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  1. I thought you were a Albanian...top 10 anime betrayals in history...
  2. Username: Korean George Comment: In other news, Los Santos enters Guinness World Records Book for having largest open air zoo in all of the world.
  3. DjoleK

    [SOLD] The Tug

    Offering $105.000
  4. As somehow who used to RP a autistic homeless person I can very much tell that they seemed to enjoy RPing with such small time RP offenders as it was unique, fun and break from something monotonous. However, I doubt they are intentionally ignoring it, sadly the server is constrained by amount of police and resource management plays important role here. In case of them nothing having enough officers to cover all cases I am sure a armed suspect takes priority over a drunk being drunk on a sidewalk, so at the end it's not so much of a IC but a OOC issue that they simply lack the resources most of the times.
  5. DjoleK

    [SOLD] The Tug

    What is your number? I wish to buy the boat. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The buyer of this vessel does not condone, endorse, or encourage the illicit trafficking of any of the following: drugs, firearms, counterfeit currency, unlawful quantities of fish, people, dead people, exotic animals, knock-off action figures, stolen automobiles, Soviet-era nuclear weapons, nerve toxins, pornography, or any other illegal goods or services not mentioned above. The fact that the Tug's cargo hold is capable of holding all aforementioned and highly dangerous substances is completely coincidental.
  6. Because it's always easier to blame the others.
  7. This is again, cherry picking and taking what is written in a way that suits you. At no point did I mentio that roleplaying medical fees is powergaming. What I am merely saying is that it should be regulated to fit server specifications, there should be server-sided price for such injuries which would in fact make great money sinks in the long run ( seeing a previously money sinks were discussed a lot ). Only thing that would be powergaming is trumping up the costs simply for the sake of causing as much harm to the other party as possible, especially in cases where people don't RP their injuries because lets be honest, nobody takes fun in being forced to RPing at lower capacity due to a bodily injury. This also further brings the case of injuries caused by accident ( say you drove and rammed in a pole) or injuries caused by obstruction of justice (being shot by police, crashing during chase), are players willing to go ahead and pay costs of those those injuries when there is nobody to sue to cover those costs? The majority answer is very likely no, nobody would love to pay for those. But again, I am aware that I don't know everything and don't have solutions to everything, hence why this suggestion was made in the first place, to discuss and see how this would be implemented the best on the server, it is just sad seeing people (not you) reading the title and then jumping straight to comments to vent out their anger.
  8. @Anselmi Yet that is literally happening as we speak, hence the reason why I made this suggestion in the first place.
  9. Before I even start the suggestion itself, I would like to point out that yes, this suggestion is being written due to recent events, but also to point out that I am by no means involved with any of the parties involved in the case, I am merely seeing a big exploit here that I believe should be taken care of before it takes roots. Another note, this rule is using a very specific case because it is being written as response to such case, but this is merely a suggestion, not a attack or accusations against anyone involved. With that being said, in current case ‚‚Jacqueline Knight v. Gracelyn West'', due to injuries sustained from being shot, the injured party is rightfully asking for monetary sum as compensation for being shot, as well as lost money due to being absent from work, which again, is completely ‚‚fair'' and normal, HOWEVER, one of the things the injured party there is also claiming is hospital bills which are being completely NPC'd, which you can find posted below. This in itself already causes some issues. First, the costs put here were, per injured party's lawyer taken from some document stating that this is average cost of such surgery in US, in real life, however, Nervous himself said that GTA:W economy is unique, and as such each 1$ in real life would correspond to 10$ in GTA:W universe, which should, if we're following that rule put the costs of aforementioned surgery to shy above 1 million in GTA:w money. After that, we also have the issue that it is not specified if Jacqueline has already charited that money, which opens the possibility of whoever is making such claim to not actually /charity their money after sustaining the injury, instead waiting for conclusion of the case to see if it suits them to charity it or not. Another big issue here is that it was completely NPC'd, there was no RP involved during the surgery, absolutely nothing, zero, nada. I could see this making sense if the person actually goes through the process of surgery, but at this point it's just NPCing something and googling how much it costs without taking any additional risks to their character that could come as consequence of the said surgery. However, the biggest concern I have here, and the reason I am writing this in the first place is the fact that if this is allowed, this case will serve as precedent in all further interactions where people will use this as excuse to harm people they dislike to the maximum. The way it was, at least by now is that after sustaining injuries people only suffered RP wise (be that PK, RPing injury for some time, usually only a few days maximum) while the perpetrator also suffers mostly RP wise (being caught by police, retaliation, etc...), but this way, the injured person, or anyone who has suffered any type of damages (damage to their property, vehicle,...) could sue the perpetrator of the crime for draconian amount of money, he himself throwing down a random sum he found on the internet down the /charity knowing damn well that money will only go out of the other persons pocket. With all that being said, what I suggest here is either adding certain regulation that would CLEARLY define the costs of injuries/damages to property, or make coming up with such sums and /charity-ing it over NPC'd process with only purpose of harming the other person fall under powergaming rule.
  10. It is merely loud minority that is always coming forward. People that have positive/neutral experiences with such roleplay don't feel the need to go and make threads like STATE OF EXTORTION IS GREAT etc... Usually whenever something is brought up, it is brought up in negative light simply because that's only reason people wish to bring it up.
  11. Business' interiors have CCTV and you can RP them without anyones perms. If someone enters your x_y store and you have cameras inside, you're allowed to RP CCTV as long as it is installed. An admin can correct me if I'm wrong. You only need perms for CCTV OUTSIDE the buildings.
  12. It's pretty clear to everyone that nothing would've ever come out of this ICly. You say voiding of this has taken away a lot of RP, but the original trouble is that there was no RP at all to start with! To start off with, the murder happened 16 days ago. And what did happen in those 16 days? Nothing! If this had happened IRL, there would've been news that respond to murders, there would be autopsy ( mind you, server had coroners for 2-3 months and it was shut down without even notice ) and ten thousand other things happening in the background, yet current state of server we don't even have someone to remove the corpse after it has been found. All your arguements how it should have been IC and has taken away a lot of RP fall short simply due to fact that nothing was done by now, and don't get me wrong, I don't blame you, as someone simply put it, server at current phase simply can't support some of the factors that would be present irl in cases like this one.
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