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  1. DjoleK

    Another issue is that LS itself really doesn't have any actual corporations minus Busch Harland, so even if we are to have stock market I doubt there will be more than 2-3 company stocks.
  2. DjoleK

    My question would be why do we even need this? Money on gta:w isn't even that hard to get and you barely, if ever have companies that need funds from more than 2 people to start them and run them long term. What would force me, as a business/company owner to sell shares of my business when there is no costs minus the starting costs of opening a business?
  3. DjoleK

    @Arnzeal 's bloodline ends now.
  4. DjoleK

    I did actually go ahead and check LA weather, and while it is currently monsoon seasons in SoCal, based on which this weather is based, all I see is 0.01-0.02 in of rain per hour which I believe shouldn't be more than few raindrops here and there, undoubtedly not the massive thunderstorms we are getting in game right now.
  5. DjoleK

    Meklubba here making me buy my own boat back
  6. DjoleK

    Some time and few drinks later
  7. DjoleK

    Going to Italy with Jax on a raft?
  8. DjoleK

    The Grand Betrayal
  9. DjoleK

    Admins should correct me if wrong but I was told in case of bigger scams you should be allowed to contact them and for example steal scammers vehicle scriptwise (with administrative support that is) but again someone from admin team should confirm this.
  10. DjoleK

  11. DjoleK

    *** biker boy
  12. DjoleK

    This thread won't be for Koreans only tho, this thread is open to everyone who wishes to RP in Little Seoul :=)
  13. DjoleK

  14. DjoleK