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  1. DjoleK

    Everybody buys one tarantula thinking it will be his only ( maybe keeping his options available for second one ). 🙂
  2. Deleted. Please archive.
  3. I ended up ironing out the issue OOCly with Michael. Sorry for making report that fast. Please archive.
  4. DjoleK

    I equipped it using /equip command.
  5. DjoleK

    At the time of the item loss ( 1 week ago ) it was empty. Right now I just have switchblade equipped on me.
  6. UCP / Login Name: djordje Character Name: Tim Chen Items & Amount Lost: Combat pistol x1, pistol ammo x60 Exact time and date: 3/10/2019. 4:00 PM Reason: Server was crashy on that day and I had my combat pistol equipped on me when the server crashed. After I rejoined I noticed pistol was missing. Evidence: https://i.imgur.com/8aZlXJB.png
  7. Character Name: Tim Chen Forum Name: DjoleK Discord Name: George#3342 Property ID: 1863 Property Type (House/Business): House Current interior ID: 7 Number of Interior You Want on the List: 12 Price of Interior: $20,000 Location of Property: Amarillo Vista/El Burro Heights Screenshot of the Exterior of your house: Front Side I, DjoleK, have the cash on hand and I am ready to receive the property request change. I agree to all the rules and understand that I may be subject to denial/punishment if I disobey the rules.
  8. DjoleK

    I can confirm that it is not allowed to stream real life TV shows and movies ( as was told to me by Norrig ). Only way is to get streaming service ( most offer 1-2 months free ). Its hard to play it directly/if not impossible from youtube.
  9. DjoleK

    I'm not against police patrolling especially high crime zones ( and most of such officers are indeed trained in such fashion, to deter crime ) as I'm sure this is first counter argument someone is going to use. What I am against is police intentionally tailing people in hopes of getting them to speed so they have something to do.
  10. DjoleK

    As you all know, it is punishable offense to bait cops into chases/shootouts and this rule is being strictly enforced by admins for obvious reasons. What I haven't heard of being talked about is undercover cops doing same things. It has happened now already two or three times that I have been obviously followed by car that doesn't have LSPD markings on it ( going as far as driving around the block in circle, and they are still tailing me, and keep in mind I always drive with /speedlimiter on ). In such cases of course it would be normal to try to get rid of car that is obviously following me, and the moment I cross speed limit ( after being obviously tailed by unknown driver ) they start flashing sirens and pulling me over for speeding. So yes, my suggestion is to put rule in place that would forbid police to obviously tail people in order to force them to try and get rid of unknown vehicle tailing them, breaking speed limit in process.
  11. DjoleK

    I get you man. Even I was for some reason associated with you guys before even ever seeing you, just because I'm Asian, not to mention some people telling me about stuff I later found on your thread.
  12. HiMen bar located in Rancho is up for leasing. Club consists inside interior, garage and built in storage in basement. Location on map Front of the building. The club also has a back door, as well as garage. The inside of the club. Club also has a upper floor including separated bar. The backdoor is located left from the stage. The staircase towards basement lead up front to small game room, and left door towards storage. Here you can see the game room. The door on the left leads to storage room which can also serve as office. Last but not the least, the garage. The price of the lease is negotiable and on a weekly basis ( there is no minimum required time to lease ). If you have any questions, wish to have a tour of property or have any questions, feel free to contact me on my e-mail (( forum PM )) or contact me by calling me on my phone number, 3000.