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Found 4 results

  1. Seoul Boyz 213 청소년 (SBZ) are a predominantley East-Asian set operating in Little Seoul, Palomino Ave. The group initially began as a congregation of teenage residents from Little Seoul, banding together to protect themselves from the opposing Hispanic and African-American street gangs in the surrounding areas. But they eventually grew into a loosely organized gang that contributed to a large amount of the rising crime rate in the Little Seoul area, calling themselves the "Seoul Boyz" in reference to the area of Little Seoul in which they reside. They can be identified by the area code "213" , which is littered throughout Little Seoul in the form of graffiti. ((OOC Section)) We intend to portray a fictional street gang, drawing heavy inspiration from the long beach Asian Boyz. The development and progress of SBZ will be shown in screenshots through this thread, and as such the contents of this thread are subject to change and will be updated as the group develops ICly. If you have any queries, concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact the thread holder. ((Disclaimer for admins: This is a screenshot gallery for teenagers in Little Seoul under the faction K-Town.))
  2. HISTORY The West Side Neighborhood Pirus are an infamous street gang based in Strawberry, Los Santos in the projects of Forum Drive, and some of the surrounding areas. Also known as Neighborhood Piru, this street gang was founded in the early 1990's after the infamous 1992's riots that took place in South Central, Los Santos due to police brutality. The gang started off with three teenagers Caleb Smith, Jeremiah Jarvis, and Maxine Price. All three of them decided to call themselves Roy Piru due to having older Piru family members surrounding them and living on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard while growing up. After the riots left South Central, Los Santos in ruins the teenagers decided to make their own "set" in the infamous Piru gang that was flooding their neighborhood in spite of having enemy rival neighborhoods surrounding them. Later in the years of constant violence in their neighborhood they got affiliated with the orginial Neighborhood Pirus, getting orders to represent their street in their street gang name which brought the name Roy Neighborhood Piru to be born. The street gang eventually moved to the West Side of South Central, Los Santos and started to represent the original name of West Side Neighborhood Piru dividing the street gang into two sets 145th Piru & 151 Piru. PRESENT DAY Now the street gang known as West Side Neighborhood Piru, used to represent Roy Lowenstein Boulevard and the surrounding areas with great force, indulging in drug distribution, drug smuggling, drug usage, weapon dealing, and a lot more in the neighborhoods that are undocumented. Now they do the same around the Strawberry area. Officials claim that the details of who is the leadership in this street gang is unconfirmed, very limited evidence on the street gang, and is now ran by a completely new generation on teenagers that live in the neighborhoods. The street gang considers themselves as "West Side Ps" and a lot of other street terms that are unknown to this day through the public. 145th Piru 145th Piru is a subset within West Side Neighborhood Piru, they are young, ruthless, and deranged due to their surroundings of gang violence and constant poverty in their neighborhood. They are still under command of West Side Neighborhood Piru and will do anything to protect their higher ups in the street gang. They indulge in a lot of illegal activities like distribute drugs, extort, home invasion, robbery, vandalism, and etc to make their presence known around the neighborhoods of Forum Drive & the surrounding areas. This subset is ran by three of the main higher ups in West Side Neighborhood Piru and decided to branch and make 145th Piru, following the foot steps of the previous members that have died in gang violence in the neighborhood. 151 Piru 151 Piru is another subset from West Side Neighborhood Piru. This set is mainly full of drug dealers, pimps, and hustlers. They do small crimes in the area of Forum Drive also like home invasion, robbery, vandalism, and a lot more crimes around the area. The Story of Big Gleeko 2001-2020 Nolan "Big Gleeko" Summers was born and raised in the western areas of Los Santos. His father was a big drug dealer around the Rancho area and barely came to visit Nolan. Him and his mother ended moving in with his father due to his mother losing her job and had to settle for something a lot cheaper. They lived in a one bedroom apartment in the Rancho area. As soon as Nolan turned sixteen he started to hang around with a big homie that goes by the name of Jacoby "Trigga Ru" Miller. Nolan got turned onto the drug game from that point forth and made a name for himself around the Rancho area. He got jumped in later that year by other big homies that were apart of a set called Roy Neighborhood Piru making him involved with "NHP" and the other local blood/piru sets around the area. At the age of nineteen, one day Nolan "Big Gleeko" Summers went on a hit by himself after getting robbed by some local Crips in the Davis area which made him go into a deranged state of mind. He went on a killing spree around Davis & Rancho looking for any Crip affiliates and ended up getting into a high speed chase with the police after getting spotted gunning down a person in the middle of the street. He took them on a thirty minute police chase and local law enforcement decided to disable his car with a couple road blocks, and rams. He was pinned down by the police and surrounded, he loaded up his pistol before hopping out of the car and shooting at every police he saw while he was pinned down. He was riddled with bullets that night by police. He is forever remembered and honored by his Piru affiliates. RIP BIG GLEEKO. Members of Roy Neighborhood Piru Bloods charged with manslaughter - Arrests in Los Santos April 10, 2020, James Evans, Los Santos Times Writer April 10 - The Los Santos Police Department got a call from a resident about four occupants shooting at rival gang members around the area of Brouge Avenue killing three of the rival gang members. As soon as the responding officer showed up on Brouge Avenue he reported seeing the four black males gunning down the rival gang members in the middle of the street and then proceeding to run into the closest alleyway and splitting up. Two of the members reportedly got away on foot while the other two members ran to a unidentified black vehicle that was parked in the alleyway. The two members that took the black vehicle was in a mass pursuit with local police, one of the members in the passenger seat got dropped off around the Roy Lowenstein Boulevard area and got away on foot while the other member in the black vehicle got caught by local law enforcement. The driver that goes by the name of Jacoby Miller, the driver of the black vehicle was arrested and incarcerated in the state penitentiary. Members of Roy Neighborhood Piru Bloods charged with Second Degree Murder & Vandalism - Arrests in Los Santos. June 8, 2017, James Evans, Los Santos Times Writer June 8 - Federal agents and 10 law enforcement officers executed multiple search and arrest warrants in Rancho, Los Santos in connection with murdering two 16 year old teenagers by the names of Jakeem Rice & Rashawn Bowman. The local Police and Sheriffs raided a household on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard two days after the murder took place. Law enforcement seized over five hand guns and 7 suspects within the household. The mother of Rashawn Bowman identified one of the suspects found in the household as one of the "homeboys" of her son that is now dead. Law enforcement traced the bullets found in the two victims bodies to be found fired from two of the guns found in the raid of the house on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. The 7 suspects are now in the local county jail and are awaiting trial.
  3. (W/S) ROLLIN' 60's NEIGHBORHOOD CRIPS Info Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips is an African-American crip street gang located on the West Side of South Los Santos. The Rollin' 60' NHC originated as a clique of Stanley "Tookie" Williams gang; 'The Westside Crips' in the 1970s. The territory stretches from the houses in the Strawberry side of Forum Drive over to the Projects in the Chamberlain Hills side before Carson Ave. The R60NHC are also under the Rollin O's and Neighborhood Crips umbrella. History R60NHC/RSC are the first gang to use the term “Rollin” and were involved in the first Crip-on-Crip rivalry when in 1979, the R60NHC and Eight Tray Gangster Crips (ETG) began a feud that has lasted over 3 decades with about 60 deaths among the two gangs with nearly a hundred innocent bystanders, making this rivalry the most deadly two-gang conflict in Los Santos' history, but the rivalry has calmed down during the first decade of the 2000s as crime dropped throughout the city. For many years, their main rival to the east are the ETGs. This would be the most intense rivalry between any two individual Crip gangs in all of Los Santos in the history of street gangs conflict during the 1980s. Although there are longer rivalries among other Los Santos gangs, such as the one between the White Fence and El Hoyo Maravilla, which goes back to about the 1920s, the conflict between R60NHC and ETG has been more violent, especially during the period between 1980 and 1995. The rivalry between RSC and ETG rivalry started Crip infighting which created a divide between Neighborhood Crips and Gangster Crips also known as Trays. Other rivals to the Rollin 60s include; Black P Stone Nation to their South East, W/S Forum Drive Hustler Crip to their South West and Rollin 50s Neighborhood Bloods whom are neighbouring RSC on Forum Drive. Present Day In the year of 2019, gang crime still blazes on in South Central and many young men have died as a result of it. A turf feud for Forum Drive had sparked a gang war between Barrio Azteca and RSC which resulted in RSC keeping their territory in Forum Drive however had also resulted in the death of a RSC member known as 'JD'. Shortly after the death of 'JD', a long war between Black P Stone Nation(Circle Stones) was sparked resulting in the death of 3 young black males from the Circle Stones; Shaquon Banks, Trey Carter and 'TJ' and 1 black male from RSC known as 'MACE'. To this day RSC still hold down their territory in Strawberry despite provocations from their rivals. OOC ((If you are hoping to get affiliated in game, your character should be a POOR African-American teenager preferably under the age of 16 that has been raised in the Chamberlain Hills Projects. If your story involves your character recently moving into LS then your chances of getting accepted by others is extremely low. Upon association, you will grant us CK rights on your character which means your character can be killed at anytime if the reason is valid. We try to keep an accurate portrayal of the real life counterpart however it is extremely difficult as this is just roleplay, if you have any advice then please send a PM to @aldo. Residents are also highly encouraged as we there is barbershop in the middle of the neighbourhood which was made to encourage residential RP.)) If you are interested in getting involved, please send me a forum PM.
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