camera.

  • This is a simple issue of recording your clips within first person and not third person. You must make sure you are recording in third person otherwise it just won't work.


Why is the default white shirt showing when I go in to Rockstar Editor and not when I am recording a clip?

  • This stems from when you have been going through the clothing options and went over something like a backpack or scuba diver gear. You cannot save your Rockstar footage and will have to redo it. With this however, you simply need to go back to changing the undershirt and the shirt off of what they're on and then set them back to what you want it to be on.
Edited by jessica
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Oggy    41

Very simple and easy to understand! Maybe it could be an idea to add some additional things in the future, such as a list of animations that are great for usage. Members of the community making a use of this, could maybe compile a list with examples here and it could be added to this topic? Just a thought!

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Westen    223
Just now, Oggy said:

Very simple and easy to understand!

I'm wholeheartedly expecting a solid Facebrowser account from you now Oggy. Don't let me down

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Oggy    41
Just now, Westen said:

I'm wholeheartedly expecting a solid Facebrowser account from you now Oggy. Don't let me down

I am already way ahead of you there Westie....... You're late to the party!


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jessica    210
1 minute ago, Westen said:

I'm wholeheartedly expecting a solid Facebrowser account from you now Oggy. Don't let me down

Just now, Oggy said:

I am already way ahead of you there Westie....... You're late to the party!



he was one of the first students





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hentai!    40

Bumping the fuck out of this thread.
I've had a hard time explaining Menyoo to some people, hopefully they will get it now, thanks to your thread.

Remember that you can enable free camera in Menyoo and toggle it using F3 - it's another way to go when it comes to taking screenshots.

Edited by hentai!
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alma    145

so this is what everyone does

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SULLI    80

Brace yourselves, more Facebrowser models are coming. Great guide though! I'm too lazy to do it myself. ?

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