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Knights of Chaos MC

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Kilocon    19




Seth Connor took a look around his new upcoming MC, sure, it wasn't the biggest he had been a part of, nor the toughest, but they were a family. And a family is exactly what they needed at the moment. Trust, loyalty, a brotherhood.


Ika Hoffman, a Scandinavian now in America for a decade, was the co-founder of Knights of Chaos, and Seth's partner in crime from a few years back. In fact, it had actually been Ika's idea to set up the MC, calling Seth out of the blue after two years or so with no contact. The pair had always been close back in their Devil's Advocate days, and Ika knew that Seth was more suited to a leadership role than recent guys he'd seen around. His collection of scars, history together, and his constant frown made him the architype 'don't mess with me' type of guy.


From that phone call, Ika and Seth then met up in person for a drink at Seth's newly acquired bar, The Yellow Jack Inn, even designing the MC patch of a knight demon brandishing a sword.

Rusty Graves and Jake Lankford were next to join the crew, they met Seth after coming to Los Santos from Wisconsin, and quickly melded with the group. Jake had proven himself loyal and even assisted Seth in opening and setting up the bar. 
Rusty and Jake had been without a group to roll with for some time, but came as a pair, friends since childhood. It was clear, that Jake and Rusty’s past together had made them more than suitable for the MC, with plenty of respect and trust behind them.


Kurtis Bell, a newcomer, who had more than proved his loyalty and ability to handle himself signed on before long, and Kurt's close like-minded friend, Maverick Russel, completed the six-man crew. They were by no means an MC currently designed to conquer and rule the Los Santos area, but at the very least they were six like-minded petrol-heads looking for an excuse to go out riding whenever possible and work together setting up shop in Los Santos' Blaine County.


The Knights of Chaos MC strives to be a cohesive, like-minded Brotherhood of men who have all been outcasted by society in one way or another due to past trials and tribulations. Most of the six original members, if not all, have been in the MC scene at one point or another in their past. Trying to settle down and live a "normal" life for the members never seemed to last for long. Either running into trouble or becoming the trouble themselves, they quickly realized that, "you can take a biker out of the MC, but you can't take the MC out of a biker."


This common experience helped the original 6 bond even more, and left them all on the same page in regards to setting up their own MC. Due to the members' checkered past, they will eventually be involved in illegal activities, but, proceeded with planning and Clubhouse meetings and votes.



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MCs have had a long-standing tradition of brotherhood and fraternal connections. Starting off in America, originally as a group of law-abiding motorcycle enthusiasts, now known as the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), a small portion of these enthusiasts took it upon themselves to branch off and become what is known as "one percenters", who became involved in organized crime, excessive partying, and an FTW (Fuck the World) biker lifestyle. There are numerous reasons for this, but most notably, a disdain towards authority due to being outcasted and/or used by society. Most members share this common ground; being criminals, ex-convicts, or military veterans, turning to organized crime and living life to their own standards.

Although sounding like a bunch of wild party animals (which there are plenty of), MCs have a strict cohesive set of rules, regulations, and a ranking system, keeping them organized and on the same page with one another. There is a lot of info out there regarding it all if you are more interested.
Majority of MCs contain the rank titles of Founder, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Road Captain, SGT at Arms, Member and Prospect. Hang-arounds are those who are interested in joining an MC, but not yet a Prospect.
The one percenter tradition of being an all Caucasian members only group, still stands true to this day for a lot of MCs, but not all. However, MCs have and still do conduct business with other criminal organizations consisting of all races, and even allying at times, because, well, money has no race.
MCs are also notorious for their participation, support, and even setting up of various charities and events for their surrounding community.




  • Eventually, once better established, we will be looking to take on new members, if they are deemed fit with our MC.
  • As most MCs go, potential members wanting to join will be required to start off as "hang arounds". After being observed, passed, and voted in, they will become a prospect, and eventually given a patched title. We would like to keep anyone interested in joining strictly in-game, but a quick line can be dropped to us.
  • When joining the faction, CKs will be applicable if and when a situation calls for it (would be quite rare, if at all), and voted in.
  • Because of most MCs openness and participation in a party fueled lifestyle, we feel this will help benefit the way members can RP on the server, not just focusing on organized crime and confrontational situations. In addition, MCs are notorious for their participation, support, and even setting up of various charities and events for their surrounding community, which can also bring RP opportunities, especially with the newly created community events section on the GTAW forum.



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Blackbeard    162

There we go! Nice one! Have good fun with it ? 

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