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Found 5 results

  1. The Black Mafia Family (BMF) was a widespread drug trafficking organisation that was originally established in 1989 within Detroit, started by two men, Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory & Terry "Southwest T" Flenory. Throughout the early 2000s they made their name within the underground drug trade for being a staple within the cocaine distribution market. With their operations based mainly out of Atlanta and the West Coast, they had direct ties to Mexican cartels who would supply them with a direct pipeline imported into the West Coast, whilst Atlanta remained their distribution capital. They simultaneously made a public name for themselves, getting heavily involved within the music industry. Meech used the music industry as an opportunity to go legal whilst maintaining the drug operation on the side, starting a promotion and record label group named BFM Entertainment to launder money. Their reputation as a drug trafficking organisation remained almost non-existent to the public eye, though they managed to have their 'BMF' name spread like wildfire throughout the music industry. Key figures within the industry would be seen with BMF members, with other legendary artists sporting their merchandise. However, with the public eye heavily on them, small slip-ups would lead to a federal case being blown wide open. The BMF's couriers and small time dealers were getting picked up by law enforcement as they increased their surveillance, with wiretaps contributing majorly to their downfall. Many recordings can be found of BMF members conducting illegal activities. In 2004-5, the DEA started to land arrests on the BMF group. A major drug raid orchestrated by the DEA proved successful in arresting approximately 30 BMF members, where $3 million in cash, assets, along with kilos of cocaine & various weapons were seized. The following years up until 2009 saw over 150 members of the BMF being indicted over conspiracy, distribution and arms-related charges. Among the initial arrests, a key operation occurred that lead to the federal law enforcement's first major step towards taking down BMF included a long-term member, Julius "Viper" Meadows. In the early hours of the morning, 23rd of May 2003, Julius A.K.A. Viper was watching over a BMF stash house in Atlanta where kilos in cocaine were stored along with illegal firearms. An intruder kicked down the door, leading to a confrontation leading to Viper shooting and killing him, who police later identified as a known criminal working on his own, unrelated to the BMF completely. Upon police arrival, they discovered the illegal stash and Viper was one of the first few to get taken down for many years prior to the BMF takedown. Julius' two nephews, LaVonn "LV" Morrison & Marquis "Qiz" Meadows, were certified BMF members who worked alongside their uncle, yet moved much more quietly in comparison to the lavish high-life of the mainstream, publicised figures such as Big Meech & Southwest T. This allowed them to make a run, fleeing from Atlanta once the indicments throughout 04-09 went down. They laid low in Los Santos up until their uncle coming out of prison recently, reigniting their interests in running a crew (DTO) much similar to the BMF in terms of what was being dealt and the widespread scale on which it was performed, but having to start from the ground up. Their networking skills allowed them gain the trust and interests of many fellow African-Americans, having a variety of individuals on stand-by for work. With the uncle, Viper, advising his two nephews, LV & Qiz, the Morrison & Meadows DTO (Drug Trafficking Organisation) is a work in progress, mixing elements of both street crime & organized crime. "Well, Terry actually moved from Detroit to LA. He did spend some time in Atlanta, too. He had a property called the White House that he and Meech had shared at a point. But then Terry took it over. There was a drug lab there. And there was a stash house where they'd have like 100 kilos lined up in the basement." [1] "Despite the fact that illegal money was funding his legal business venture, Meech showed no inclination toward toning down his exorbitant showboating. This endless, almost reckless pattern of spending and insanely flashy lifestyle, which continued well past the time Meech became aware that the FBI was investigating him, have all contributed to the legend that is BMF." [2] "With tens of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine sales pouring in every day, Meech could afford to maintain his expensive habits, and fund those of his friends, too. Case in point: Bleu DaVinci’s first major music video "We Still Here" was allegedly bankrolled by BMF Entertainment to the tune of $500,000. The project is opulent even by today’s standards. There are battalions of luxury cars racing down Atlanta’s busiest streets, plenty of half-naked women and club scenes, and lots of cash; it’s a real rapper’s delight." [3] "So prodigious were Meech’s spending habits (in strip clubs in particular) that many claim BMF were the true originators of “making it rain." [4] References: [1] Young Jeezy, Big Meech, the Black Family Mafia, and a Hundred Thousand Kilos of Coke, BY: SEAN PAJOT, Miami New Times (2010). [2-4] FROM THE STREETS TO THE STUDIO: HOW BMF’S DRUG-FUNDED EMPIRE CHANGED HIP-HOP, BY: STEPHANIE SMITH-STRICKLAND, HIGHSNOBIETY (2020). (( OOC: The faction aims to portray a crew consisting of former BMF members who intend on starting a widespread operation across Los Santos with regard to drug trafficking, specifically cocaine, with links to arms trade. With the real life counterpart formerly using the West Coast as their importing hub from Mexican cartels, we intend on replicating this within Los Santos, focusing heavily on cocaine and its supply. The intent of this Morrison & Meadows DTO faction is to, once fully developed, use Julius "Viper" Meadows' prison history and connections to create The Black Car, based in prison, mainly overseeing street gangs under its control & supervision, with the MMDTO being the main African-American crew under The Black Car. If your character intends to join and is associated to one or more people from the faction, leadership retains the rights to CK your character at their IC discretion at any point in time. This faction enforces a high standard of roleplay and ensures that server rules are followed. If you're looking for a typical shooter faction, keep looking. Any inquiries or joining or regarding the faction can be sent through to myself, feel free to DM me on Discord, ren#1942. ))
  2. ( Valentin Zaragoza A.K.A El Toro, an ex-convict, affiliated with Border Brothers 22 )
  3. The following thread chronicles the lives of the Devereaux Sisters, Taynara "Taya" Devereaux and Azalea ''Az'' Devereaux Backstories: Taynara -also nicknamed "Taya"- was born in New Orleans on the 19th of December, 2000. She has got one older sister, Azalea. Their mother died at a very young, when Taya was just 3 years old. Their father was a heavy drug-addict, and was unable to take care of his daughters, nor really cared about them. Thus, the Devereaux sisters moved to their Grandma where they grew up, in a house with 5 kids. They had financial struggles, and lived mostly in poverty. Despite such, the family was really close with each other and lived in happiness together. In fact, this period was the last time Taya truly experienced any happiness in her childhood. When Taya was 8, her Grandma unfortunately passed away, and so the two sisters got adopted by a family in Davis, Los Santos. This was a complete mismatch, however. The new family treated the girls horribly, as they fell victim to domestic violence. Taya was often abused both physically and sexually, to a point where it became a daily occurance. Because of this, Taya's personality and attitude also suffered greatly, as she became a rather violent person herself and often got herself suspended at school, and at one point even kicked out. Because she dropped out and was left without any educational certifications, her "mother" had new purposes for Taya, going as far as to selling her to strangers for sexual pleasure at still a considerable young age. When Azalea turned 18, she immediately moved out and took Taya with her, as she always took care of her little sister and continues to be a mother-figure for her to this day. Personalities: Whilst her sister Azalea is a calm, sensible, strong and intelligent person, Taya on the contrary is often seen as childish, violent, unintelligent and very easy manipulated. Taya suffers from emotional and psychological trauma — her childhood has a devastating impact on her physical, mental and emotional health which includes depression, shame, anger and suicide. She often uses alcohol and other drugs to deal with the pain. Furthermore, Taya is a complete stranger to positive and respectful relationships. Azalea on the other hand certainly has a temper and still finds herself making poor decisions, but most of her energy is spent trying to unravel the years of trauma inflicted on Taya by providing for her and being her only support system. Lastly, Taya suffers from ADHD, resulting in her being extremely energetic and wild. The usage of marijuana and her ADHD medication pills are nearly the only possible way to get her to calm down and "put her on a leash". This thread will be documented by both myself, portraying Taynara, and @Katja, portraying Azalea. This will be our first character story thread, so any feedback is absolutely welcome. ?
  4. This thread will follow the development of Quadell Moore, an ex-gangbanger and a Kumi 415 affiliate on the outside.
  5. This highlights the story of Anthony Sosa.
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