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Found 4 results

  1. How to link your Discord So the process of linking your Discord to your UCP account is fairly simple and is highly recommended - especially if you are a Gold Donator. This way you can claim your Discord permissions on your own without having to wait for an admin - fast and easy! Step 1 - Finding your Discord ID (1 minute): 1. Press the Settings icon on the bottom left, it looks like this: 2. Go to "Appearance" and scroll all the way down, and activate "Developer Mode": 3. Go to any Discord channel and right click your name which appears on the list of channel participants on the right side. Then click "Copy ID". Step 2 - Linking your discord account (2 minutes): 1. Go to the Settings page on the UCP: 2. Navigate to "Edit Profile" and paste the ID you copied on the previous step right here and press "Link". 3. Go to Discord and copy the special code you received on a private message: 4. Go back to the UCP and navigate to "Edit Profile". Paste the code in the box and click "Apply". All done! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message.
  2. SUBJECT: Mathias#9985 Date of ban: Don't know. Ban Reason: Don't know. Explanation: I honestly don't know but I'm getting "invalid invite", and I guess I've done something but pretty sure it's been like over 6 months, cos I can't even remember what I could've done! Evidence:
  3. Red

    I was banned from the Discord server accompanying my community ban, which has since been lifted. I'm unsure of the process to remove my ban, as I don't have any mutual servers with anyone that can unban me to my knowledge. I was banned sometime in the beginning of January, following my Jan. 7th ban. I appealed and Nervous unbanned me from the forums and in game on April 1st. I have yet to be unbanned from Discord. If there's any further information needed, I will do my best to provide it.
  4. Maca

    Date of ban: Fuck knows, no idea. Ban Reason: I assume it was to do with my discussions on Discord. Explanation: Well, it started off as a joke and then people started being Social Justice Warriors and attacked me out of the blue with insults and racism (despite the fact that I'm from the U.K, not Latvia which was the joke) it was still racism. Yet, I got banned for fucking around saying I was against feminism. Yeah, I suppose it was immature but I wasn't the only culprit that day. Anyway, I just want to come back and chill with my dudes on Discord. I enjoyed discussing and talking on there, and I suppose I'll just avoid the people that tend to get insulted from my mere existence. Hope that's enough, dunno what else to say because I just put my point of view in the appeal. Evidence: