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Character Kill Applications

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Caporegime    115



Character Kill Applications

What is a Character Kill?


This is when your character dies, both voluntarily (suicide) and involuntarily (murder etc.), and you no longer are allowed to use said character. This leaves the character redundant and you cannot return to this character at any point. It is dead.


What is a CK application?


The application has been created as a final resort/alternative to player kills in circumstances where it is a necessity. It allows one player to apply to Faction Management for the right to Character Kill someone else’s character without their permission.


It is not something to take lightly and we recommend that you first consider your character continuity and development before submitting a CK application against another player. The application is designed to introduce concerns and reality over a characters actions and the consequences that may follow. While we understand it may be a daunting prospect to have your character taken away for good, we in turn hope you understand the reasons for its introduction.


What happens next?


After an application is received, it will be posted for Faction Management members to review. They will look in depth at the reasoning provided and the circumstances surrounding the murderer and his/her victim. If necessary, they will be in touch for further information.


We will not be accepting petty reasons, and we do require thorough evidence of the circumstances leading up the individuals need for death. Failure to provide enough information and supporting evidence will have the application denied immediately.


Once a conclusion has been met, we will tell the requesting party their acceptance or denial. The target will not be informed. When you have carried out the CK, you may /report for their admin-jail, inform them via PM and have the handling admin check with Faction Management.


CK Application:


Individual you send Private Message to



Title of Private Message

Character Kill Application - Your Character | Target Character


Contents of Private Message

Your Characters Name:

Your faction affiliation:


Targets name:

Targets faction (if known):


Details of circumstances and reasoning:




Do you understand the fine print? (Y/N):


The Code for the Contents

[b]Your Characters Name:[/b]

[b]Your faction affiliation:[/b]

[b]Targets name:[/b]

[b]Targets faction (if known):[/b]

[b]Details of circumstances and reasoning:[/b]


[b]Do you understand the fine print? (Y/N):[/b]


Fine Print:


  • If you die whilst attempting to carry out the Character Kill on the reported player, you in turn will face a Character Kill - this is non-negotiable
  • Failure to properly follow the Character Kill Application process will result in the termination of the Character Kill Application
  • Unrealistic actions used to carry out the CK will leave the CK null and void
  • Breaking of server rules whilst carrying out the CK will leave the CK null and void
  • If you take a group with you to kill the target, you must inform them if they die in the altercation that this too leaves them liable to CK
  • Victims may appeal their death here
  • FM will offer 1 free name change to a victim for their first CK. All other CKs will not receive a free name change
  • If a member of Faction Management is involved with the CK, they will not have access to the application. If you’re applying to CK a member of Faction Management, it can be forwarded to the head of FM or alternatively, @Ethanol.
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