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Found 3 results

  1. Sandersson Agency is a professional photography studio offering all kind of services around the photography and video themes. Whether you are a private person or a company, our agency decently-priced shots of you, your loved one, your events or company assets. With quality and originality as our focus, we will freeze the best moments of your life forever and make your memories. Staff: Sandersson Agency revolves around two different photographs, each offering a different take on the photographic arts: I. Bodean Sandersson: The founder of Sandersson Agency, Bodean Sandersson is a gifted man when it comes to shooting and editing lively scenes. Equipped with Nikkon material, Bodean provides both photos and videos that he will edit into masterpiece of digital Artwork. Portfolio: II. Niazmina Stanikzai: Niazmina Stanikzai is a self-taught photographer, offering a more retro approach of photography by using silver halide photo. Be it with her signature Polaroid or her Canon EOS 1V, she provides pictures of people and landscapes with an old-fashion feel. Portfolio: La Mesa carshow #6, Pola shot by Mina, April 12th 2018 City at night fall #3, Pola shot by Mina, April 14th 2018 Catfish by night, silver-halide shot by Mina, Apr 16th 2018 Vinewood by night, silver-halide picture by Mina, Apr 17th 2018 Let's hit the road, silver-halide by Mina, Apr 17th 2018 Pricing: Digital pictures edited by Bo: High-res picture - - - $ 700 Profile picture - - - $ 450 Company shot (High-res) - - $ 900 Company shot (standard) - - $ 700 Postcard print or reprint - - $ 25 A4 print - - - - $ 50 A3 print - - - - $ 100 Silver-halide pictures by Mina: Polaroid shot - - - $ 300 Silver photo shot - - - $ 500 Postcard print or reprint - - $ 25 A4 print or reprint - - - $ 50 A3 print or reprint - - - $ 100 Digital copy - - - - $ 10 All prices are given excluding VAT of 10%. ((All prints are considered IC items, we don’t print and send overseas your actual shots :P)) Contact: For all of your inquiries, you can either call or text us at: Bodean Sadersson: 734-3792 Niazmina Stanikzai 835-8232 Or mail your inquiries at: [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] ((All IC mails to be sent on our Discord))
  2. Nice Mina's Nice Transportation Hi! I’m Niazmina Staniksai, Mina for shorts! Some of you already know me for being that nice lass operating a yellow cab at a discounted price all around Los Santos. But you know what? Taxis are so 2017! Outdated! Th’s why, I’m bringing Nice Mina’s Nice Transportation into your lives! Woohoo! Wait Mina… You was the coolest and cheapest taxi in town. Why stop? Long story short… Safety! While I’ve had the pleasure of drive some really nice customer around, I’ve also had the unfortunate chance of being threatened, harassed, insulted, robbed, hijacked, chased and rammed into… Just within five days! I did think about quitting, finding some easy peasy comfy work behind a desk but… meh! There are customers out there, people in need of a car to drive them from A to B and who am I to leave them on the pavement while it rains? Personal side note: Kentucky? If you’re reading this… Here’s my middle finger! What is Nice Mina’s Nice Transportation then? Nice Mina’s Nice Transportation is an Uber-like private transportation service but… Mina-style! Would you please elaborate on the Mina-style part? I’ve always had customer satisfaction and cheap prices at heart and that will not change. Mina-style means that you’ll pay little for a good service! That is my promise to you, dear customers! Wow, wow! Easy girl! We’re in Los Santos! Where’s the ripe-off? There’s none! And if you doubt that… Try us, you’ll be convinced in no time! Okay! What’s the fare of a ride, girl? Hundred bucks per yard? Nope! We offer a fixed fare rate of 250$... Wherever you go, whenever you need to go and however you need to go? One person? Two? Three? Got luggages? Need to stop on the way? 250$ per fare! Plain and simple! No condition on the price! What? You’re kidding me, Mina! That’s twice the rate you had when being a taxi! Lemme explain a few factors and you’ll soon see my point here: A. Considering just my base earning (that is not counting the tips) I was barely able to cover the expenses of fuel and advertising of my taxi. B. You often pay more to cross the front-door of a club. So… Put things in perspective, will ya? Okay! I tried your car, we had a nice chat, a fairly smooth ride… I think it was worth more than 250$. Are you still going to complain about me giving you a huge tip? Nope, I won’t and I’ll take tips up to an extra 250$ per fare. How about I add another hundred bucks and run away leaving you with six hundreds in your hands? I thought about that and, as always, I came up with an idea. Any money above five hundred dollars will be handed to a charity who needs every little bit of money more than you or I do!. Being of half-Afghani, half-Iranian origins, I have a special love for Freedom through school, a UNICEF sponsored operation aiming at funding the construction and operating costs of schools for little girls in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Sahel… Because War on Terror is not just sending you men to get killed overseas! Wow! Wow! That’s so nice of you, Mina! Anything else that Nice Mina’s Nice Transportation does to help better the world? Yup! I drive a Karin Dilettante hybrid car which means my business is has carbon-free as possible. Travelling with us is good for you, for your wallet, for the planet and for all those around you! How's your Dilettante safer than your old taxi? My Karin Dilletante is equipped with CCTV, GPS tracking and an emergency button that dials 911 without anyone realizing it. Our best defense against bad customers trying to abuse third party vehicles is to make sure they don't get onboard. This is why we'll only take care of customers that have subscribed to our services. Righto! Stop talking, girl! How do I suscribe? Easy! Just complete the subscription form and mail it to me at [email protected] Subscription is totally free but is mandatory to use our service. ((E-mail refers to forum PMs, meaning you get to send your subscription by Forum PMs, pretty please!)) Conditions of use: 1. Nice Mina’s Nice Transportation’s service will only be accessible to those who have submitted a complete form of subscription. Subscription is a free service not obliging you to use our services. Subscription only requires you to complete and send a subscription to [email protected] You may request cancellation of your subscription by mail. 2. Nice Mina’s Nice Transportation’s services cannot and will not be used for any illegal activities, be it breaching traffic regulation, helping customer avoid police or actively partaking in any activity such as robbery, moving of illegal goods. Don’t even ask. 3. Customers are the sole responsible of any items they carry or brought in the vehicle. Nice Mina’s Nice Transportation cannot and will not be held accountable for any such items. 4. Subscribed customers may bring along non-subscribed passengers for free. Non-subscribed passengers are under the full responsibility of the subscribed member who’s invited them on-board 5. Conditions of use are subject to changes without prior consultation with subscribed customers. 6. Failure to comply with the present conditions of use will result in temporary or definitive ban. If such action is to be taken against you, you will be notified by email.
  3. First name: Niazmina Last name: Stanikzai Date of birth: June 15th, 1986 Place of birth: Sibley Memorial Hospital, Washington DC Age: 31 years old Parents: Ghareeb Stanikzai (Father, 53 years old, second generation Afghani immigrant, electro-technician), Anahita Esfahani (Mother, 52 years old, third generation Iranian immigrant, house-wife) Siblings: Banu (sister, 29 years old, secretary), Salazar and Jabari (twin brothers, 27 years old, owners of a mobile phone repair shop in DC), Hadassah (sister, 24 years old, emergency nurse), Palmira (sister, 22 years old, marketing student) Faddey (brother, 20 years old, USMC Lance-Corporal) Other family: Bodean Sandersson (soulmate, unofficially oficial husband, 28 years old, photographer and owner of Sandersson Agency) Job: Full-time employee at Sandersson Agency, (Mina does silver-halide and Polaroid photos, accounting, invoicing and more...) Part-time house-wife, (Mina and Bodean live together and since she's a pretty conservative woman, Mina takes care of most home-related duties) Formerly: Mina has been an unsuccessful Uber-driver, a barely succesful taxi-driver and had spend the best part of a decade as a volunteer for various humanitarian programs across the globe Early years: From her earliest age, Mina’s always been that nice and lovely girl everyone seemed to like. Polite, well-educated and ever caring of others, no one ever had to complain about her. Sometimes bullied, often praised, Mina’s only dream had been of a peaceful world. Most people would have left that dream behind when growing up but Mina ain't most people! She remained convinced there was good in each and every man and it was her God-given duty to look for it. It took more that a big heart to be a good student and in that matter, Mina was below the average with especially catastrophic grades in all things science-related. Her teenager age was troubled by her inability to look to the future and find a job she'd like to do. She anyway dropped school by the age of seventeen and did odd jobs, mostly to help her so very large family gain a litle extra-money. ((WIP))
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