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  1. Christofo

    Absolutely spot on with your points. Thankfully, Recruitment does look into ages and background to how you have developed your character as well, they do try to funnel out as many of these "issues" as possible. Additionally, people are more than welcome to roleplay having their character's with military background or experience in law enforcement but we can only hope they know how to roleplay correctly otherwise it will only just make their lives in the PD more difficult when they're questioned about these things or if FM decide to intervene due to poor roleplay etc. In conclusion, I can only say roleplay what you want as long as you can back it up and just have fun with it, it's that simple.
  2. Christofo

    Hello, yes we welcome all sorts of Roleplay & character development regarding your characters but for people to RP a specific routes for their character, they should at least understand and know a bit about what they're actually doing. Yes we do question, quiz and judge from and IC and OOC perspective on how you portray your character (Making sure it's done correctly and by the rules) and if you cannot obviously full fill your character's expectations or the Departments then you cannot progress. We encourage massively on roleplay development and progression for people in the department but please do not believe you will get into the Department, a division or a Platoon within the LSPD because you have IC or OOC "previous/similar" past experience. We aim to be as fair as possible and give everyone a chance.
  3. Christofo


    16/MAR/2019 - D Platoon (SWAT) conducting their first marksman training, qualifying all Operators involved. #114 06/APR/2019 - C Platoon conducting Induction training. #114
  4. Christofo

    I see what you mean and currently Recruitment section is revamping and looking into improving the entire recruitment system. Which is why Police Recruitment was closed for a while. I will forward this specific issue to them ASAP.
  5. Christofo

    I appreciate your input with this, I will for sure bring this up in our end of the month Command meeting and speak with Operation Bureau team about this specific subject. Thank you. I see what you're getting at and I have concerns in this as well. I cannot justify why and who is doing this, it basically can come down to two things, an IC issue which we cannot do much about unless it's brought to our attention or an OOC issue in which Officers are refusing to do specific tasks (This is also IC). I will bring this up in the Command meeting to see our options and also discuss on how we can fix this issue, thank you for bringing this up. Regarding reports on specific Officers on directing it to the Department, can you please PM @Big_Smokes and he will direct it to the appropriate people or handle it himself, thank you once again.
  6. Christofo

    As much as that is a good idea to keep presence within the facility of specific areas to build relations and to protect people, it's a very difficult request to make happen due to timezones, number of patrol units on, 911s, situations occurring throughout San Andreas. However many Divisions and Platoons do that specific task in watching/protecting certain areas of the City when needed. We do have the mindset to make Officers patrol anywhere they want but at this moment in time I don't believe it's possible for that specific request, I will bring it up in our Command meeting never the less. Thank you.
  7. Christofo

    You throw some great points across and our MRCAD Team run by @Cascade has spoken strongly about this many times and has been pushing a lot of her members within her Division to do what you're asking.
  8. Christofo

  9. Christofo

    Sure why not. +1.
  10. Christofo

    haha, we do have some good times there, can't lie! 🤩
  11. I like the idea of notifying you that your property was breached but other than that, it shouldn't given you anymore information. Maybe a description to what had happened inside would also be nice to show up as, having the burglar or police write a small little write up of what the victim can see.
  12. Christofo

    Love the screenshots.
  13. Christofo

    Sold (Private buyer).
  14. Christofo

    Price amended.
  15. Christofo

    Rapid GT Classic Fully modified Dark Grey & Chrome finish Starting bid: $140'000 Buyout request: $200'000 Email for private offers [email protected] (PM me on here if you would like to place a private offer)