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  1. Character Name: George Houston Faction name and thread (If needed) : / Forum Name: DjoleK Discord Name: George Location of your request (If needed): Inside Hi-Men Bar in Rancho ( Property ID is 1893 ) Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): 76 Reason for this request (You may go in detail): Since I already own the bar, I am in need of place where I could hold drinks. Due to amount of people who actually rent the place ( and fact that anyone could just come at any moment and take anything that way ) I wish to use "staff only" door in basement to have a place where I could store large amounts of liquor, in place that would be property inside property ( so only I could have access to main storage ). Exterior screenshots of the requested property:
  2. DjoleK

    I am well aware how bonus works. I know that I recieve ~1140 per person entering biz when entrance fee is set to 200, and that message pops up after those bonuses combined sum up to around 20k. And no, nobody touched the cashbox during the entire evening, and even today. @Nervous
  3. DjoleK

    UCP / Login Name: djordje Character Name: George Houston Items & Amount Lost: Around 20 thousand Exact time and date: 15.01.2019. between 9:30pm and 11:30pm UTC+1 Reason: I opened HiMen Bar for the night, and it gotten crowded pretty quickly. I was busy roleplaying with people and I noticed that I recieved the message for sucessful opening and the bonus. As time for closing came, I decided to collect money and share it with my partners, but then I noticed that there is only ~7k in the cashbox. Evidence: Since I didn`t collect any money, I would appreciate if admin could go check logs, I know Norrig used to do that to check this issue I experienced once few months ago.
  4. DjoleK

    Srbija do Los Santosa 😉
  5. I am buying above listed vehicles. Feel free to contact me either thru e-mail (( Forum PM )) or call me on my number three zero zero zero (#3000)
  6. UCP / Login Name: djordje Character Name: George Houston Items & Amount Lost: License plate change Exact time and date: 11.11.2019. Reason: I went on UCP to change license plate of my Michelli Lampadi from its current APL382 to GEORGE, and when I changed it and went in game today, I still had old license plate, and even after checking in UCP it still shows my old license plate, but I lost 1 license plate change. Evidence: Since I didnt take screenshoot of changing license plate in UCP, I guess logs?
  7. DjoleK

    What I am suggesting is that a simple card script should be added. Not something like old poker script, but something like /dice. When player types /card [number of cards] it randomly generates x amount of cards and announces it in chat. This could be used in simpler games like blackjack which would suit idea of backroom gambling rooms. There are many rooms for expanding on the idea, but even the very basic would be very useful.
  8. Character name: George Houston UCP name: djordje (Discord name?): George Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 1893 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Backdoor
  9. DjoleK

    Glad to see fellow Serbistanis on server, looking forward to RPing with ya folks
  10. DjoleK

    Since I stared owning Hi-Men Bar, I saw I had a pool table at basement of interior, so I wanted to think of a system that would make it roleplayable to play pool. After speaking with a friend, he suggested me his system he used in SA:MP, and I merely edited some rules to it. Obviously first thing you need is a pool table and pool cues ( which I would love if we could get command for spawning, but there are certain issues right now ) After that, players are to RP aiming at hitting white ball, trying to get other balls to fall into pockets. To do so, people first roleplay hitting the ball, and then throw a /dice /dice gives random number between 1-6, and roll will decide the outcome of players shot. 1-White ball falls in pocket ( Second player automatically gets +1 to his next /dice since he can position white ball ) 2/3-No balls fall into pocket 4/5-One ball falls into pocket 6-Two balls fall into pocket Once player clears all 7 balls of his ( solids or stripped, you chose ) he needs to roll another 6 to hit black ball into pocket. So far we played in a fashion that one player gets one hit ( since if RNG messes up, you could probably clear entire table in one turn, and we ain't pro pool players ) This is the current system, I know it has its flaws, and could use some updates, and if you think you know how to improve it, feel free to put suggestions and I will edit it over time.