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Found 15 results

  1. Rokas

    The name "triad" was coined by British authorities in Hong Kong as a reference to the triangular shape of the Chinese character for "secret society." The character's shape symbolized the unity between heaven, earth, and man -- an indication of the semi-religious nature of many of these societies. Triads developed as resistance groups fighting to overthrow the non-Chinese invaders who ruled the Manchu Qing Dynasty during the seventeenth century. When Qing rule finally ended in 1911, these groups did not disband and instead evolved into criminal societies, Some of the newest and most powerful crime groups have sprung up in the last fifty years, often as a response to the lack of order and stability within China. Triad members are linked by language and lineage ties to villages of ancestral birth in mainland China. Through the use of ritual oaths of allegiance, which are enforced by threats of retribution and death, these groups ensure the absolute faithfulness of their constituents. Membership in a triad provides status as well as essential political and economic connections. A U.S. Senate report states, "Triad membership is thus a valuable asset to the new international criminal. Triad membership facilitates criminal activities in a manner similar to the way membership in business associations facilitates the activities of a legitimate businessman." Triads cooperate with local youth gangs as well as with lawful business and government associations. There are seven major umbrella organizations: the Sun Yee On Triad, the Wo Group, the 14K Triad, the Luen Group, the Big Circle Gang, the United Bamboo Gang, and the Four Seas Gang. Exact membership figures are not available, but one of the largest triads, the Sun Yee On, is believed to control at least 56,000 members worldwide. Not every one of these seven societies conforms to the specific quasi-religious structure that defines a "triad," but all conduct their criminal activities through a similar network of international ties. Moreover, the larger groups manage the operation of dozens of subordinate triads, either by direct control or through cross-membership. Wah Ching 華青 is a Chinese American Triad Society (secret society) and street gang also known as ‘‘Dub C‘‘ originating in San Francisco, California during the early 1960s. As the time, Wah Ching was organized as one large gang. Some deny that it even exists now and other say it has never been so great. Wah Ching in English means Chinese Youth, started off as a street gang, America experienced a high number of Hong Kong immigrants after the handover of Hong Kong. A lot of the Asian immigrants faced a lot of adversity, being on the receiving end of harassment and bullying from other communities and banded together in groups in order to defend themselves, one of these groups was Wah Ching. This criminal group is known for it's violent tendencies to carry out criminal acts, but not limited to; narcotics trafficking, extortion, murder, and racketeering. Oceanside Wah Ching is an organized crime group operating under the Wah Ching umbrella in Los Santos, Vesupucci. The members ages vary from 15 to 19 and more are high school drop-outs. The members refer to themselves as ‘‘gang bangers“ has become the gang they identify under. The group‘s orchestrator is still unknown. He has been and out of the States for a long time. OSWC was known for protecting it‘s local immigrants, keeping drug sales away from home. They were looked at as the local police department. The group is primarily involved in drug trafficking, prostitution rings, protection rackets, illegal gambling, arms trafficking and even smuggling. They are involved in almost every criminal activity, you just need to name a crime and OSWC circuit is bound to have it in it‘s extensive repertoire. The faction's essential goal is to illustrate a fictional interpretation of legal/illegal based Oceanside Wah Ching crime group, with our own taste of roleplay, which takes place in Los Santos. At the current state of IC, there's no hierarchy, no existence nor plans for the crew. Which leaves plenty of room for development and paths. This faction aims for realism, and by realism comes time. Players who wish to sonic through the ranks, then this isn't for you, everything will be ICly decided by occurring events. Everyone's capable of putting a mark in our role-play and be the leader, no matter the OOC leadership. The most important thing in this faction is your character development. You MUST to understand server rules, we don‘t tolerate trolling or foolishness. By joining this faction you must understand what you are getting into and do some research before diving into such role-play. We will always do our best to help those in need of it, with that being said we want players to role-play proper and not off the boat characters. We take the right to CK anyone who associates being with this organization. You need to send your CK permissions to myself. Any questions, or concerns regarding the faction can be sent to myself.
  2. Symka

    Name: Kevin SungAlias: Red SmurfAffiliations: Oceanside Wah ChingAge: 18Nationality: AmericanHeritage: American-ChineseOccupation: Car guy/Mechanic
  3. Rokas

    Name: Derek TseungAlias: ShadeAffiliations: Oceanside Wah ChingAge: 22-23Nationality: AmericanHeritage: American-ChineseOccupation: Tattoo artist
  4. Symka

    Name: Ray WongAlias: DKAffiliations: Oceanside Wah ChingAge: 21Nationality: AmericanHeritage: American-ChineseOccupation: Car mechanic Character backstory: Ray Wong is an 21 years old American-Chinese male, who was born in Los Santos and was raised in Vespucci. Ray's childhood wasn't that bad, but everything turned around when he started to go to collage. His father died in his work space when a heavy metal object fell onto him. Ray's mom wasn't able to keep the family financially stable so Ray turned his life around and joined an Oceanside gang named Wah Ching. Ray was seduced into the street-life, desiring the money and respect that came with it. But Ray didn't stop hustling and ended his electrician mechanic college with good grades. Ray now works at the garage on top of that earns some money in illegal ways. He steals cars, scraps them for cash, helps his gang members sell drugs and rob other people. On top of that he spends a lot of time around cars and spends all of the cash that is left from his hustling on his own vehicles.
  5. Selling my beautiful and spacious house in Vespucci, just walking distance from the beach. Two bedrooms (( 1 room can be made into a bedroom )), with a huge kitchen, living and dining area, giant walk-in closet and a spacious bathroom (see below for pictures). The bedroom also exits out onto a balcony. Please contact 2044023 for a private viewing PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD Exterior Dining/Kitchen Area Living Room Upstairs Hall & Bedroom As the property holder, I reserve the right to withdraw or disregard any bids made.
  6. 3 Story Vespucci Beach Property 2206 Bay City Ave Luxury Home featuring One Bedroom, One Bath Entry Room with Coat Closet Open Floor Plan Kitchen and Living Area Security Cameras and Surround Sound Entertainment Two Balconies Starting Bid: 450.000 Buyout: 800.000 Min. Bid Raise: 25k *Auction will end on or before Dec 23rd at 12 PM* Exterior Interior
  7. Selling my beautiful and spacious house in Vespucci, just walking distance from the beach. Two bedrooms (( 1 room can be made into a bedroom )), with a huge kitchen, living and dining area, giant walk-in closet and a spacious bathroom (see below for pictures). The bedroom also exits out onto a balcony. Please contact 12072738 for private viewings Starting bid is 300k Exterior (please ignore my friend) Dining/Kitchen Area Living Room Upstairs Hall & Bedroom As the property holder, I reserve the right to withdraw or disregard any bids made.
  8. (reserved for the ongoing story of Calvin Brown and Erika Brown (Schmidt))
  9. Selling nice and cozy apartment next to Vespucci Canals. If you would like to make a offer or have any other questions then you can contact me via email : [email protected] 1124 Invention Court
  10. PaigeWalker

    Short description: Add More Vespucci Canal Houses Detailed description: Over in the Vespucci Canals there is at least 75% of the houses not scripted into the server. I understand that these houses are very upmarket and from a RP sense only the wealthy can afford these but there is alot of demand for these houses on the server. Commands to add: I do understand that there is alot of houses to chose from in the server, but I RP as a semi retired British business man and it wouldn't make sense him living in Grove Street. How would your suggestion improve the server? Simply more houses to buy for more players.
  11. Please contact me if you are selling.
  12. E: Go vote! Started to think Vespucci would make a much better hotspot in comparison to Mirror Park. Here's why: Vespucci supports more character backgrounds, whilst Mirror Park is restricted to middle class Mirror Park is a small, entirely middle class area. Vespucci on the other hand has lower class housing to the south, some middle and upper class housing around the canals, and is a stone's throw from the richer area that's only a few roads north of it. Venice Beach (Vespucci IRL equivalent) is a popular tourist destination and bustling with different backgrounds from all walks off life. It'd make much more sense to have many different types of characters visit there in comparison to Mirror Park - some people could be having days out at the beach, some people could be panhandling, some people could do street performances etc. Vespucci is not too large and is open - making it easy to find people Although the Vespucci area is slightly larger than Mirror Park, the beach areas and the nearby roads are quite wide and open - it wouldn't be too hard to quickly drive around and find people either on the beach, on the pier, or by one of the businesses. Playerbase size has grown to support it At the moment of writing this up, the playerbase online is almost at 90. Although Vespucci is slightly bigger than Mirror Park, the playerbase size is starting to outgrow Mirror Park. There's a lot of times during peaks where Mirror Park will be brimming with parked vehicles and people, I'm currently IG whilst typing this up and there's over a dozen people in the car park alone and cars almost completely filling the small carpark hotspot. Vespucci has more 'things to do' than Mirror Park There's not a whole lot you can RP with Mirror Park besides walking around the park and visiting its businesses. On the other hand, Vespucci boasts a beach gym and tennis court, a skatepark, various small vendors to interact with, and a pier with all of its attractions + businesses that players can open, and a place to casually fish at to pass time when no one is around. Huge local business diversity There's a huge amount of interesting businesses around the Vespucci area. The beach is full of different store fronts that could be incredibly cheap to rent out and run, and then there's a lot of unique restaurants and other RP businesses just next to the beachfront. Mirror Park has a few interesting businesses, but is quite limited in its choice due to its size. All 'essential businesses' exist in Vespucci All the essential local businesses (clothes store, tattoo parlor, hairdresser + mask store) exist around Vespucci. There's some from SP/Online and plenty of spare unscripted buildings of these types that could be added in too. Makes more sense: 1) It's Summer and 2) More likely to have people at the beach vs in a car park With it being summer, people would be likely to hang around the beach a fair bit. On top of that, it makes more sense to have people 'just show up' around a popular attraction area/beach than in a car park. Mirror Park is isolated and has a "No Man's Land" around it, whereas Vespucci is surrounded by stuff in almost all directions The area immediately outside of Mirror Park is basically a "No Man's Land" - there's an industrial estate to the south, a completely empty mountain area to the east, a huge highway to the west, and very little to the north besides a few potential businesses in Vinewood to the north west. On the other hand, Vespucci is surrounded with other areas that players could expand out to later. Highway connects Vespucci and new Paleto hotspot directly Vespucci connects directly to the new Paleto hotspot through the western highway - it'd be much more convenient to travel between Vespucci and Paleto than Mirror Park. Businesses are scripted there already There's already a few initial businesses setup around Vespucci, including two(?) player owned businesses and a few NPC businesses nearby. With some stuff there already, it's not as bad as transitioning to an area with absolutely no support.