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Found 6 results

  1. Lexinator

    Which jobs pay the most? And or quickest way to make money. I’m trying to make enough to get myself a house, and I’m struggling lol, I’ve notice it will take a lot of grinding on script jobs.
  2. Hi! So for a little introduction, I play Christopher Foreman and Ryan Lionheart and I run the Los Santos Fire Department alongside with @Björk. Recently it has come to our attention that we have a fair few ranks free within the LSFD faction and we thought we could provide more RP for the server and opportunities for unique roleplay within the faction, however in a non-firefighting capacity. You could call it a "Civilian Employee" role or something along the lines. For example we were thinking of having an LSFD Chaplain / Psychologist which would be essentially a mental healthcare specialist for both PD and FD, or just generally a psychologist. Another example we thought of could be an LSFD specialist mechanic. We wish to know what you, the community, would like to see available in order to provide for more RP between the faction and of course, you guys and girls. So, what kind of civilian employee roles would you like to see? And how would it benefit the server and the FD?
  3. Arteh

    Leone Security Founded by Michael Leone in 2018 works to safeguard the welfare and prosperity of clients across LS – helping to create safer and better environments in which people live and work. With operations recently starting, Leone Security aims to provide optimum and tailored service to its clients in and their approach to security. Working with individuals to large corporations, Leone Security is designed to be compatible with anyone. Services Provided Tailored & Unique security based specifically around your corporation and style. (Including but not limited to; Uniform, Equipment, Handling techniques) Personnel security for individuals Business security (Nightclubs, Bars, Local business') Transport/Escort security (From Point A to B) Mission Statement Our organisation aims to provide excellent customer service with integrity and commitment. We have quick response turnaround on any immediate security threats faced by existing clients. Furthermore, we provide tailored packages specific to your needs. Our staff is trained extensively and we recruit only from the finest and most experienced of security guards - with a range of experience that permits us to approach each client with a unique approach. Our staff is encouraged to pursue diplomacy and patience - as well as treat each situation with urgency to alleviate any security concerns to our clients or their establishments. Our staff is also advised to be discrete to minimize disruption to other patrons in establishments such as nightclubs, so that our clients business can resume unaffected. Pricing Leone Security offers consistency and quality, therefore our rates are variable dependent on the requirements of our clients. Depending on the size of the security personnel required and the duration - rates do vary. For any pricing quotation, please contact us at #3333 - alternatively please E-Mail us ((Forum PM)).
  4. Notbond

    Walker Law is now HIRING. Walker Law is now hiring secretaries, paralegals and a personal assistant to work for the firm. You will be paid a competitive wage. The jobs will require a fair amount of travelling however it is perfect for anyone looking to start their career and build up a good level of experience. The duties of the roles vary but they will all be challenging and require good personal skills. Walker Law is also hiring BAR certified lawyers, however, these positions are limited and often only given contractual work. Apply within at [email protected] Please include your name, number and address so that we can arrange an interview. (Walker Law is a subsidiary of Khrushchevskaya Industries) Eric Walker. 3581323
  5. The long awaited property update is now in! How does it work, you may ask? Take a look at THIS for most of your questions answered. But, since I know lots have people who have come to me with questions already on how it will be run. Here, I will try to answer most of your commonly asked questions. 1. Okay, so how do I get started? I want to make money and involve myself in this roleplay. I want a thorough explanation. A. 1. You want to get into real estate? This is how you will get into it as a real estate agent and behave as a real estate agent. 2. You want to get on the construction side with your friends? 2. How do I acquire a business with this new update? Auctions are gone? A. Acquiring a business is much like acquiring a house now. You must meet with a Dynasty 8 Real Estate agent with your intentions of creating a business, where you want it, etc. This will be the process for acquiring the business. 3. How do interior changes work with this new system? How do I get a new interior? A. You may get a new interior via these steps. (Please note, this doesn't mean someone making a custom interior for you via the blank interior- This is simply for those whom want to change the interior of their house or business. If you want someone to decorate your house with furniture, that will be coming up in a following update, or you may advertise that you are looking for someone to decorate your property ICly. ) 4. Does this mean new areas of the map will be added? Do I have to get my houses and businesses through this system now? A. YES! We are now adding Vespucci with this new update. You will no longer be able to just go up to a house and /buyhouse like in an RPG game. You must be in contact with a real estate agent who will guide you through the process, and get you set up with the house, just like in real life. Just a bit more touch of realism, and plenty of opportunities to be had! This server strives for heavy/serious roleplay, and this is just one of the many things we have planned to bring you the absolute best experience that we can. Feel free to ask any more questions that you may have in THIS thread . Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. -Missi