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  1. John "Tuna" Capra is a late thirties LS based mobster, primarily serving as a made man/soldier in The Conti Crime Family. It is rumored Capra arrived in Los Santos with ambitions to continue his semi-successful sales career. However, his lust for money seems to have taken a turn for the worse after introduction to Gerald Marchetti, at the time, a leading solider in The Conti Crime Family. The introduction seems to have occurred due to Capra's ownership of Zampa's Quality Meats & Deli, once owned by long-term associate of The Los Santos Crime Family, Paul "The Butcher" Zampa. It is said that Capra was hosting an underground card game alongside Nicholas Trisano where he first came on Marchetti's radar and subsequently put on record with the mafia. Since taking the role of manager in famous, fine dining restaurant Giovanni's Trattoria, it is believed Capra answered to long-term consigliere Joseph Campagna. However, his brief stint with Campagna was short lived as he left to Europe for unknown reasons. Capra returned to Marchetti and helped create the foundations of the Clinton Avenue Crew as the crew's ringleader alongside long term partner Nicholas Trisano. In late-April Capra used his accumulated financial wealth from his numerous rackets to invest in a rundown warehouse building in Clinton Avenue, Vinewood. This new business venture has led to Capra being the sole founder of The Lucky Fish casino, supposedly named by Conti underboss Dominic Altomare after Capra's nickname "Tuna". As well as Zampa's Quality Meats & Deli, it is believed to be the home of Capra's operations which span from extortion, bookmaking, drug trafficking and loansharking. During Capra's time as an associate in the Clinton Avenue Crew, led by newly promoted captain Gerald Marchetti, he was noticed by leaders of the Conti Crime Family after pulling off the biggest heist in the borgata's history. In early May, Capra and Trisano walked away from Bad Day Goods, a pawn shop used as a front for arms trafficking, with a $671,000.00 take. It was dubbed by criminal circles as the "Bad Days Haul." Yoska Makula, the owner of Bad Days Goods, disappeared and in typical mob fashion his body was never found. Shortly after, Marchetti vouched for Capra's membership into the borgata. Capra received his button and was inducted into the America Mafia at the prime age of 39. ((John Capra has been my character for the last few months. I've wanted to create a character topic for a while but feared it was too late. Though, after consideration have decided to go for it. I'll update regularly with screenshots and upload important ones below that were integral to John's character development. The character story will host recycled LCN based screens from The Conti Crime Family faction thread and showcase screenshots that are either lore relevant or show off John's character. ))
  2. (Agresta's Mugshot from an Assault and Battery Charge in Early 2020) Joseph Agresta is rumoured to be associated with the Los Santos based criminal syndicate, The Conti Crime Family. Much like the organization itself, Agresta’s criminal endeavours originated in the area of Downtown Vinewood, and more specifically, his network is headquartered through his business, The Vinewood Boxing Club. It is believed that the boxing club serves as a money laundering hotbed for Joseph’s criminal proceeds, which include, but are not limited to, counterfeiting, drug trafficking, firearms trafficking, extortion and most notably, grand larceny. Joseph ‘Porno Joe’ Agresta was born on April 7, 1989 in Alderney, Liberty City. Agresta was born into a middle-class family, his father a mechanic and mother a line assembly employee at the local Vapid automotive factory. Agresta was known to be a quiet adolescent, his teenage years were spent training as an amateur boxer at the reputed Cabbagetown Boxing Club in the core of Alderney. His boxing career earned him the record of 17-3 in local boxing tournaments. Upon the completion of his secondary school diploma, he was a popular pick for working as a bouncer at various nightclubs and bars, while he dedicated his days to his rigorous training regimen. In the Summer of 2012, with the advice of his boxing colleagues, Agresta moved to Los Santos to pursue a professional boxing career of his own; which was not possible in the industrial setting of Alderney. It was at this time that he appeared on the radar of Conti ringleaders, John ‘Tuna’ Capra, and Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Trisano. Recruited as a doorman for the Stargaze Gentleman’s Club, and bartender at Giovanni’s Ristorante & Trattoria, Agresta was quickly recruited for street level criminal activities, including drug trafficking and the sale of counterfeit designer goods. It was at this time that Agresta earned his moniker, ‘Porno Joe’, after featuring in a pornographic film for adult film producer, Julian ‘The Skunk’ Greco. Agresta was quickly deemed as a valuable asset of Capra’s entourage, and through his successful street level criminal career, Joseph Agresta was put on record with Conti captain, Gerald Marchetti. Fast forward to the present, Porno Joe, a once up and coming professional boxer has dedicated his life to organized crime in the Greater Vinewood Area. His prior street level crimes have led him to a prosperous criminal vocation, deeming Agresta as a successful earner for The Conti Crime Family.
  3. Carmine 'The Weasel' Gallo (Carmine Gallo being surveyed in Burton, Los Santos) Carmine 'The Weasel' Gallo is a made man, or soldier, in the Los Santos based faction of the American Mafia known as the Conti Crime Family. Dealing primarily in drug and arms trafficking, his other crimes include fraud, theft, money laundering, and murder for hire. Among his predominant traits are his wisecracking and weasel-like laugh thus earning him the moniker 'The Weasel'. Carmine Gallo was born September 4, 1983 in Little Italy, Algonquin, Liberty City to parents Samuel 'Sammy' Gallo and Alessandra 'Sandra' Gallo (née Catalano) as their second and last child. Carmine's household growing up was anything but stable. His father was an abusive addict, dependent on opioids. This instilled in Carmine and his older brother William from a young age to despise and look down upon addicts, a conviction Carmine would hold up until the modern day. When his father died when he was eighteen, Carmine dropped out of university after a semester and took a job with his uncle Louis 'Lou' Gallo's construction company. It was working for his uncle, who was associated to a few minor Liberty City Cosa Nostra figureheads, that Carmine was first introduced into the life of organized crime. Peddling drugs, bootleg goods, acting as muscle when needed all played a part in shaping Gallo into the criminal he became. After a few years of working for his uncle, Carmine left Liberty City for Los Santos. There he settled into a cheap apartment on Bay City Avenue in the Morningwood neighborhood. It was there he met Penny Watson, his future wife. Carmine having quite the controlling personality easily attached himself to the timid Watson, and it wasn't so long since they met that they were engaged to be married. It was around this time that Carmine began to work for Dominic Altomare, reputed Underboss of the Conti Crime Family. His first official job within Los Santos was at Digital Den in West Vinewood, a business owned by Altomare. Not soon long after he started there, Carmine bought the business from his boss, all the while engaging the drug and gun trade. Carmine nearly met his end when carrying out a hit-for-hire contract with fellow associate David 'Vinewood Dave' Pillini during a power struggle within the Israeli organized crime-ring in Los Santos. Pillini saved Gallo's life however, and from then on Carmine took a more backseat approach to business. He purchased a cafe in Burton, and made it his primary source of legal income. He and Penny moved into an expensive apartment within West Vinewood, and Carmine began to invest in multiple businesses including The Vinewood Boxing Gym and Guido's Takeout ran by his distant uncle Victor Catalano. Some time in mid-June 2020, Carmine was inducted into the Mafia as a made-man, or soldier. Still serving directly under Dominic Altomare, Carmine focuses on his legal businesses while expanding his drug trafficking and arms dealing enterprises, working through numerous associates to spread the illegal goods across Los Santos and San Andreas as a whole. Time will tell how Gallo will proceed within his new position within the Mafia. (( This thread will follow the development of Carmine Gallo and have aspects of both his criminal doings as well as his personal life. Most screens posted will be original solely for this thread, while others will be posted within the Conti Crime Family faction thread. A few other people besides myself will be able to post in this thread to give different perspectives and insight on Carmine and his journey. ))
  4. Nicholas James Trisano (born October 17, 1992) is an American mafia soldier in the Conti crime family. He is a member of North Vinewood’s Clinton Avenue Crew. Trisano has a hand in gambling operations, the sex industry, and leads a burglary ring out the Dirty Duke Social Club. Nicholas Trisano was born and raised in East Hook, Broker, Liberty City to an underworld bookmaker and a housekeeper. He was described as a bright student with a talent for mathematics but reportedly struggled with concentration issues and mouthiness in class. Nicholas had a Sunday job mowing Gerald Marchetti’s lawn as a result of his father’s close friendship with Marchetti. In high school, Nicholas regularly sold stolen cigarettes and, in some cases, even marijuana. Nicholas’ tall, imposing look—with gaunt, hard features and a long jaw that resembled a bird’s beak—juxtaposed against his amiable nature.[1] He had no violent tendencies and had never been in contact with the police. Trisano went on to study applied mathematics at St. Matthias University but did not finish his studies, citing a lack of competence.[2] He spent his last years in Liberty City working as a bookmaker due to his proficiency with numbers. Trisano was lured to the West Coast at the promise of a lucrative job offer but had a dispute with his employer. Instead, he became a doorman for a downtown nightclub called The Escape.[3] He extorted drug dealers by granting them free entry and obfuscating their dealings in exchange for a percentage of their profit. Disillusioned with his career choice, Nicholas decided on a life of low-level crime on the side. This included B&Es, stick-ups and all forms of thievery alongside his associate Henry Callahan. Their ill-gotten gains were moved through a Sandy Shore Fence, Charles Meade. Nicholas’ tardiness resulted in another run in with his employer, and he was subsequently fired.[4] In 2020, Trisano reunited with family friend Gerald Marchetti, a Conti soldier, and made connections with various organized crime figures. He worked as a private jeweller, serving high-rollers and businessmen in late hours of the night and fostered an interest in jewelry and gemology.[5] Nicholas established a fruitful friendship with Broker native John Capra, another up-and-coming associate, and organized illegal gambling games in the backrooms of various mafia connected establishments. This caught Conti underboss Dominic Altomare’s attention who officially put him on record with the mafia.[6] Altomare mentored Trisano in the fading ways of La Cosa Nostra. He began dabbling in the sex industry, operating Marchetti’s strip club Stargaze Gentlemen’s Club while running a small time prostitution ring under the guise of an escort agency. Trisano purchased and renovated a decayed property and named it the Dirty Duke Social Club on Clinton Avenue and Alta Street, Vinewood. As of May 2020, Nicholas uses the club as his headquarters, basing his prostitution, gambling and burglary operations from there. Trisano’s growing underworld prestige led to a ringleader position within the Clinton Avenue Crew. [7] The mafia's long, stressful hours and Nicholas’ erratic behavior began taking its toll. He became dependent on amphetamines to work himself through the day, and used benzodiazepines to sedate him at night—resulting in his traditional “dead-eyed look.” Trisano’s drug use led to the development of an anxiety and panic disorder for which he was eventually treated. In June 2020, Trisano and Capra organized a scam and robbery of a former associate, Yoska Makula, who was allegedly responsible for the indictment of a fellow Clinton Avenue associate. Their take amounted to a total of $671,000 in cash and loot and helped the pair earn more ground in Vinewood's underworld. Makula disappeared and his body was never found. Later on, Trisano was inducted in the Conti crime family alongside his day one partner-in-crime, John Capra. He served as a made man in the Clinton Avenue Crew. Credits & thanks to @Chef for the template.
  5. MARCO “VINEWOOD” CARUSO Marco upon release from his third degree burglary stint at TTCF, picture taken at twenty-seven years old. Marco Caruso is an ambitious LS based associate in The Conti Crime Family. It seems a life of crime was never Caruso's main ambition; he graduated with a bachelors in business administration from the University of Liberty City. Caruso was promised a new career, interning in a successful financial advisory firm which prompted his move to Los Santos. However, the firm was quickly shut down due to fraudulent claims; Caruso was left jobless in a city where he knew no-one. As a result, Caruso went business-to-business, eventually meeting John "Tuna" Capra, a leading soldier in the Conti Crime Family who promised him quick and easy cash. Capra organised Caruso's employment at the reputable, fine dining restaurant Giovanni's Trattoria, however on the side he quickly began dealing stolen designer goods. Due to his salesmanship, he began dealing small quantities of drugs for Capra. Caruso had proven himself a formidable associate of Capra's. His success was rewarded through an introduction to Joseph Campagna, the consigliere for the Conti Crime Family and subsequently put on record with the mafia. However, it was short lived. Caruso was arrested for burglary charges. His time in Twin Towers Correctional Facility led to Caruso making connections with several white prison gangs. Upon his return he discovered that Campagna had taken an extended trip to Europe. Caruso was reunited with Capra and introduced to Gerald Marchetti, the captain of the notorious Clinton Avenue Crew. From there on, he has managed legal businesses such as The Rubicon, a bar owned by Conti underboss Dominic Altomare. Caruso's rackets span from various illegal enterprises from drugs and arms trafficking, grand larceny, pimping and murder for hire. This thread will showcase Marco’s development both related and unrelated to The Conti Crime Family.
  6. Anthony "Fat Ant" Auferi
  7. “Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number who are not good. Hence a prince who wants to keep his authority must learn how not to be good, and use that knowledge, or refrain from using it, as necessity requires.” Niccolò Machiavelli - The Prince. Early Life. John Santapaola Jr. was born on the 19th of April 1981 in South Philadelphia Pennsylvania, making him 39 years of age. His Father, John Santapaola Sr. was an associate of the Philadelphia Crime Family (PCF), under Fat Andy Giordano, a buttoned member of the family. John saw a hard up-bringing, coming from a working class background, his father would spend the majority of his time in bars and clubs ran by the various members and associates of the PCF. John grew up around made-men and ruthless gangsters from all over the East Coast, this quickly taught John about the life and it's malignant nature. At the age of 13 John's mother died of a heart attack, quickly turning his father down a destructive and alcoholic path. John Sr. was a renowned hit-man and loan-shark in Philadelphia, he began beating John regularly, the infliction of which sparked interested in his father's associates, instigating both John's first success in deceit, and his first major interest in becoming a part of the life. One of his father's friends had asked him where he had obtained his injuries, from which he told him that it was done by a school bully, that child's father was proceeded to be beaten in front of his child. Unbeknown to all but John, that kid wasn't a bully, he in fact was being bullied by John. This interaction showed John the fear that can be inflicted simply by the way you carry yourself, the respect people show you, and whilst his father started to take a steep nose dive, John started to make his climb. At the age of 15 John was working in multiple mob-owned businesses, he trained in a boxing gym owned by his uncle who also owned a body shop where John learned how to work on vehicles, specifically chopping vehicles to gather their valuable resources. John showed promise in boxing, and he competed on an amateur level for years, a long side this he was brought into a crew, chopping the cars that his crew would boost around the city, eventually turning out to be a highly profitable venture for both John and his uncle, Larry Santapaola. Just as John's career started to take off, his father was arrested and indicted on multiple murder and racketeering charges. Now at the age of 18, John had to quickly adapt to being alone, he began working closer with his relatives, his uncle Paul who was a known drug trafficker in Philadelphia brought John under his wing, giving him small delivery jobs to keep him afloat. Before his arrest. Before John was arrested at the age of twenty four, he had been working for various people tied to the Philadelphia Crime Family, including numerous uncles and one notable associate of the family, Joseph Campo. John was still fighting on an amateur level, starting to gain some recognition around Philadelphia with a boxing record of 15-3, making his MMA debut at the age of 20 with a record of 9-2. John was involved in some loan-sharking skits, due to his size and aggressive nature, they mostly went down smoothly, however John was not phased by bloodshed, it was something that slowly became natural to him and the life he lead. John often found himself doing the jobs that people have nightmares about, cutting up bodies, leaving them unidentifiable. On the 23rd of July 2005, Larry Santapaola, John's uncle who had been running a small-time vehicle chopping operation in Philadelphia was arrested for multiple racketeering charges. Larry informed the police about multiple operations around the city, leading to the arrest of multiple associates of the Philadelphia Crime Family, John being one of them. On the 30th of October 2005, John Santapaola was arrested and indicted for extortion, drug trafficking and theft related charges. Greensburg state correctional institution. John spent fifteen years in state penitentiary before being released in early 2020. He spent the majority of his time in prison working out, reading, and writing. Finding himself heavily inspired by the works of Machiavelli, Robert Nozick, Thomas More, Albert Camus, and many more authors. His time in prison changed him, making friends with people who had lived a life that John dreamt of living, real gangsters with real stories. He quickly became friends with the prison librarian, a 65 year old wise-guy who had served as a solider in the Colombo Crime Family who quickly taught John a lot about the way of life, teaching him about honour and respect. Freedom and Los Santos. John was released from prison on the 3rd of January 2020, coming back to Philadelphia he noticed his connections had run short and his time had passed. After attempting multiple failed re-introductions into the life in Philadelphia, John quickly found word that an old friend of his, Joseph Campo had moved to Los Santos with an agenda, John quickly followed suit, moving to Los Santos, San Andreas. John's first project in Los Santos was reviving a local gym, where he currently still works as the director. John is currently a part of The Philadelphia Connection, a Vespucci based crew in Los Santos. “If you give me six sentences written by the most innocent of men, I will find something in them with which to hang them.” Armand Jean du Plessis Richelieu ( Character development screenshots will be posted below.)
  8. POLICE REPORT CASE FILE #1442 Milwaukee Police Department Organized Crime Task Force John Cusumano DoB: March 6th, 1972 (47) Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Affiliation: Balistrieri crime family, Chicago Outfit John Cusumano was born March 6th, 1972 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Cusumano’s Father, Charlie Cusumano was a known made man for the Balistrieri crime family. Charlie Cusumano would go on to be killed by the Chicago outfit after an altercation with a made man from Chicago in the Fall of 1978, From that point forward John and his brother joey would grow up under the watchful eye of Frank Balistrieri the boss of the Milwaukee branch of the Chicago outfit and a major figure in the Las Venturas skimming operations of the 1980’s. Under the wing of Frank Balistrieri John Cusumano began working his way up in the world of organized crime. First as a runner for a sports betting operation run by one of Balistrieri’s two sons when he was seventeen. Soon John would become an Enforcer for the sports betting operation, specializing in collecting items that had been wagered as bets. In 1991 John Cusumano and two associates were arrested while attempting to flee the scene of a bank robbery. Their driver had fled the scene after mistaking the sirens of a passing ambulance for police surrounding the bank. John at the age of 19 would be sentenced to 7 years in prison and would be incarcerated at Waupun Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin. When John Cusumano was released in 1998 the Balistrieri Crime Family was no more. Following the death of Frank Balistrieri in 1993 the Chicago outfit had quickly carved up the territory formerly controlled by Balistrieri. With nothing left when he returned, John Cusumano vanished off police radar shorty after leaving Parole. July 2019 - Los Santos John After over a decade off the radar was recently cited in a Police report filed by the Los Santos Police Department in early July, 2019. Officer reported him riding as a passenger in a car that had been pulled over during a routine traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle was then later detained by officers in connection to a recent homicide in the area.
  9. Name: Thomas ‘Sunshine’ Alo Age: 42 Ethnicity: Italian-American Height: 6’2 Build: Broad Tattoos: Three, one on his right arm of Mother Mary and on the other arm a portrait of his wife, Maria. One around his neck with his USMC dogtags. Personality Thomas is known as being polite, calculated and patient - a rational thinker who tends to analyse all potential outcomes. Thomas is also a savvy businessman with hands in various ventures, by utilising his dynamic personality Thomas is able to appear as a considerate and valued business partner. Thomas has a crippling tobacco addiction, it is rare to ever find him without a cigarette in his hand, his preference being set to Marlboro Gold. Simultaneously, Thomas is incredibly ruthless - not shying away from getting his hands dirty. Possessing an intimidating physique and demeanor, Thomas has been known to assert himself in recent situations as a reliable and stoic man. History Born in Alderney, Liberty City. Alo is the son of a local gym owner Frank Alo who is said to have ties to the Pegorino Crime Family in Liberty City. After finishing high school, Alo worked as a mechanic for several years whilst simultaneously functioning as an associate of the Pegorino family in Liberty City. This was also around the time when Alo married his high-school sweetheart ‘Maria’ - However, around 1996-1997, Alo decided to leave his role as a mechanic entirely to work for the Pegorino family as upon welcoming his daughter into the world, he had to find more avenues of income. Alo, already building a reputation for his quirky money-making schemes became quickly acquainted with notable figures in the Pegorino family such as Joey Pegorino. By 1998, the Pegorino family had become engaged in a three-way gang war with the Sindacco and Forelli families. The hostilities lead to Jimmy Pegorino - the boss of the Pegorino family being arrested, the assassination of the Forelli-controlled Mayor Roger C. Hole, the death of Sindacco family Don Paulie Sindacco and the massive bombing and destruction of Fort Staunton. The Pegorino family was significantly weakened by this, it was further devestated by the arrest of Jimmy Pegorino and the unwillingness of Joey Pegorino to lead. The subsequent death of Jimmy Pegorino lead to further dismay within the family, encouraging many to depart to other families and ventures. Taking this opportunity, Alo decided to migrate to Chicago to raise his family and resume his work as a mechanic. During this time, Alo was also chopping stolen vehicles in order to further his income and through this he made another connection with a Chicago based crime organisation, however the extent of Alo’s involvement was limited due to his concentration being given to his family and daughter. In 2001, Alo decided to sign up for the USMC and was sent away to Afghanistan, for a standard one-year tour. Not accustomed to the extensive discipline, Alo had a difficult time initially adjusting in the Corps but eventually found his own place. Whilst at the Corps, Alo made a few dear friends with whom he still maintains contact with now. To commemmorate his short-lived time in the USMC, Alo has his dogtags displayed as a tattoo around his neck. Present-Day By the year 2015 - after the death of his wife Maria, Alo again looked to move elsewhere. Alo’s daughter was now old enough and away to college, this lead to Thomas heading to Los Santos where he quickly became acquainted with Frank ‘Icarus’ Russo - an associate of the Clinton Avenue Crew. The two quickly became great friends, and began collaborating on various schemes and businesses together such as; Waste Management, Pornography and even extortion. Through Frank, Alo then became acquainted with a mobster named ‘Roy Capra’ who anointed him with the moniker of ‘Sunshine’ due to his quick wit and intelligence. Alo now works with Roy Capra within the Clinton Avenue Crew. Recognizing the vast opportunity in LS, Alo decided to make a bold move and create an online-casino with the help of a long-term associate 'Kevin O'Keeffe'. The financial output from this avenue was immense and quickly proppelled Alo into a great earner, earning him significant respect and reliability within the crew. After time has passed within the Clinton Avenue Crew, Alo has now asserted himself as a reliable and respected member of the organisation falling under the radar of the 'Capo'; Salvatore Lena. Alo now functions as the right-hand man of Roy Capra as well as the personal driver of Salvatore Lena. After building a name for himself within the Clinton Avenue Crew, Thomas Alo was formally put 'on-record' with the Capo; 'Salvatore Lena'. Over time, after building a reputation of loyalty, dilligence and an overall stoic individual - Thomas Alo was nominated for membership by his friend, Roy Capra who was an influencial and respected figure within the Clinton Avenue Crew. After being directly involved in the assassination of Anthony Scutari & Benito Fallone - Thomas asserted himself as a solid individual and was quickly propelled into the rank of Soldier within what is now the Los Santos Crime Family and was a made man. Family Frank Alo - Father [Deceased] Mary Alo - Mother [Deceased] Alexander Alo - Brother [Alive] Dominic Alo - Nephew [Alive] Maria Alo - Wife [Deceased] Lisa Alo - Daughter [Alive] Gallery
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