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  1. Crazy White Boys. Crazy White Boys (CWB) also known as C.W.B or Dubbs is widely known from their sub sets such as Insane White Boys (IWB) or Vicious White Boys(VWB), Crazy White Boys is an extremely ruthless, brutal and highly organized Peckerwood street gang located throughout the street of Southern California. Crazy White Boys was originally formed as a punk gang in California during the late 1980s, due to the high rise in black street gangs, rioting and white people being attacked and victimized in the streets of Southern California the gang was formed together in order to protect their members from the larger and very well known black street gangs that frequent in the same areas. Territory - The gang is well known for showing and representing themselves as well as committing various crimes around the streets of Vespucci Beach which is where the gang seems to primarily operate out of, however the Crazy White Boys Gang is also known to frequent throughout the county and is linked to various crimes in the county of Los Santos. Membership - The gang is mostly formed of young Caucasian males who's ages can vary but the gang is known to target new recruits who's ages usually range from 14-21 years old, the gang also accepts female members who's ages may vary, majority of members come from very low income families with parents who are abusing drugs, the gang is always looking for new members and is continuing to grow stronger day by day. Allies - White prison and street gangs. Rivals - Most black streets gangs. Crazy White Boys is known for their heavy ties within the white power movement as well as their ties to various Hispanic street gangs and Cartels and tends to only deal with these specific groups. Crazy White Boys generally tend to surround themselves with other Peckerwood and Skinhead gangs. The gang is known to be in very large groups of white men whose affiliations vary and are also known to be armed at all times. Criminal Activity - Crazy White Boys are involved in an extremely wide variety of criminal activity such as being engaged in drug trafficking, vehicle theft, armed robberies, burglaries, identity theft, home invasion, murder, credit card fraud and many other crimes to provide for themselves and their lifestyle, According to the CGTF (California Gang Task Force) the gang has ties to white supremacist prison groups who operate in facilities across the West Coast of the United Sates. The gang is known for dealing in large amounts of various drugs and carrying firearms. There are many rumors of Crazy White Boys being connected with underground fights and being involved in some of the most notorious drug trafficking operations. The higher ranking members are known to be very stealth about their movements and operations and are known to usually send lower ranking members out on the streets to handle business before showing their own faces on the street. Identifying CWB - As with most white street gangs, the Crazy White boys usually express their gang affiliations in various ways, the gang is known to throw up gang signs with their hands such as throwing up a C and W or A upside down C to represent Crazy White Boys the gang also uses symbols and tattoos such as the initials C.W.B and swastikas along with various other tattoos in order to help promote white supremacy throughout the area. Peckerwoods are heavily influenced by punk rock and metal culture and are well known for their use of drugs and partying. Crazy White Boys are usually known to associate themselves with the color white by doing thing such as driving white cars or wearing white clothes however this is not mandatory and this information is only known because the members like to wear their favorite color "White". Modern Day CWB - Today, the gang Crazy White Boys is a very dangerous up and coming gang operating out of Vespucci, members were originally Insane White Boys and gained enough rank in order to become Crazy White Boys. Crazy White Boys only have intentions to get money and get high, they are known as some of the grimiest, most savage White boys on the streets and are a very large threat to black gangs that attempt to intrude on their territory or interfere with their business, the gang is suspected to be involved in various shootings and multiple members have large criminal records, the gang is known to be very vicious, brutal, and unforgiving to anyone who they feel are standing in their way. OOC Information - This gang is not formed to promote any OOC hate towards other races. Members who join the faction must be willing to follow ALL SERVER RULES and accept the fact that they may be CK'd at any time with proper reasoning from leadership. 1.) Joining the faction is done all IC and the process will require you to plan and create a unique character that adheres to the faction requirements. You are more than welcome to speak with us at any time through a forum message. 2.) You are expected to roleplay to you're full potential at ALL times, any major rule breakers will be removed from the faction immediately. 3.) We have high expectations of our group and expect all members who are interacting within the faction (with the intent to join or currently a member) to portray a realistic version of a modern day Peckerwood gang member and affiliate of them. 4.) Just because you join the faction doesn't mean your character development stops we expect you to continue developing your character along with the rest of the faction throughout your time in the faction. For more information on this faction you are more than welcome to PM me or @CarlitoRogers at any time.
  2. Who are we? Vespucci Skate and Surf utilities, is a retail store located on the Vespucci Beachfront near the skate park and a stone's throw away from the water.Here at Vespucci Skate and Surf we deal in the retail sale of products related to skating, surfing and BMXing, having been started by a Vespucci local and aavid surfer and BMXer with a need to give back to the community. We strive to support the local community and offer helpful advice and support to our customers. Should you be so unlucky that your products break, we also have a small repair stuff in the back, and we should have you back out there in no time. Ask in the store about repair our repair services. So come on down to the beach, and let’s see if we can’t help you find what you are looking for. What do we sell? - Surfboards and related articles - Skateboards and related articles - BMX and other after market bike parts - Different brands of streetwear - Wetsuits and dry suits - Repairs services in our own repair shop - Swimming and Surfing lessons by Ray and Blaine - Special/Custom order skateboard decks by 7SA Where can you find us? We're the last store in the blue building. More than enough parking spot. Try out your new gear nearby. How can you contact us? Should you need it, you can reach us here. Facebrower Click me! Phone 170-582-16 Email [email protected] (Forum PM) Physical store Palomino Ave, Vespucci Beach *Licensed 7SA reseller.
  3. San Andreas Ave - Floor 3, Room 3 Vespucci Canals Pictures Information of the apartment: Starting Bid : $ 220,000 Increments : $ 10,000 Buyout Price : $ 275,000
  4. ( Market Price: $175,000(x3 =525,000) | Furniture Worth: $217,907 | Custom Item Store script: $50,000 ) Interior Images: https://imgur.com/a/sMswn7q Coral Reefers Smoke Shop, and lounge is now for sale. Located on the main boardwalk of Vespucci Beach, this large property comes fully furnished to please the masses. Capable of seating at least 50 patrons at any one time, not including those out on the balcony. Fully decked out kitchen, and bar that're both semi-stocked, as well as an office suited to all needs. Anything linked to the business (templates, social media menus etc.) will go to the new legal owner. Starting Bid: $350,000 Current Bid: $600,000 Buyout: $792,907 (Costs for components, and stock included with the sale is not being accounted for.)
  5. oced

    Seaside ABZ

    THE LATE 2019-EARLY 2020 ERA The death of a well known rapper by the name of Philthy P, also known as Pierre Jackson sparked headlines after he was found dead behind a huge Hotel on Alta Street and Adams Apple Boulevard due to a shooting that happened in broad daylight, there were three victims on scene, two of which were deceased upon the emergency services arriving. The rapper could barely be identified with the wounds he was inflicted with, people who saw the whole altercation go down said that the whole shooting was done in execution style, and that they've never heard that many shots go off in such a small amount of time. It was actually another victim who identified him for the Los Santos Police Department(LSPD), and after a thorough investigation led by Gang Unit(G.U) and the Robbery Homicide Division (RHD) the murderers were found and arrested for the crimes they've committed. Samuel Phala, and Cindy Pheakkley were both arrested on February 17th, and were both facing murder charges, Samuel was also facing many other charges for crimes that were attached to his murder weapon. Their trials were held on separately days, Samuel Phala took the charges to the neck and pleaded guilty due to him knowing all the proof there is against him. Although Cindy actually pinned all the charges on Samuel, and decided to give out information on what she knew about the Seaside Asian Boyz street gang for her freedom. Her cooperation led to her being introduced to the Witness Protection Program, where they moved her out of state for her own protection in threat of a retaliation from the Seaside ABZ street gang. This whole situation sparked a huge increase in patrols in the Vespucci area, and the gang injunction went down harder onto the Seaside Asian Boyz, which striked their gang related activity and membership. MODERN DAY The whole situation which sparked off of a famous rapper being killed led to the activity of the street gang to fall severely, they were also falling down when it came to competition against their enemies. Although in the current day, new affiliated members started to show their faces, although they've started to move way more careful than ever before. This new wave of gang-bangers know better than the last, and are trying to revive the whole Seaside ABZ street gang, and get back at their enemies.
  6. [SOLD] 3380 Magellan Avenue - Floor 1, Room 1 Newly renovated apartment in Vespucci area Lots of parking spaces in front and behind Great view towards Vespucci streets from the windows Everything you need around is super close so you don't need to drive anywhere you can walk there by foot ((Market price: $60.000.)) ((Furniture: ~$46.000)) Price: Current offer: $135.000 (Minimum $5.000 incresments) Buyout: $200.000 Pictures: Interior: Exterior: For more information contact me via e-mail [email protected]((Forum PM)) or through phone #6921.
  7. Family background. Conor Maguire is an Irish man from a broken family. Originally from Longford in the Republic Of Ireland before moving to the city as a child Conor grew up in an alcohol infused home, his mother was an abusive alcoholic who had no problem beating Conor from the age of five. Mentally and physically abused by his mother Conor’s attitude slowly deteriorated, he was once a loving and happy child but by the age of 8 he was quiet and considerably down all of the time. The abuse of Conor continued as his older brother followed in the footsteps of his mother and was abusive to Conor too. After five years of suffered abuse from his Mother, Conor’s father decided to step in and say enough was enough and threw out his partner and mother of Conor. Left behind was Conor, his older sister, brother and his father. Conor’s father did everything he could while getting himself in debt to keep a roof above him and his families head, he worked all the hours he possibly could from multiple jobs. While being a standup man and trying his hardest that didn’t help Conor back at home as his brother took off from where his mother was gone. The abuse of Conor physically and mentally continued with his brother using Conor for his own gains. Time went on and the family continued the best they could but two years down the line on Conor’s twelfth birthday he received a letter from his mother who he hadn’t seen since she was removed from the household and the letter contained the contents summed up as her wishing she had never been given birth to Conor and that he was a demon and a mistake that had ruined everyone’s lives. You can imagine the affect that this had on Conor’s mental health which was already shattered and broken at this point and to make it worse Conor’s brother had verbally agreed with everything their mother had said and followed up the statement by calling Conor a red headed devil. Enough was enough and Conor’s Dad at that moment packed his eldest sons bags and threw him out to the curb too following the continued abuse of Conor and other factors that his eldest son had taken part in. Two family members down and just his eldest sister and father left the family did whatever they could to try and piece back what they could of their family. The beginning of the end… Conor’s Dad was never around due to him working all hours to provide for his family, this left a gap in Conor’s life which already added to the absence of his mother and brother. He lacked a male role-model which was quickly replaced by the neighbourhood. Conor at school became friends with multiple people who lived in the same area as him whose paths were sketchy to say the least, one of his friends older brothers saw an opportunity with Conor and began to buy him things and take him places that at that time Conor could only dream of… This slowly turned into Conor owing the older brother favours and these favours in term ended up with Conor holding packages for the older brother in exchange for money. Conor liked the money, he liked the attention and the fact he felt useful so these favors slowly turned into Conor doing it for love and affection. A packaged turned into two, the value got higher and before Conor knew it he was holding a firearm for his friend and storing it at his family home. Conor held it for his friend and his friend started to give Conor bags of weed for him to sell and whatever money he made he was allowed to keep for himself for the first month, this gave Conor money to get himself established, some new clothes and trainers. A month down the line Conor’s friend told him he would need to make sure he protected himself so Conor began to carry a knife on him for protection. The partnership of Conor and his friend turned Conor’s attention to the street and the people in it, he made connections with a lot of people and slowly grew up and started getting into a life of crime doing petty robberies, credit card fraud and selling drugs for a living. Conor’s Dad knew what Conor was doing but it was out of his control, Conor grew up with manners and an appreciation for his father but he also had his own path to follow and that took him into the streets while trying to get the love he never had. Conor moved out of his fathers house and was going to move in with his friend and trusted partner who he had been working for all this time but on the way there the police arrested his long-term friend and placed him in prison for ten years. It caused turmoil on the streets as people were fighting for his friends position which left Conor out on the cold. Homeless, lost and searching for his new path Conor spent some years in a downwards spiral he was drinking and fighting and found himself looking for hope in the bottom of a bottle which he never did find. Conor met up with some of his old friends along the way who couldn’t leave him to remain on the streets and continue as he was so they took him in, under their wing and began to rebuild Conor by setting him on the path he was on previously. He gathered everything he had and followed his friends and rebuilt himself to where he is today which brings him to the sandy shores of Vespucci where his journey with the M.O.B continues…. (OOC: I’ll be posting on this thread some of Conor’s activity in and around Vespucci and the city. Mostly Vespucci, I try to remain in Vespucci as much as I possibly can as that’s the area I live in and wish to carry on all of my role-play. If you have any questions or issues with my character story let me know and post below! I know I've chosen to do my character story a little different to others but It's how I wanted to portray my character and give some relevance and understanding behind actions carried. Other than that I’ll see y’all in-game).
  8. Above: Brock during a stint in Bolingbroke State Penitentiary. Kyle “Lucky” Brock is a 27-year-old Vespucci native recently released on parole from the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He’s known to have contact with various white gangs in and surrounding Vespucci Beach, mainly the white street gang known as Public Enemy No.1(PEN1, Peeneye) and to an extent, The Aryan Brotherhood. Since being released on parole, authorities assume Brock is inactive in the gang scene. After a high profile arrest, Kyle, along with his business partners, Edgar Boon and Weston Stigers, were sent to Twin Towers Correctional Facility for eight months awaiting trial. During this time in TTCF, Kyle continued to operated under the auspices of his gang, Public Enemy No.1; Kyle continued to program on the mainline, getting involved in various race riots and altercations. Soon enough, the trio was given their court papers, only to find out that the State was dropping all charges against them. The three were then promptly released from TTCF. Brock returned was able to return to his home, Vespucci Beach; where's lived his whole life. He continues to program while off the mainline, getting back into the swing of things and adjusting back to his place as a menace to society.
  10. A cozy apartment in the outskirts of the Vespucci Canals is for sale! Private parking is included. Property information: Market price: $65,000 (( Furniture worth: $27,500 )) Auction information: Starting bid: $100,000 Minimum bid increment: $10,000 Buyout price: $220,000 Current bid: $165,000 Auction end date: 1/SEP/2020 - 12:00PM
  11. Selling freshly refurbished multi-interior apartment at Tug Street. Friendly neighborhood, easy access to the city center and port. It has a marvelous view towards the skyscrapers and harbor itself. Getting rid of it, because I got myself new flat at Vespucci beach, and going to move-in pretty soon. You can check pictures of the apartment by clicking the following link there. PHOTOS Market price: 115,000 $. Furniture price: 48,667 $. Starting bid: 200,000 $. Minimum increment of a bid: 5,000 $. Buyout: 270,000 $. Any questions or requests related to the apartment should be sent to my email ((PM)). Only bidding is allowed in the topic and queries won't be answered.
  12. Interior: https://imgur.com/a/wzVu6n5 Starting: $100,000 Buyout: $120,000 Base Value: $120,000
  13. A decent two bedroom apartment, including a private parking spot right outside. The apartment is nicely located below Vespucci, walking distance from the beach. Market price: $115,000 Starting bid: $60,000 Minimum increment: $10,000 Current bid: $100,000 Buyout Price: $125,000
  14. Shaun Orlovsky comes from Liberty City, raised in a broken home by his alcoholic Father, but cared for by his Grandfather more often than not. Shaun's mother died when he was young leaving him to his Father. His Father Dimitri Orlovsky could not handle the grief of losing his wife, so he dealt with his problems at the bottom of a bottle, becoming a waste of space and neglectful to Shaun. His Grandfather owned a diner that was popular in the area, serving the best American Dishes but the business was not perfect, it was located in Dukes, a notoriously rough area in Liberty City. Thugs would try and rob the diner or assault and scare its customers. As Shaun got older he got into boxing begin one of the best in the gym, he used his skills to be security at the diner when he was not in the kitchen, roughing up anyone who was a danger to his Grandfathers business. Shaun was a kind person at heart, he was everything his father was not, but that was always his weakness, he trusts too easy. His Grandfather passed away from natural causes leaving the diner to Shaun, but it went down hill from there. It was too hard to both manage a business and protect it, a business man came into the diner one day to speak to Shaun, he offered to buy the place for a healthy sum, seeing no reason to keep the place running himself and nothing around him worth staying for he sold the diner, taking the money and moved to Los Santos for a fresh start, a new life, a better life, but he has not found what he is looking for.
  15. Hello! I am looking for a house or big enough apartment for 2-3 people to live in central/north/west LS (I would prefer Richman/Vespucci Beach/Vinewood/Rockford Hills/Burton/Hawick or any other good and safe area). I am looking for 2 bedrooms at a minimum (could be more). Maximum price range: $160,000-$200,000 (could be more if the offer is reasonable) I will take a look at the cheaper offers to! Don't worry and offer for me everything that you have!
  16. Vincent


    This thread documents the development and background of Sebastian "Bandit" Gonzalez. A victim of gang culture in America's low income neighborhoods. City Boys - When one time swoops. Sebastian Gonzalez was born in Vespucci to a single mother, Maria Gonzalez. Through absence of a father and a lack of mentorship from his mother he fell to the wayside, involving himself in street life and pledging allegiance to the Culver City Boys 13. Sebastian's family was a broken one, his father spending life in prison for double homicide while his mother busted her ass working day and night to support her son. The area he was born into was not one of the upper reaches of society, it was quite the opposite. He hailed from a tight, claustrophobic condo he lived in with his mother. His father, Adolfo "Shifty" Gonzalez, was arrested before his son could get to know him, found guilty of slaying two individuals in a gang related shooting. Adolfo and Maria Gonzalez were love struck high school sweethearts in their early twenties. After a particularly drug fueled night, Maria became pregnant with her first and only child, whom later would receive the name "Sebastian." Adolfo Gonzalez was a subpar student who barely passed high school, spending more time in the streets representing Culver City Boys 13 than he spent focusing academically. The birth of Sebastian in 03' brought fear, yet happiness, to the couple. Adolfo may have had a son on the way, but the gang put him where he was and turning his back on them was a poor decision, so he continued to be a hitter for his group, which he gained a reputation for doing. Unluckily, DNA evidence was found at one of his many rival gang fueled shootings off a cigarette butt. In court, he tried his best to win the case, but the jury convicted him guilty of the murder of two teenagers. With his father behind bars, his mother Maria Gonzalez juggled any job she could manage to land, whether it be for a day or a year. Struggling to support herself and her child, Sebastian was usually left to being baby-sat by Maria's parents, which he enjoyed thoroughly. As he went from infancy to early childhood, the boy wandered the neighborhood in search of friends, and he found the younger brothers of the gang affiliated men in his neighborhood. To the disapproval of his family, Sebastian was usually kept on a tight leash, unable to spend much time in the neighborhood because of his mothers fear of losing him, something she was deathly afraid of after losing her husband to the judicial system. As the transitioning stage of adolescence washed over Sebastian, he felt a spark of debauchery inside him ignite. Tired of watching his mother struggle financially, he began hanging around more frequently with neighborhood kids whom associated with the local gang, eventually leading up to him associating with the same clique. He was learning two educations, one from his high school, the other from the streets. He figured that if he divided his time between both, he'd be twice as smart as everyone else. As he grew up, the gang began taking care of him and his mother, providing food, financial assistance, protection, and a family like atmosphere to the Gonzalez's. His mother was disappointed in her son, seeing her husbands attitude and stupidity fleshed out before her in the form of her son. He didn't care what his mother thought though, he was the man of the house and what he said goes, or that was his way of thinking. If he wasn't out hustling and risking his life his mother and him would be living on barely enough food to survive like they were some years ago. He realized that it was only a matter of time before he "made" something of himself, only a few more months of painstaking street hustling and putting in work before he rose to a prominent rank in the clique. Still attending his high-school, he stayed a straight C student in school and a straight C banger in the hood, building his name and reputation up in hopes of being recognized by the shot-callers. With a heavy hand and a loud mouth, he believed he was destined for greatness one day, at the top of the pile, a place his father didn't even reach before his incarceration.
  17. The name "triad" was coined by British authorities in Hong Kong as a reference to the triangular shape of the Chinese character for "secret society." The character's shape symbolized the unity between heaven, earth, and man -- an indication of the semi-religious nature of many of these societies. Triads developed as resistance groups fighting to overthrow the non-Chinese invaders who ruled the Manchu Qing Dynasty during the seventeenth century. When Qing rule finally ended in 1911, these groups did not disband and instead evolved into criminal societies, Some of the newest and most powerful crime groups have sprung up in the last fifty years, often as a response to the lack of order and stability within China. Triad members are linked by language and lineage ties to villages of ancestral birth in mainland China. Through the use of ritual oaths of allegiance, which are enforced by threats of retribution and death, these groups ensure the absolute faithfulness of their constituents. Membership in a triad provides status as well as essential political and economic connections. A U.S. Senate report states, "Triad membership is thus a valuable asset to the new international criminal. Triad membership facilitates criminal activities in a manner similar to the way membership in business associations facilitates the activities of a legitimate businessman." Triads cooperate with local youth gangs as well as with lawful business and government associations. There are seven major umbrella organizations: the Sun Yee On Triad, the Wo Group, the 14K Triad, the Luen Group, the Big Circle Gang, the United Bamboo Gang, and the Four Seas Gang. Exact membership figures are not available, but one of the largest triads, the Sun Yee On, is believed to control at least 56,000 members worldwide. Not every one of these seven societies conforms to the specific quasi-religious structure that defines a "triad," but all conduct their criminal activities through a similar network of international ties. Moreover, the larger groups manage the operation of dozens of subordinate triads, either by direct control or through cross-membership. Wah Ching 華青 is a Chinese American Triad Society (secret society) and street gang also known as ‘‘Dub C‘‘ originating in San Francisco, California during the early 1960s. As the time, Wah Ching was organized as one large gang. Some deny that it even exists now and other say it has never been so great. Wah Ching in English means Chinese Youth, started off as a street gang, America experienced a high number of Hong Kong immigrants after the handover of Hong Kong. A lot of the Asian immigrants faced a lot of adversity, being on the receiving end of harassment and bullying from other communities and banded together in groups in order to defend themselves, one of these groups was Wah Ching. This criminal group is known for it's violent tendencies to carry out criminal acts, but not limited to; narcotics trafficking, extortion, murder, and racketeering. Oceanside Wah Ching is an organized crime group operating under the Wah Ching umbrella in Los Santos, Vesupucci. The members ages vary from 15 to 19 and more are high school drop-outs. The members refer to themselves as ‘‘gang bangers“ has become the gang they identify under. The group‘s orchestrator is still unknown. He has been and out of the States for a long time. OSWC was known for protecting it‘s local immigrants, keeping drug sales away from home. They were looked at as the local police department. The group is primarily involved in drug trafficking, prostitution rings, protection rackets, illegal gambling, arms trafficking and even smuggling. They are involved in almost every criminal activity, you just need to name a crime and OSWC circuit is bound to have it in it‘s extensive repertoire. The faction's essential goal is to illustrate a fictional interpretation of legal/illegal based Oceanside Wah Ching crime group, with our own taste of roleplay, which takes place in Los Santos. At the current state of IC, there's no hierarchy, no existence nor plans for the crew. Which leaves plenty of room for development and paths. This faction aims for realism, and by realism comes time. Players who wish to sonic through the ranks, then this isn't for you, everything will be ICly decided by occurring events. Everyone's capable of putting a mark in our role-play and be the leader, no matter the OOC leadership. The most important thing in this faction is your character development. You MUST to understand server rules, we don‘t tolerate trolling or foolishness. By joining this faction you must understand what you are getting into and do some research before diving into such role-play. We will always do our best to help those in need of it, with that being said we want players to role-play proper and not off the boat characters. We take the right to CK anyone who associates being with this organization. You need to send your CK permissions to myself. Any questions, or concerns regarding the faction can be sent to myself.
  18. Name: Derek TseungAlias: ShadeAffiliations: Oceanside Wah ChingAge: 22-23Nationality: AmericanHeritage: American-ChineseOccupation: Tattoo artist
  19. 110A Vespucci Blvd - Vespucci Property Type: ApartmentAddress: 110A Vespucci Blvd Area: Vespucci Description: A cozy spacious luxury apartment at the perfect location in Vespucci right in the city with panoramic views over Vespucci. The apartment features a kingsized bedroom with a dressing room, a smaller bedroom, a gym, an office, a good-sized living room, a well-equipped kitchen and an exclusive marble bathroom. Well suited for having company and family over to socialize. Perfect for residents with a desire to live in a tight community right in the middle of the city. The apartment is sold furnished, included in the price. Starting Bid: $225,000 Minimum Bid Raise: $10,000 Current Bid: SOLD Buyout: $450,000 Time Remaining: Ended EXTERIOR: INTERIOR: LOCATION: Bid Format: Name: Phone: Bid: **Comment section has been disabled and only bids can be forwarded** - Private bids from various sources will be posted in the auction feed with all details and no discretion. Contact for inquiries: First Name: Kevin Last Name: Aspwood City: Los Santos Phone: 4000 Facebrowser: LINK Email: [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) 
  20. Selling my beautiful and spacious house in Vespucci, just walking distance from the beach. Two bedrooms (( 1 room can be made into a bedroom )), with a huge kitchen, living and dining area, giant walk-in closet and a spacious bathroom (see below for pictures). The bedroom also exits out onto a balcony. Please contact 2044023 for a private viewing PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD Exterior Dining/Kitchen Area Living Room Upstairs Hall & Bedroom As the property holder, I reserve the right to withdraw or disregard any bids made.
  21. Name: Ray WongAlias: DKAffiliations: Oceanside Wah ChingAge: 21Nationality: AmericanHeritage: American-ChineseOccupation: Car mechanic Character backstory: Ray Wong is an 21 years old American-Chinese male, who was born in Los Santos and was raised in Vespucci. Ray's childhood wasn't that bad, but everything turned around when he started to go to collage. His father died in his work space when a heavy metal object fell onto him. Ray's mom wasn't able to keep the family financially stable so Ray turned his life around and joined an Oceanside gang named Wah Ching. Ray was seduced into the street-life, desiring the money and respect that came with it. But Ray didn't stop hustling and ended his electrician mechanic college with good grades. Ray now works at the garage on top of that earns some money in illegal ways. He steals cars, scraps them for cash, helps his gang members sell drugs and rob other people. On top of that he spends a lot of time around cars and spends all of the cash that is left from his hustling on his own vehicles.
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