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Found 1 result

  1. Identity: First name: Freweini (Erythrean origin, means Seed of a Berry) Last name: Torrente Nicknames: Fre, Mermaid Date of birth: 31st May 1991 (26 years old) Place of birth: Marin General Hospital, 250 Bon Air Rd, Greenbrae, CA, USA Nationality: US Citizen, by birth right Current address: 605 Cascabel Avenue, Paleto Bay, San Andreas, USA Previous address: 1036 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA, USA Grandparents father’s side: Merhawi Torrente (grandfather; first generation migrant born in Massawa, Eritrea; sailor and fisherman) Birikti Afewerki, spouse Torrente (grandmother; born in Massawa, Eritrea; drowned in Mediterranean Sea when ship sunk, leaving Merhawi with his six years old son; housewife) Grandparents mother’s side: James Willams (Grandfather; Afro-American, born in San Francisco; sailor and fisherman) Josephine McCarthy, spouse Williams (grandmother, Afro-American, born in Oakland, housewife) Parents: Dahlak Torrente (Father; second generation migrant; born in San Francisco, USA; delivery driver) Janyce Williams, spouse Torrente (Mother; Afro-American, born in San Francisco, USA; housewife) Siblings: Only child Husband: None Children: Fnan Torrente (daughter; born on December 25th, 2016, in Marin General Hospital, CA, USA, unknown father; died on April 12th, 2018, in Marin General Hospital, CA, USA) Email: [email protected] Relationships: ((Relations will apear in order of meeting and only reflect Fre's opinions on people, not the player's.)) Johnny: Andreas "Andy": George "Geo": John: Simon "Sir": Austin Daniels: Horatio "Plane-dude": Elektra "El": Ismael "Overboss" Dobroshi: "Champagne Lady": Ardit "Overboss-cousin": Background information: Part I: Across the sea... Story starts with one Merhawi Torrente, descendant of an Italian occupant whose blood had been diluted with local inbreeding. Merhawi was a simple man as there are many across the world. This one man in particular had a small shack on the coast of the red sea and an even smaller boat which he used to sail and fish. Around age sixteen, Merhawi was introduced to a younger Birikti Afewerki and their marriage was arranged by their parents as was the custom. Within a few months, Birikti was pregnant and gave birth to healthy son named Dahlak in 1974. Nineteen seventy-four also marks drastic political changes in Eritrea with the fall of Emperor Haïlé Sélassié Ist and his replacement by a military junta known as the Derg. As is often the case during revolutions a vicious and ruthless purge was then enacted. With his Italian last name, Merhawi quickly found himself targeted. Next year, he eventually decided to take his boat, wife and child and sailed toward Europe. Caught in a storm, Merhawi’s tub sank within seconds. Unable to save both child and wife, the young man was forced to watch his wife drown and die. Later recovered by Fast Attack craft HS-Pezopoulos, from the Hellenic Navy, father and son were brought back to Salamis Naval Base, in Greece. From there they were granted political asylum in Greece and, later on, in the USA where the Torrente settled in early 1980s. A lone father with a rather turbulent child, Merhawi had a hard time trying to adjust to American life for, like most people of third-world countries, he had been given a dream version of the US that clearly wasn't any close to the truth of it. Merhawi worked hard in all kind of tedious jobs to earn what money he needed to raise his son. He eventually found alternative childcare and returned to the hard and ungrateful work of a sailor. This eventually led to tense relations between father and son for one had sea as a wife and the other had lost her mother to it. Merhawi eventually associated with fellow sailor James Williams to buy their own boat, open their business and, in the end, marry their son and daughter. From that union was born on May 31st, 1991 a healthy little girl named: Freweini Torrente... Part II: The sailors, the father... and their mermaid Freweini had a pretty peaceful childhood even though she found herself caught inbetween her sea-farring grandfathers and sea-hating father. As is often the case, these tensions escalated to a climax that coincided with Fre's teenage. Dahlak eventually understood that his daughter was much more like his father than as him and there was no forbidding her from answering the call of the sea. For her sixteen's birthday, he offered her a complete scuba gear that she's still using nowadays and protects as her most precious treasure. School-wise, Freweini had marks below the average not because she was stupid but because she spent most of her time daydreaming and looking through the windows. She quickly dropped of school, took part-time works on the land and part-time with her grandpas' fishing on the coast. As both men grew older though, they were forced to stay more and more away from the sea. Fre had to find herself a more serious job and she applied to become a full-time commercial diver and underwater welder. It took her a lot of effort but once Fre has something in her mind, she can become an extremely hard-working and commited woman. <missing content, reason: WIP>
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