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[Guide] Setting up a Shoutca.st server tutorial & Support channel

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Mitch    194

Please note that this guide WILL be long and will explain literally everything you need to know about setting up a radio station with the most trusted people in the business. 


Welcome to the very long winded guide on how to setup your own Shoutca.st station. You'll need a couple of things before you begin with some helpful tips. 




Debit/Credit Card (PayPal works) 

Valid Phone Number

Basic computer skills 


Helpful but not mandatory

FTP client knowledge. (Recommend FileZilla

Mixxx knowledge - HERE


Welcome! Let's get started shall we? 

Step 1 - Creating an account

Firstly, you'll need to create an account at Shoutca.st, it's very easy to do and takes roughly 5 minutes to do. 


Step 2 - Ordering a server

After completing your setup, you'll need to order a server which is again, very straightforward. You'll need to head over to THIS link and scroll down to SHOUTcast V2 Servers. You can pick from France or Canada. I've NOT tested IceCast so I can't confirm they work


Step 3 - Configuration and purchasing. 

Configuring and purchasing your server is incredibly easy and straightforward. All you'll require in this is a debit card (If you're buying a Premium server) but if you're buying a free server, it's just a case of confirming the order and it'll be done. From this, you own a shoutca.st server.


Step 4 - Accessing the server

Now it's time to access your server for the first time which is again, very straightforward. Simply make sure you're signed in and navigate over to "My Services" and click on your server. After clicking on it, you can see "Login into Centova Cast". Click on this to log into Centova. It's very easy to manage so don't worry.  If you do it successfully, it should appear like this. 



Adding Music / Setting up a DJ account on Mixxx. 

Now you've got your server purchased and setup, it's time to add some music, which can be done in a few ways and I'll outline them all. 

Option 1 FTP transfer - Filezilla. 

Using the FTP method is very simple and straightforward, and you'll require two things, Admin Password which can be found in Configuration - Settings (Image attached) and of course, the FTP details which are in General - Quick Links. After you've collected the information, you'll need to boot up your FTP of choice, in this instance I've picked FileZilla. With the information you've collected you simply input it into the connection tab.


It'll normally warn you that the TLS isn't accepted on the server which is fine, since you aren't moving important / private files. After you've signed in properly, you can begin to move over files. Due to RAGE's MP3 restrictions, you MUST only import MP3 audio. Anything else, .mov, .mp4, etc will NOT work. From moving your files over, you can put them into a playlist. 


Putting music into a playlist is again, very simple. You simply close down the FTP after transferring your music across and navigate to the AutoDJ setting. If you don't see the AutoDJ setting, DO NOT WORRY. A simple workaround is by adding "client/index.php?page=playlists" into your URL like this Click Me

From doing this you can click on "Launch Media Library" and there's all your music you sent across from the FTP! From this, it's just a case of dragging and dropping.

You can refer to this video if you don't wanna read this. 


DJ Account

Right now it's often requested by people "How do you project your microphone onto your radio?" It's again, simple. You need Mixxx downloaded on your PC and some details from your Quick Links. All you require is your server details. Please note your Host URL is different! It may be orion, proxima, hadyes, etc. Shoutca.st hosts on many servers so please check your URL! 



Again, your Source Password can be found in your Configuration Settings. 



To request your station, you can go to the UCP and Request XMR. Make sure your station is mp3! If you're unsure, you can check your Mount Settings in Configuration.  


Obviously I'm not paid by Centova Technologies nor Unmuted Limited (Shoutca.st) 


Any issues, post here and I can provide some level of support or tag me in GTAW discord



Edited by Mitch
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Sami    41

@Mitch I'm having serious issues with this bitch, so it's saying 




I've tried changing the password, I'm not sure what else there is to do.

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Mitch    194
1 hour ago, Sami said:

I've tried changing the password, I'm not sure what else there is to do.

100% you're using the admin password from Configuration Settings? 

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Sami    41
55 minutes ago, Mitch said:

100% you're using the admin password from Configuration Settings? 


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