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GTAW 1.5 Development blog #1

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Nervous    2365

I just came back after a week of vacation, and it's time to update you on what we're planning for this month on development side, and for GTAW 1.5! 
As I already mentioned, 2019 will have a major focus on developing the illegal roleplay possibilities and freedom of roleplay, by removing more and more technical limitations and offering you more support from the script to help you get more and more creative when it comes to roleplay!

This also means more responsabilities as each of our new features will improve the realism of your roleplay and force you to never forget any details when roleplaying, as you'll understand by reading about our new features below.


Unique items

The big unannounced feature is the major revamp of our gamemode allowing the use of unique items! I've been speaking about this for months (and even more than a year?) but I never had the time to develop it. While I was gone, @-Andreas did some giant steps on the system and almost fully developped it!

To help you understand, I'll explain you how our item system work today and how it's working on other servers.
A character is defined with multiple properties, such as a name, his money, his inventory... The inventory will be defined in JSON such as:
{"Pistol": 5,
"Gas can": 1}

This character will have 5 pistols and 1 gas can. While this system is working well, all "Pistol" are just the same and If you trade a pistol A with a pistol B with another character, they're still exactly the same on a technical level even If they come from a different character / supplier.

This system is very limited as it doesn't allow us to properly add properties to each items such as a color, a name, a serial... and thus make them unique.
In order to develop our new system, we have decided to base it on a structure similar to how MMORPG works but in a more advanced way as we allow each items to be modified, with this new structure:


How will this work? Each items will have a "base template", aka a skeleton they take their main structure from.
Then these items will be unique and have their own properties, which will be first defined from their based template.
Let's take an example with Pistols:

  • Base template: Pistol, it's a weapon that weights 500g, can do X damage and has various default properties such as being tradeable, being stackable, having a serial ID, a striation mark.
    Upon creation of a new pistol in the game, all the properties will be instanciated based from the template skeleton, and then more properties will be added during the lifetime of the item: maybe another color, weapon mods, durability, removed serial, etc...

This system brings us a world of possibilities in what we can now do with all items, so while its implementation will come with some new features that will be detailed below, we will still have millions more things to do it with it later!

So, what's going to be added with this new system soon?

  • A revamped drug system: We'll be completely revamping and redeveloping the drug system to allow you to cut your drugs, name your own drugs, have drugs with different strengths / quality etc... More information about it will come soon!
  • A new weapon oriented roleplay: All weapons will have a serial that can be removed, unique striation marks left on bullets, quality / durability that will depend of how well you're taking care of your weapon (cleaning it etc).
  • Forensic: With serial numbers and striation marks, the detectives will now be able to link weapons with owners or previous murders. You better think twice before reusing the same weapon you already used for a previous murder now! Unless you carefully take care of the body...

Body script

@Crayons has been working on another unique script, which is the body script. Upon death, a character's body will remain on the ground even If the player accepted death, which will force criminals to get rid of the body If they want to prevent the LSPD to perform forensic on it!
As you can see on the screenshot below, the body will be a perfect copy of the character:

The very difficult part is the full synchronization between all players of the dragged body, but it's progressing quick so I wanted to share with you this upcoming script ? 

New job: Trucking

As previously mentioned many times, we're finally seeing the end of our trucking script developped by @Westen. This new script will allow us to close the economy circle by supplying each businesses with their needed materials and providing a never ending cycle of market needs that will be funded with players money and city projects.
You will be able to either join a trucking company (player owned or not) that will have trucks you may use based on your trucking licence / skill and thus supply companies after delivering orders:


New legal factions wage system

After a full analysis of the server economy and characters incomes, and a discussion with all major legal factions leaders, we will be modifying the paycheck system for these factions, such as LSPD, LSFD, Weazel news...
The hourly paycheck system will be changed to a weekly paycheck for all their members, that will be limited to X amount of paychecks. A police officer II that has been playing 100 hours during the week will be paid the same as a police officer II that has been playing 20 hours during that same week.
The goal is to reduce the unrealistic amount of money that some players could make due to their high activity, which resulted in low ranks jobs earning 10x more money than the chief of police for example.

This change will also massively help these factions in predicting their monthly budget, as it is mandatory for them now since they are all funded by the government.

UCP updates

As you may have noticed, the UCP is constantly being upgraded and improved days after days thanks to our web development team! I rarely quote them in these development blog, but they also deserve a massive thank you for all their work, so thank you @Everett, @Franelliand @Mike!
Here is a quick example of an amazing new system that was just recently added to manage leases (names of characters are hidden on the screenshot):

Many pages have also been fully redesigned this month:

A support ticket system:

And way more!

New serverside mods: Objects, hairs, clothes...


RageMP has finally almost finished their new download system, which should be released in a few hours / days now! You'll directly download client files before joining the server, allowing us to put larger files for you to download and also fixing the blackscreen reload bug for server side mods!
I did not want to add more mods before RageMP added a real mod download on their launcher since the users were not informed about the size of the mods and the progress of the download. This issue being fixed very soon, It'll be time to change that decision!




When is all this releasing? I'm planning on most likely releasing some features independantly, depending of how quickly we will finish some scripts.

Trucking, the new wage system, and server side mods will most likely be released soon whereas the unique items and the body script still need to be worked on for a few weeks.

We just released 1.4 so It gives us some time to make sure everything is well done and tested before 1.5 though ? 

Edited by Nervous
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Tr1bal    320

Loving all the upcoming updates and just throwing it out there : If even the guns and drugs gonna have their unique stats now then I don't think it would be so "R P G"'ish to add similar stats to humans(food) and cars(durability.)

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