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More Interiors! Extracted from GTA:IV also more interior objects!

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Cleo    2

Short description:

More interiors, including; GTA:IV Interiors? (CREDITS TO SOUP)


Detailed description:

I recently found something online on RageMP forums, doing a little bit of browsing for mapping.


My main question is, is this possible? I'm not too sure on the scripting and whatnot. I suppose it will increase downloads to join the server, but not by too much? After all, people only have to download client packages once right?


I also don't know the protocol of using someone's resources. Of course this will need to be looked into. However, they are released to public.


Items to add:



How would your suggestion improve the server?

Add more interiors for businesses and such!


Seeing as this appears as extracted from GTA:IV, I think the graphics suit GTA:V. I know there not "as perfect", but GTA:IV is still solidly graphical. As you can see by the pictures, it's not going to look out of place.


Also in the resource, it adds tons more options for walls, floorings and other interior items. Which would make mapping a LOT easier.


Additional information:











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Tr1bal    188

I got a satisfying answer from @Pascal about this matter in another thread.




As of right now at relaunch of the mapping team, the mappers will be focusing on a few internal projects. We'll be setting up some interiors across leased businesses to distribute, this'll allow us to get an idea of each mapper's style/ideas, and once we've got an idea of where everyone's at we'll move on to more complex projects.


This will be done during the starting period, once we've got an idea of what types of projects we can pull of and how many we can organise at once, we'll start moving onto other things. This means potentially re-launching larger scale projects like the prison complex, if all goes well from an internal POV (no confirmation/date on this yet, however it could be something in the future). Alongside specific projects, we'll also aim to introduce a few basic blank, sample interiors, and start to introduce new living property types, such as hotels and apartment complexes.


The process of uploading files to the server is not properly formalised yet, currently we can upload mapping directly into our gamecode however I'd like to spend some time re-organising how mapping is uploaded to facilitate us being able to support different filetypes, and the ability for us to load mapping files to specific properties live in-game, and clone the filenames across to other interiors to create duplicates where necessary.


So at the start, mapping upload will be limited to just mappers, however once our system is a bit more flexible we can potentially add an interior importing system on the forums for players to work with.




I think I have seen those exact mapping options suggested here before but then pushed aside because of the syncing issues. Now it is a perfect time to bring them up again.

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Darius94    5

No need to reason this, something we are currently lacking if I am not wrong, even the mapping team is already working on something, this will come in hand.

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Conway    44

Having more interiors available definitely seems like a step in the right direction, and quite a few of those interiors look like they'd be really good for properties. More specifically businesses. 

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Sapphire    6

I would love to see this, so many more options for house/interior designing! +1

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Crocker    112

I'd love to see this kind of stuff in the future, for sure. 

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