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  1. Tank

    At last.
  2. Tank

    Why not role-play an unnamed character died in situations like you described in the post? However that wouldn't solve issues with you dying and your friends wanting to retaliate. That'd create two realities.
  3. I'd appreciate if you could point out what you think is wrong with illegal role-play. Why do you think its quality is declining?
  4. Tank

    (( I'll be posting relevant stories, screenshots and other types of media concerning Ryan Zirillo's life. Enjoy. ))
  5. My opinion is that fights should be role-played out unless agreed otherwise by both parties. This is due to several reasons. The first one is that fighting in GTA V is crap. It's been dumbed down too much to the point where fights are too simple. A system similar to GTA IV's would be way better for this sort of role-playing game but this is impossible to change. Thirdly, sync is an issue in my experience. I would not like to be "rushed" and punched to death while I'm trying to type up a response. That's not good role-play. Not to mention there are different character builds, some are taller, some are shorter. Others are more muscular, others are skinnier. Some know how to fight, some don't. These are all important aspects to consider before engaging in a fight with another player. While a fight with no role-play might appear more "fair" that's only if both players have the mentality OOC that they must win. I'd personally include a gamey factor in role-played fights with fair handicaps depending on the character's body, experience and outright luck to fight against this. That would certainly be fairer to both players and not as frustrating in my opinion. Something like /dice, higher number "wins" an emote etc.
  6. Tank

    I don't believe screenshots are an indication of good role-play. It shouldn't be necessary to complement in-game role-play with fancy screenshots. This sort of mentality only helps to remove focus from out of the game and care about OOC presentation. By all means, if you enjoy it do it. However, I do not think a faction, LSPD or otherwise, should be encouraging their members to post screenshots. To go a little more on topic, I haven't had any bad experience with LSPD faction members. It could be circumstantial and I've only role-played with police three or four times. A few things I've noticed that have already been addressed such as American characters using British slang seems to be common. A huge problem from the server I'm from is that LSPD's duty was first and foremost to police the server. I don't know what it's like here as I've only been role-playing for a short time but a good mentality to hammer in on new recruits and faction members is that you're role-playing a character. Yes, we have all heard the same argument but let me elaborate as it's not an issue exclusive to factions with authority. There are issues with avatarism, unwillingness to role-play fear and a playing to win mentality in all role-playing communities. This is why in tabletop games such as D&D you are forced to pick stats and flaws. You can't trust most people to not want to win. I argue that a lot of good role-play can come from losing. If LSPD is to improve, we should as a community, encourage everyone to quit these bad habits. I don't know how exactly but I believe the best way to do this is through factions. Helping out good factions with good leadership that try to teach their members these things is a great step. It's a hard thing to gauge however. Who dictates what a good faction is? As a poor example of what I believe is playing to win was when two players parked up next to me and attempted to rob me. As they exited their vehicle my character ran off. If I was one of these players I would have given up right there, it's not worth the trouble for potentially a small sum of money. However, one of them chased my character on foot which is fine. The other got back in the car and attempted to ram my character twice. In the process, he crashed his car into a wall more than once. My character managed to find a ladder and climbed up. One of them followed me up and I kicked them down. It was a good fall where you'd probably break a leg or I dare say die. Injuries were not role-played. Vehicle damage, to my knowledge, was not role-played. Can you imagine if this played out in real life? These characters, who I assume are struggling with money, damaged their car which is a big inconvenience and nearly killed someone. One of them potentially broke a leg or something worse. I'm not saying people don't kill each other for even smaller things but I hope you get my point. I don't want to forbid people from doing these things even though I find them silly. But if you're going to do something so silly, role-play the consequences.
  7. I'm not entirely familiar with the drug script or the script in general so bear with me. On most role-play servers I've played on, role-play is centered around factions. Generally, a player's goal is to advance in the faction. Drugs, while they can provide good role-play, are a hindrance to these players. Drug addiction is considered a weakness and thus these characters wouldn't move up in the hierarchy by role-playing a realistic addiction to an addictive substance. Since a player's goal is generally to win and advance (I'm saying this is the mentality of most of the population), role-playing any sort of weakness is simply put a pain in the ass. You don't see a lot of people role-playing their first murder for example. The mental trauma that may come with it. It's easier to be a ruthless sociopath to achieve a top dog position in a faction. Having said that, I'm not too impressed with the current drug script. My character does cocaine and I tried it today using the script and the effect was awful. If you'd like to see more people using drugs, you need more people willing to change their mentality about what role-play is.
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    make way for your boy tank
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