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Found 6 results

  1. The Almonte family found a decent apartment in Chamberlain Park, Los Santos. There, Junior would learn the ins and outs of the street life in Davis. Junior was welcomed with open arms by a black community near the B.J Smith Park region of Chamberlain Park. Currently, Junior is trying to prove himself to the higherups of the Smith Park Brims.
  2. MCB666


    ( Ezekiel "TG Zeke" Rivas - Circa 2020) Character Type Ezekiel is an eighteen-year-old Salvadorian male that lives in South Central. Ezekiel is a 52HGC Affiliate and tends to get himself in trouble by blindly trusting anyone offering him money. He clearly isn't very bright and often gets into trouble with the law as well for mostly stupid reasons. Despite being somewhat "aggressive" Ezekiel often generally projects an image of a harmless, clown personality type. Character Backstory Ezekiel Rivas was raised by his mother Vania Rivas a immigrant who crossed into the states during the early 2000s. His father (?) was absent during most of his life due to being imprisoned for a house invasion gone wrong, forcing Vania to raise Ezekiel on from then. Originally Ezekiel lived in a ETGC Dominated hood in South Central during his childhood. When Ezekiel turned 14 he migrated with his mother to a Hoover Gangster Crip (HGC) dominated hood and soon after was jumped in during his late teens. Ezekiel's mother found out about Ezekiel's "activities" and tried her hardest to persuade Ezekiel to come to Dallas with her. Of course she couldn't convince Ezekiel and basically left him to survive by himself in South Central after trying countless times to try and change his way of living. Ezekiel Rivas has currently dropped out the W/S 52 Hoover Gangster Crip gang after certain events and is living nowhere close to South Central. Character Traits -Faithful -Clown -Greedy (To an extent.) -Wild -Fidgety -Impatient
  3. The Westside Innocence Family Gangster Bloods (WSIFGB) or W/S 92 Innocence Family Gangster Bloods is a gang located on the eastside of South Los Santos in the district of North Rancho. They originated in the 1970s, originally known as the Chain Gang and feuded with the West Side Crips, a street gang founded by Stanley "Tookie" Williams. The Chain Gang had been around long before the formation of the “Crips," along with the LS Brims. Their controlled grounds stretch from N. Roy Lowenstein Blvd to Little Bighorn Avenue, they claim the 9200 block of Jamestown Street as their primary territory. The Innocence Family Gang have two primary cliques such as Flamin 90s and the Ransom Gang. Allies of the Innocence Family Gangster Bloods have a close alliance with the Avenue Piru Gang, and is identified as the Family Ru's. They also share a close alliance with the Mad Swan Bloods, known as the Family Swan Bloods. Other allies are the Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods along with the Carson Mafia Family. The Innocence Family Gang formed a truce with the Eight Tray Gangster Crips, due to their mutual rivalries with nearby street gangs under the Neighborhood Crips (especially the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips), Rollin 100 Crips, and all (Rollin Os Crips). Other rivals of the Innocence Family Gang are the Hard Time Hustler Crips, S/S Park Village Crips, and the Lowenstein Asian Boyz Crips Gang. Despite being Bloods, the Innocence Family Gang are also known for their past feuds with other blood gangs such as the Neighbor Hood Pirus along with the Queen Block Bloods as well as the Davis Lane Gangster Bloods. In 2013, a deadly war between the Innnocence Family Bloods and the Davis Lane Gangster Bloods erupted claiming the lives of respected members from both sides. In 2015, Rancho Monster, a rapper affiliated with the Innocence Family Gang released a song titled "Suppose To Be Bloods" featuring June Dawg (of the Damu Ridas) with gang ties to the Davis Lane Bloods and Redrum 781 (Avenue Piru Gang) as well as G-Nutt (Brims). The song was inspired by this feud and other blood on blood rivalries that has spiked since the 2000's. Despite the gang's involvement in the rap scene, the gang has a very prominent appearance in the streets drug scene in Los Santos and various other cities across the United States. In recent news, there was an indictment on 13 members of the Innocence Family Gangster Bloods' older members. The gang was pumping guns and drugs throughout the US to smaller subsidized cliques of the gang. This situation was duly notated on the FBI's website and took a toll on the gang's livelihood in Los Santos.
  4. Under No Debrief Evolution Failed In Navigating Every Destination Anything posted on this thread, should be kept on the thread. Posts may vary from detailed to blank depending on the situation. This is to prevent Metagaming. Any concerns can be directed to my DMs.
  5. Bryce Harrington (born November 11, 1999), sometimes known by the nickname "Bry" is an American drug dealer who has attained a degree of notoriety as an individual drug dealer in South Central, Los Santos. His first entrance into the drug dame came when he was introduced to Vincent "Vinny" Perozzi - A small time mobster who operated out of Vinewood. By chance, Bryce came into contact with Vincent when Vincent came looking for a local gang member in Bryce's neighborhood and as a result, Bryce's entrance into the drug game began. Bryce made a considerable amount of money selling for Vincent raking in $5,000 selling Ecstasy pills on the corners of Forum Drive. Their two month long business relationship fizzled out when Vincent went AWOL, suspected to be killed in a mafia shooting which occurred outside a restaurant in Vinewood. The loss of the Italian supplier had a huge impact on Bryce. Despite this however, Bryce remained continuing to sell around South Central having influenced local neighborhood teens and long time friends Dante Padilla and Carmelo Smalls to join him. The trio enjoyed a successful period, fostering a fruitful relationship with the Irish Mob who were impressed with their budding business acumen. The Irish Mob provided the trio with a cheap constant supply of cocaine a game which was alien to the trio. The cheap and constant supply led in turn to the creation of the McCoke product. Given the fact that Bryce spent a lot of time in fast food chains, Bryce studied the success of the fast food model and attempted to apply it to the drug business. McCoke allowed for the cocaine sold by the trio to be of a cheaper quality, offering the user a faster high. The success of McCoke meant the trio were raking in on average $12,000 on the corners of South Central. However, given the independent nature of Bryce's business, the success of the McCoke product and the brutality of the local gangs. Dante Padilla was murdered in a disagreement outside of Davis gas station. The death of Dante Padilla saw the trio split apart and go their own ways. Bryce continues to sell his product on the streets of South Central. Often seen with his golden grills and cheerful demeanor, Bryce navigates the brutal streets of South Central as a dope-boy. Despite his somewhat meteoric rise on the streets of South Central, small time drug dealer Bryce Harrington spent a notable amount of months with his dying grandmother in Blaine County. A move which saw his influence wane on the streets. This coupled with the disappearance of his connect and long term friend Tommy Irish meant Bryce was back selling small quantities of drugs across the streets of South Central. Bryce Harrington was raised in the neighborhood of Davis, Los Santos. Bryce attended Crenshaw High and was one of four children, but Bryce was raised alone by his grandmother on Forum Drive in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. Bryce grew up with his grandmother and he attributes his involvement in the drug game as a direct result of his grandmother's demands that Bryce brings money into the household. His rise in the drug game influenced Bryce to move his grandmother out the neighborhood, a move influenced by the death of his close associate Dante Padilla.
  6. Aight dawg, so my story, my criminal life takes off even before I was born, dawg. You see my parents, my parents were some foos from Rancho as far as I know, North Rancho, y'allredy know. My Jefe my dad, don't know the pendejo's name, was some low life crackhead, enjoying smoking the pipe more than claiming his kid, me nigga. Then my jefa, my mom, well she was a hoe ass bitch dawg, she loved the bottle and getting her back blown more then anything in this world. Shit, as I know, she died killed by some bitch ass nigga in Davis. So, Alejandro, who raised you, foo'? Y'all might ask, my abuela dawg, and the street, el barrio y los calles, the rabbits dawg. You see I was born on 30th of March 1998, at the hospital across the park where we is right now. So here is lil homie Alejandron Reyes, a dirty half black half mexican nigga, he aint even know how to tie his shoes yet and this nigga was in the streets already. Hanging out with the big homies, doing all kinda shits for them, at first he was the vato to run to the store, and built his way up. When the luh homie was only 12, Big Wicked, some OG in the barrio, gave the lil nigga a mission. My mission? Was to cut some Mierda Seka, so me and aome homies caught that fool, gave him a dope ass whooping and then I was handed a blade, they tols me to carve a 43 on his face, done deal homie, not finna lie tho, I puked my guts out after that. That's when Spooky Conejo was born, why? Cause the Milkshake got scared for life dawg. Long story short homie, that was my initiation, a few years pass by, that's when I meet my hyna dawg, hottest bitch in Rancho High, Bianca Velasquez, Bibi, the niece of some Veterano in my barrio, we click dawg, love at first sight. We date and do kid shit togheter, while pulling missions for my clicka, y'feel? Dawg, when I was 17, me and some homies see a Mierda Seka at the LSPD Impound, near the park, that one over there, so I take out my blade, and chase that nigga, stab him in the back, stupid me didn't scan the area, and end up taken down by some jura, some pig, handcuffed and arrested, all my other homies diped, no hard fillings dawg. The cops take me into a room, and start pressing me, to tell them who the other homies were, bet I kept my mouth shut, so I end up gettinf charged with attempted murder and sentenced to 7 years in the Twins. The time inside was tough dawg, al i could think off was my hyna and my clicka. This the time my abuela dies, you know, the woman that raised me, I do blame myself for that. But now? Now dawg, I am free, I am back on the streets that gave me love when I didnt have any, gave me food when I was hungry, gave me a bed when I didnt have where to sleep.
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