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Trucking & Suppliers

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Nervous    2336
Feature Showcase: Trucking & suppliers






You can start trucking with three options:


1) Joining a trucking company


You'll use their vehicle fleet, and be taxed by the company commission. Just walk to your company's garage and then use /startshipment in one of the available trucks!


2) Work as an independant trucker


Buy your own truck and just use /startshipment in it.


3) Work for the rental company


You'll be taxed 30% by the company from the Los Santos docks, just go there and use /startshipment to start working without having to buy any vehicle.


When using your own vehicles, you can store crates in any property or vehicle for later use.


Trucking experience


The more trucking you do, the best vehicles you'll be able to drive. Each vehicle is able to carry a specific amount of delivery crates:

  • Rumpo / Burrito - 5 crates (Van driver)
  • Boxville - 8 crates (Trainee trucker)
  • Mule - 12 crates (Junior trucker)
  • Benson - 15 crates (Trucker)
  • Pounder - 20 crates (Experienced trucker)


Trucking ranks:

  • Van driver: 0 to 25 deliveries 
  • Trainee trucker: 25 to 100 deliveries
  • Junior trucker: 100 to 250 deliveries
  • Trucker: 250 to 500 deliveries
  • Experienced trucker: 500 to 1000 deliveries
  • Senior trucker: 1000+ deliveries (will be used for trailers trucking in the future)


Who am I supplying ?


You're supplying every player owned business in the game, so they are directly paying you for these crates whenever they need a new supply! You're a mandatory actor of the economy.






Each suppliers have a specific stock, If they run out of stock you'll need to wait a while for them to receive more crates to buy:




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