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Barrio Azteca

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Bogatyr    312




Barrio Azteca

Barrio Azteca (BA21, formerly Bloque Trece, B13, BX3, Los Aztecas) is a Mexican-American gang based in Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos. Originally formed in the prisons of El Paso, Texas, the gang has morphed into a prime example of the cross-border nature of Mexico's drug war with the formation of an alliance with La Línea, the armed wing of the Juárez Cartel. They are currently one of the most violent gangs in the United States and are said to have over 3,000 members in the U.S. and at least 5,000 members in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


With a highly militarized structure the gang expanded into a transnational criminal organization within the US. One of these expansions included a branch out to Los Santos, SA with core businesses operating from Chamberlain Hills.



San Andreas Expansion

Upon the settlement in Los Santos, the Barrio Azteca gang occupies a unique, some may even say privileged, position within the overall framework of Sureño gangs in the San Andreas area - it pays lip service by nominally aligning itself with the Mexican Mafia however the group largely avoids paying taxes due to its non-reliance on prison protection (in part due to the large paisa population in San Andreas prisons) as well as its Mexican connections that serve as a bulwark for drug supply operations in the United States. This has lead to a situation that can be described more as an alliance which differs from the typically feudalistic relationship that La Eme maintains by lording over a majority of Sureño gangs as both groups equally profit off each-others wider criminal connections.


Bloque Trece

Chamberlain Hills, in many regards, has in recent years become a microcosm of the war on drugs with much of its African-American population having been displaced by a large quantity of Mexican immigrants. Whilst within this population there were no doubt many genuine refugees seeking a better life and greater opportunity, it's inevitable that the criminal element would seize upon this as well. This has lead to an explosion in criminal activity as a wide variety of gang members have streamed across the border in record numbers, many affiliated with existing Mexican gangs such as the notoriously violent Barrio Azteca which made up the majority of connected members of Mexican origin around Forum Drive. The Azteca who've migrated to San Andreas have then branded themselves as 'Bloque 13' which became, in essence, the primary wing of Barrio Azteca in San Andreas running a wide variety of the gangs activities from its nexus of power in the Chamberlain Hills projects.


Bloque 13 has since become notorious for its relentless attacks on neighboring black gangs which are especially notable for their lack of concern for collateral damage and continuing racial tensions have also lead to particularly nasty hate crimes throughout the greater Strawberry-Davis area. Posing themselves as the protector of the cities paisa population, B13 has established for itself the capacity to recruit a vast amount of first and second generation Mexicans within the United States to act as soldiers, lookouts and drug mules. This notable emphasis on bringing in native Mexicans has lead to the gang standing out among other Sureño gangs as a uniquely pure Mexican organization which carries with it drawbacks and culture clashes with more Americanized groups. The gang gives no false pretensions as to its true goal of dominating as much as it can of the Mexico-US drug corridor throughout its section of the border and it has exhibited time and time again it's willingly to take great risks and even greater losses in pursuit of those aims.


La Nueva Generación

After most of the prominent Barrio Azteca leaders in San Andreas were displaced, imprisoned, MIA or KIA, with the most notable event being the arrest of the former leader of Bloque 13 Guillermo "Bautista" Padilla, the gang now operates under a new generation of leadership ("la nueva generación") who oversee the day to day street businesses and relations in the greater Strawberry-Davis and Rancho area. It is also believed Barrio Azteca now holds stronger ties to neighboring Sureño sets as well as the Mexican Mafia and even non-gang affiliated outsider connections, allowing a highly complex but advantageous infrastructure of drug, weapon, and human trafficking networks throughout the San Andreas state.


Modus Operandi

Barrio Azteca differs from the usual array of street gangs in that its organizational structure is highly militarized with colonels, lieutenants and corporals all the way down to street soldiers and 'carnals' (brothers). This structure allows for the quick replacing of lieutenants which enables the leadership to maintain a fluid control over street-based moves as well as drug smuggling operations. The gang seeks to maintain a high level of cohesion and further discipline in its ranks with insubordination and disloyalty leading to harsh punishments including even death. Officials have confirmed in the past that the gang has an extreme focus on information-gathering and as such the group places a high emphasis on having a layer of lookouts to cover many of its major operations. The overall intent of most of the gang activities is to both enrich the organization itself as well as its leadership, many of whom are imprisoned which is a state that doesn't harm their authority or ability to lead in the slightest.


Officials on both sides of the border have observed how Barrio Azteca locate their targets, stalk them and finally ambush them in multiple car chases, using coded radio communications, coordinated blocking maneuvers, and with well-armed and well-trained shooters ("sicarios"). After fulfilling their mission, the gang members return to safe houses throughout the city.




((OOC: This group will attempt to portray, as accurately as possible, a real world Mexican-centered violent criminal group known as Barrio Azteca through one of its subsidiary gangs. Everyone is welcome to try and join this faction, however know that the majority of members in this group are meant to be First or Second Generation Mexicans with very different views and behaviors in comparison to their Chicano cousins. That is to say that this group will ONLY accept Mexican males within its membership as well as their male descendants for meaningful positions within the gang, African-Americans will not find a place to associate with this organization whatsoever outside of being customers for drugs due to IC discrimination. The leadership of this faction reserves CK rights on any and all members of the organization for serious infractions. Members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and avoid breaking community rules throughout the course of their time within the group and on the server in general.


To avoid any misconception: This faction is NOT a traditional Latin American Sureño gang and will not be expected to behave as such. This faction is a unique fusion of not only gang culture from SoCal but mainly Mexico as well, combined with some of the local narco influence from border regions.


For any additional questions, tips, tricks or hints please refer to either @Spider-Mayne or @Knoxville))

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Benny Black    149

I've seen this faction on the server before. I got jumped by some of them actually. I got to say they're pretty solid roleplayers, and i'm very interested in how this group will advance. Personally, i'm very hyped to watch this faction grow.

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Lazarus    28


a moment of relaxation with some taquitos

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