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  1. Hi, everyone! I am a PandaGaming and who remembers me, I have previously made Let's Play LSFD videos, but I decided to delete them for some reasons. Now I am back and am about to publish videos of the Fire Department and the roleplay in it with great vigor. I really hope you like my videos and hope I can make you enjoy them. I'll post here every time there's a new video so you can stay up to date. I would be very happy if you could respond to me and give me feedback so I know what to improve and what to keep. Don't forget to like & subscribe! ENJOY! 🙂 Channel Link (PRESS ON ME) Latest Video:
  2. PandaGaming

    First video: Episode #2:
  3. PandaGaming

  4. PandaGaming

    It's should be just copy and paste installation . It's shows me But the game looks just the same as without the NVR
  5. PandaGaming

    @4eno Have you fixed it? I got the same problem, tried to reinstall GTAV and it's still not working
  6. PandaGaming

  7. PandaGaming

    Busy night:
  8. PandaGaming

  9. PandaGaming

    Good luck!!
  10. PandaGaming

  11. PandaGaming

  12. PandaGaming

    No thanks, will lose the immersion in my opinion.
  13. PandaGaming

    Lol it was some funny RP tbh
  14. PandaGaming

    Since there is already ability to create mods for RageMP, I think it'll be nice to have a section in the forum to share or request mods...
  15. PandaGaming

  16. PandaGaming

    There are couple of troubles with the server which cause the server to crash too often recently. Hope they will fix it soon enough!
  17. PandaGaming

    Soooo dope ❤️ Thanks!
  18. PandaGaming

    After installing NVR my game crashes, any reason? Had to reinstall my game It's still not updated to the current version? ( I have download the new files from the link)
  19. PandaGaming

    Following! Good shit!
  20. PandaGaming

    I can support only this one, sorry the other ideas are not needed imo, also I prefer the current way
  21. PandaGaming

    Short description: Like back in SAMP, when pressed TAB It's showed a player list like this one: Detailed description: Binding a key to open a list of the players in the server with their ID + the amount of the players which online, like you can see in this picture. Commands to add: Just bind a key, I think maybe U can be good. How would your suggestion improve the server? Just more comfortable to see who is online, I think it's a really nice addition. I know that there is a simple plugin to do so, so it’s won’t be a big problem to actually add it.
  22. PandaGaming

    Yes please
  23. PandaGaming