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  1. Motor Vehicle Collisions (WIP) Traffic collisions also called motor vehicle collisions (MVC) can happen quite often in a roleplaying server but many of you may not know how to roleplay them realistically. This guide will give you a brief summary of the different types of traffic collisions and how can you roleplay them outstandingly. We will not dig into the physics and the statistics too deeply but if you are interested, you will find many sources at the bottom of this guide where you can look up the data yourself. To make you an easily understandable guide, we will dumb the real information down a bit to a point where it is mostly realistic but no too hard to understand and implement to your gameplay. You don’t need to be a hundred percent realistic. This is a game, you can cheat a little but keep in mind how realistic the injuries you are roleplaying is. If you are involved in a collision, take your time, roleplay realistic injuries, and give a few days for your character to heal. The more serious you take the injuries, the better the experience will be both for you and other players. This is a roleplaying server, keep that in mind when you drive around with high speeds. Pedestrian collisions The key factor when it comes to pedestrian collisions (when a pedestrian is hit by a car) is speed and the mass of the vehicle. To make it simple, we will do the math with an average car and we will not care about the mass anymore. Even though, keep in mind, getting hit by a taxi and a truck is not the same. The following information represents a realistic survival chance if you are hit by an average car. Safe to say, if you are getting hit by a car as a pedestrian, every collision over 50 miles an hour should end up with the death of your character in that situation. [SOURCE 1] [SOURCE 2] Head-on collisions To be absolutely realistic I should mention that there are many-many factors in a head-on collision (mass of the vehicles, direction, and a million other things) but to keep it relatively simple, I will talk about the survival chances when two absolutely similar cars collide head-on. The key here is to give you a brief idea about how likely it is to realistically survive a collision but as before, you will find the source below and you can dig into the math if you want to be super-super realistic. [SOURCE] [place for the table of injuries -- will add later] T-bone collisions We call it a T-bone collision when someone hits your car from the side. The biggest factor in survival is the speed and the weight of the vehicle. For example, if an SUV hits a smaller car, the driver of the smaller car will most likely end up with more severe injuries due to the weight of the cars. To simple it down, we will drop the weight factor and see our example with two identical vehicles to give you a brief idea about the survivability. Of course, if you are driving a bigger car (or truck) your chance of survival will be bigger but if you are on the other side and getting hit by an SUV while you are sitting in a sports car, your injuries will be more fatal. The passengers of the vehicle that was hit on the side tend to suffer more severe injuries as the neck is less resistant to sideways impacts. [SOURCE] [place for the table of injuries -- will add later] Rear-end collisions Rear-end collisions typically not as deadly as head-on collisions for one because head-on collisions with another vehicle usually combine the speed of the vehicles whereas rear-end collisions do not. During a blast, the position of patients in reference to ground zero contributes to the possibility of severe injuries and survival. To roleplay rear-end collisions, you can follow the head-on collision table with slightly lighter injuries. As always, use common sense: if someone hits you from behind with 70 miles an hour, most likely both of you will end up in the hospital for a very long time. However, collisions with lower speeds will require less medical attention compared to other collision types. [SOURCE 1] [SOURCE 2] Rollover collisions When it comes to rollover collisions we cannot speak about one main factor such as speed. One thing is sure: after a rollover crash, you will not be able to just crawl out and leave the scene in most cases. You will need medical attention, you will possibly have broken bones, internal injuries, and so on. Try to use the tables above and make a realistic assumption of how your character is injured in the collision. Rollover collisions are extremely dangerous, keep that in mind when you roleplay your injuries. Long story short: if your car rolls over, you better wait for the EMS and not just run away with the remaining cocaine in your bag. [SOURCE] Conclusion Driving around with high speed can easily lead to the death of your character. Watch your speed and slow down at intersections, check for incoming traffic. If you cannot avoid the collision, try to slow down to make the impact as small as possible. After the collision, try to guess the speed you collided with and use the tables above to roleplay your injuries. Use common sense and try to roleplay realistic injuries. If your vehicle is bigger then you can roleplay a higher survival chance but on the other hand, if you are driving a sports car and a truck hits you, the injuries might be a lot worse. After you roleplay your injuries and the Fire Department saved your life, take some time, and roleplay the healing process. If your bones were broken on Monday, try not to run away from the cops on Wednesday. You can speed up the process but use common sense and take the injuries of your character seriously. Thank you for the help @Trukken, @Bash, and @patty for the proofreading and medical details. If you found a typo, terrible grammar mistakes, or wish to add something else, please send me a private message here. **This guide is not done yet!**
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