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  1. Leave your number here or contact me when you can. Sold on that note.
  2. DjoleK

  3. DjoleK

    It would be very helpful and would save some time between having to wait owner and paying salaries to workers after finishing for the night. +1 from me.
  4. DjoleK

    Then for sake of immersion /charity those 200k you get with starter paychecks, it's after all, immersion DUDE.
  5. DjoleK

    I consider it to be metagaming. As someone who lives with solid and evergrowing inflation, i dont see the problem of rising prices, actually it is very realistic.
  6. Exterior The view Interior Market price is 85000$. There is no current offer, nor a buyout. I will accept first decent offer. Feel free to either post it here or call me on #3000.
  7. DjoleK

    Wah Ching evolved? Hot
  8. DjoleK

    Said no one, ever. @Atiku this guy tho.