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  1. Grozny

    Date of ban: Today. Ban reason: Ban Evading - RexSmithy Explanation: Yes I won't deny I infact did ban evade, but I haven't had any malicious idea behind it, I've been there to only roleplay and so far our faction have been providing amazing roleplay to people who are involved in the faction and to people around. Also people who were involved in my original ban are there alongside me, I'am aware they have informed you that we are on good again and they are not holding any grudge on me since some events were taken the wrong way. I've always supported your project and won't stop doing it, there isn't much I can say. I'am sorry for what I did and I hope you can forgive me since I haven't had any malicious idea behind this ban evading besides only roleplaying and ejoying the server. Evidence:
  2. Grozny

    Screens are straight fire.
  3. Grozny

    Congrats to best Property Management @Atiku
  4. Grozny

    For attracting spider-mans.