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Facebrowser Changelog

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Nervous    1298

Version 1.1

  • [Added] Ability to disable / enable comments on each post
  • [Added] Confirmation system when user login from new location
  • [Added] Two-factor authentication system using email
  • [Added] New story system
  • [Added] Filter system on marketplace
  • [Added] Hashtag posts count
  • [Added] Download my information: users can download personal info, pages, groups, posts and friends
  • [Added] Group chat notifications
  • [Added] The ability to view the reactions, likes, dislikes on comments and replies
  • [Added] The ability to view reactions, likes of posts on new model
  • [Added] User will require to verfiy his email if he changed is from settings page, if email verification is enabled
  • [Added] New sharing system, with new style and the abiltiy to share to timeline, group and pages
  • [Added] The ability to edit group chat info and avatar
  • [Added] The ability to turn off messages from friends or everyone
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Nervous    1298

Version 1.2


The image quality is now 100% instead of 50%, and images will not be cropped anymore.

A before update version : j5l94opNODWHe5BbPzcm_14_237ecf2cdb3266cc


After the update:



We'll be analyzing the data storage impact of this change for the next week to confirm Its permanent deployment.

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Nervous    1298

Facebrowser V1.3

  • [Added] The ability to comment on albums, and multi images.
  • [Added] Filter comments, top and latest.
  • [Added] The ability to make marketplace and events public and reachable by google.
  • [Added] The ability for users to make comment on post before sharing it.
  • [Added] Colored posts, with the ability to manage, add, remove and edit them.
  • [Changed] Improved password encryption
  • [Improved] Website speed by reducing requests.php file size and seperating the requests.
  • [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs.
  • [Fixed] API issues.
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