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Found 10 results

  1. BUSCH TRANSPORT GROUP (LOGISTICS) "More than a company, a family" ABOUT US Busch Transport Group (BTG) is an American national package delivery and supply chain management company. Along with the central package delivery operation, the BTG brand is a similar name the Busch Inc. has used to denote many of its divisions and subsidiaries, including freight-based trucking operation, and retail-based packing and shipping centers (The global holding company has BTG's company's headquartered in the U.S. city of Los Santos, San Andreas. WORK WITH US! Join the largest transportation company in Los Santos, contact us now! Address Popular Street 443, La Mesa, City of Los Santos, San Andreas Number 400-1819 1-800-2903 E-mail [email protected] LEADERSHIP Board of Directors Lars Busch Chairman Harvey Busch Vice-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Tobi Busch Director & Chief Operating Officer Senior Management Jacob Fletcher Chief Strategy Officer Russell Lynch Operations Manager Alyssa Tate Assistant Operations Manager INVESTORS Corporate Profile With over 10 months in the logistics sector in Los Santos the Busch Transport Group has been able to offer quality and perseverance. RECENT NEWS Date March 24,2020 Title BTG COO resigns on the side BTG drops -2.63% Amid the Corona Virus crisis the Busch Transport Group's Chief Operating Officer Thomas Busch resigns from the company. BTG cuts 20% of it's workforce in Los Santos because lack of work. On the side company drops 2.63% valuing the company at $2,105,000. Marking the holding BHILS at $4,295,000 with a drop of 1.31% on week 13 of the 2020. Date January 14,2020 Title BREAKING NEWS Busch Incorporated Inc. rises 9.84%. Making the biggest moves along with BTG 16.11%, and BHHS 27.59%. Date September 13,2019 Title BREAKING NEWS Busch Transport Group posts 7-day winning streak, making the biggest moves on week 36 with a 23.04% increase. Stocks rise premarket to $3,394, valuing the company at $1,697,000. Busch Harland Inc. on the side rises up 19.21%, and values the company at $2,422,000. Date June 29,2019 Title Busch INC. invests into B.T.G Busch INC. releases new business Busch Transport Group evaluated at $1,315,000. The company has not yet announced an IPO, However it is believed that it will in this coming week. SUSTAINABILITY We focus on the wellbeing of our employees and the demonstration of a high regard for the environment. Our aim is to become a sustainable company that is able to reduce their carbon emissions and help the city of Los Santos. Our continous improvement and implementations help us collaborate with our ecosystem. KEY STATS BUSCH TRANSPORT GROUP - BAWSAQ Status: Closed AUM: $2,105,000 SHARE PRICE: $4,210 SHARES AVAILABLE: 0 Decrease: -15.81% W27,2019 -2.63% W13,2020 Increase: +14.36% W37,2019 +16.11% W1,2020 ©BUSCH TRANSPORT GROUP. All rights reserved
  2. Prior experience preferred but not necessary, contact me by text at #5646485 or email ((Forum PM)) [email protected]
  3. San Chianski Stop-and-Go 24/7 located along the Senora Freeway in Blaine County is looking for allround store employees. Please click here for more information.
  4. ZgazenaMacka

    The Walrus Business Taxi is now HIRING! Whether you're coming to us to be a full-time professional driver or a part-time driver, by joining us, as a driver you will have the unique opportunity to step into the role of being your own boss while helping us define our success across Los Santos and Blaine County. Apply HERE
  5. Blake Banks

    ABOUT Grand Banks Mining was established back in early 2017, Owner Blake Banks started the company alone with nothing but a small van and has now worked his company up into huge mining empire. The business is fully legitimate we hold all licences for every ore mined. Blake now lets his business partner run things back in England as he looks to expand on the ever growing Los Santos. We provide a steady and secure supply on refined ores. Here at Banks Mining we pride ourselves on not discriminating against sex nor race as we expand into Los Santos we will be hiring professional miners and growing out fleet furthermore. Details will be provided below on how to submit a resume. ORES COPPER IRON Aluminium P/R O $25 P/R O $35 P/R O Prices vary daily so contact Blake on sms - Request "Copper" Ore price. Contact details left at bottom of page. Fleet Here is our current vehicles out on the roads Mule : x 3 Burrito : x 3 APPLICATION FORM Most importantly we pay our miners per ore. We pay MORE then the factories offer. This gives them flexible working hours and the comfort to work at their own speed. We must ask if you intend on submitting an application you answer with 100% honesty. There is 3 requirements that we ask of you at Grand Banks Mining Inc. 1. You have the correct licence for the ore you are trading. 2. A full drivers licence. (must be shown at interview.) 3. Your own vehicle. Failure you provide either of these requirements will result in instant rejection. If caught lieing about the ore licence your contract will cease to exist and no law suit will be provided in any which case you may need one. Application may take a couple of days to be processed, you will be contacted both here and by sms the concluded result. We thank you for taking the time to read this. Blake Banks PH : 7070.
  6. Arteh

    Leone Security Founded by Michael Leone in 2018 works to safeguard the welfare and prosperity of clients across LS – helping to create safer and better environments in which people live and work. With operations recently starting, Leone Security aims to provide optimum and tailored service to its clients in and their approach to security. Working with individuals to large corporations, Leone Security is designed to be compatible with anyone. Services Provided Tailored & Unique security based specifically around your corporation and style. (Including but not limited to; Uniform, Equipment, Handling techniques) Personnel security for individuals Business security (Nightclubs, Bars, Local business') Transport/Escort security (From Point A to B) Mission Statement Our organisation aims to provide excellent customer service with integrity and commitment. We have quick response turnaround on any immediate security threats faced by existing clients. Furthermore, we provide tailored packages specific to your needs. Our staff is trained extensively and we recruit only from the finest and most experienced of security guards - with a range of experience that permits us to approach each client with a unique approach. Our staff is encouraged to pursue diplomacy and patience - as well as treat each situation with urgency to alleviate any security concerns to our clients or their establishments. Our staff is also advised to be discrete to minimize disruption to other patrons in establishments such as nightclubs, so that our clients business can resume unaffected. Pricing Leone Security offers consistency and quality, therefore our rates are variable dependent on the requirements of our clients. Depending on the size of the security personnel required and the duration - rates do vary. For any pricing quotation, please contact us at #3333 - alternatively please E-Mail us ((Forum PM)).
  7. LeonardoBenedetto

    To Whom It May Concern, Benedetto Enterprises is keen on obtaining diligent and perspicacious employees. We are currently in seek of MINERS for our recently emerged MINING BUSINESS which consists of employees mining, refining, and then selling the ore. We are willing to pay a decent cut of our income as long as the employee is working. We will provide the truck(s) used to mine with high storage capacity and have supervisors monitoring you, and helping you. If you are interested, please email me as soon as possible. These slots are limited and we are only interested in individuals who will work hard. Respectfully, Leonardo Benedetto CEO of Benedetto Enterprises
  8. Notbond

    Walker Law is now HIRING. Walker Law is now hiring secretaries, paralegals and a personal assistant to work for the firm. You will be paid a competitive wage. The jobs will require a fair amount of travelling however it is perfect for anyone looking to start their career and build up a good level of experience. The duties of the roles vary but they will all be challenging and require good personal skills. Walker Law is also hiring BAR certified lawyers, however, these positions are limited and often only given contractual work. Apply within at [email protected] Please include your name, number and address so that we can arrange an interview. (Walker Law is a subsidiary of Khrushchevskaya Industries) Eric Walker. 3581323
  9. HIRING Sneaky Pete's bar Sneaky Pete's bar is now hiring bartenders so, are you a experience bartender and knows a lot about alcoholic drinks and is socially good with people and can handle- a chat with our costumers? Yes? Then this is definitely the job you are looking for! But there are some requirements that you need follow: The rules which will be given to you when you get accepted! Socially and have a smile on your face. The required clothing. the required clothing is sort of a blouse with black colored pants and black shoes. For more information call: 7876847 We will be pleased to help you out with your questions, or call now if you want to plan an interview with one of our managers! If you want to plan an interview please, bring your CV and ID card!
  10. Can you sing, play the guitar or can you play piano then this is the right job for you, Sneaky Pete's bar is now searching for live artists. Do you find yourself a quality artist and want to share your music experience to others? Call 7876847 if you have any questions or you want to set a meeting with the managers. Don't hesitate to call!