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Barrio Azteca

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This group will attempt to portray, as accurately as possible, a real world Mexican-centered violent criminal group known as Barrio Azteca through one of its subsidiary gangs. Everyone is welcome to try and join this faction, however know that the majority of members in this group are meant to be First or Second Generation Mexicans with very different views and behaviors in comparison to their Chicano cousins. That is to say that this group will ONLY accept Mexican males within its membership as well as their male descendants for meaningful positions within the gang, African-Americans will not find a place to associate with this organization whatsoever outside of being customers for drugs due to IC discrimination. The leadership of this faction reserves CK rights on any and all members of the organization for serious infractions. Members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and avoid breaking community rules throughout the course of their time within the group and on the server in general.


To avoid any misconception: This faction is NOT a traditional Latin American Sureño gang and will not be expected to behave as such. This faction is a unique fusion of not only gang culture from SoCal but mainly Mexico as well, combined with some of the local narco influence from border regions.


For any additional questions, tips, tricks or hints please refer to either @Spider-Mayne @Knoxville @xRzeRepresent

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