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  1. DjoleK

    Username: TimC Comment: Horrible disaster!
  2. DjoleK

    Not if you ask Irish pirates.
  3. DjoleK

    Yes? I was hit by two consecutive cars and I decided to go for RPing my injuries. This happened just today ( notice the broken pole in front of me, and my ‚‚cast'' ) As you can see, whoever hit me ( I didn't see him either, he just sped past me afterwards ) probably will face no IC reprecussions for it ( because no traffic cams, I guess ) and because most people would prefer to RP those panicked people who ditch the scene after they hit someone. Now, all I am saying is that my last two injuries would realistically throw my char in hospital for a year at least, not to mention this latest one. Fact that people chose to RP their injuries more seriously is up to them, but trying to force them just because some people can't drive for shit ( desync bro ) is horrible idea and great way to get rid of the players. As Rybyn said, while this idea sounds good, it is not feasible in any way.
  4. Name: TimC Comment: You should cover more important topics! Three people hit by angry drivers in Little Seoul in past two days. I am victim myself!!!
  5. DjoleK

    Srećno 🙂
  6. DjoleK

    Howdy neighbor
  7. Username: NotSupremacist Comment: If we replaced every mexican with "white supremacist" city would be a better place.
  8. DjoleK

    Good suggestion, edited original post with your idea.
  9. Short description: As the title goes, I suggest removal of the animation that starts when someone calls you. Detailed description: As everyone knows, when someone calls you you are automatically shot in standing animation with your cellphone on. While I don't mind having phone in your hand when you answer your phone call, it is rather annoying to be constantly pushed into standing animation if you're in middle of whatever roleplay. Commands to add: None Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? Additional information: It would be nice if the holding phone in hand anim was replaced with an /ame text above your head stating that the phone is ringing or buzzing. So people still see someone is being called.
  10. I mean that if I for example have garage, there is perma garage blip on map that turns green the moment I open garage and I am there on spot to work. Same doesn't apply for other types of business.
  11. I would just add on this question, when someone owns a business, it has a blip ( garage, ammo, 24/7 ) yet businesses don't. Also, while I understand that server needs donations, I'd rather donate to server that I enjoy playing rather than donating to server that forces me to donate to have certain advantages.
  12. DjoleK

    ch becomes č, tj becomes ć :=)
  13. DjoleK

    Stanovich Judging silently
  14. Username: Timmeh Comment: Asian community of Little Seoul appreciates the news coverage R&R news agency provided!