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Triple Seven

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  1. User: Guest#7465 Comment: Interesting how government personnel and their criminal security guards choose to be openly biased towards a company that has not wronged them, but just chose to use the law where the government ignored the law they're here to abide to and serve Los Santos with. Also very interesting that a figure high up in Weazel News would show color, being opinionated about a legal establishment in very strong wording, even though they regularly visited in the past. To the people of Los Santos: Rest assured, The Vanilla Unicorn is not shut down and is ready to open in the following days. We'll keep you posted!
  2. Triple Seven

    Morning everyone! I'd like to suggest the CCTV rule be changed to something useful, so players can use their CCTV w/o consent of a party that is filmed. As it stands it's completely useless to install CCTV RPly as it won't be taken seriously, even though it is something that realistically would happen and be present on lots of establishments and houses, depending on the situations the owners have dealt with. Currently the rule states (with some exceptions for government, no idea why): As long as the public CCTV is RP'd and there is for example an imgur album with time and date shown, I feel it should be allowed to use footage taken within viewing angle of the cameras installed, in-character. When there is no actual footage this can be achieved by using /do. This change would increase player honesty and it would also be of massive help to detectives and even normal police officers in determining their course of action. Therefore I'd like to suggest a rulechange and word it like this or similar:
  3. Triple Seven

    Character Name: Sadie Hoffman Forum Name: Triple Seven (Discord Name?): Triple Seven#0477 Property ID (of your house): 1105 Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): 30 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 1301 Zancudo Avenue Screenshot of the exterior of your house/garage:
  4. Triple Seven

    Congrats, looking forward to the continuity information!
  5. Triple Seven

    See ya there, as I doubt snow will be happening, I'll be readying the bikini!
  6. Triple Seven

    Just pay the regular 600 and when you're on duty the minutes are counted, once you reach 60 you get a single extra PD/FD paycheck in a lower amount than currently? I don't see the idea of paychecks always being higher as long as you're employed but not working.
  7. Triple Seven

    As said in my first reply, don't be too rigid, for the sake of a Christmassy atmosphere just enable it, let players have fun, but don't let them drop roleplay standards during interactions. I think the people of a city on the west coast, like L.A. would love if it snowed come Christmas, this game has the tools available, why stop from being creative? We all know that in a battle between The Grinch and Santa Claus, Santa would always win! Give people their Christmas present a little ahead of time and Let it Snow! Ho! Ho! Ho!
  8. Triple Seven

    Riddle me this then: Is it fair that someone not on duty for their faction, receives a paycheck? Do you get paid for doing nothing in real life? You know mining is no fun, why direct people to mining as a substitute for a ridiculous paycheck? Suggest mining pay out to be lowered instead? Because you seem to agree apart from that? Same goes for business owners and leasers to be honest. Do those business owners make money while their business is closed? Think that point is made clear, there should be no pay out from your faction when not performing faction duties. (I know for Weazel News this would pose another issue, but that just has to be looked at separately) The gov faction paycheck values are clearly ridiculous if they are to be compensated by civilians by going mining. (And since when do you need to make or have the most money as a police officer? Most of them make middle-class wages in real life, maybe a little over when they get a higher rank)
  9. Triple Seven

    Mining is a terrible way to play the server, I prefer RP over mining, which granted, I did a year ago. Since then I've realized, obviously, mining is not fun. More importantly: are you saying here you earned a ridiculous salary in over 4 months of being somewhere? In reality you wouldn't even have been promoted or received a raise yet, maybe a Christmas bonus soon. Besides, are you playing police for the RP you have to do, or for the money? Cause if I were to consider it I'd join for the RP I'd want to do, not for the paycheck involved.
  10. Triple Seven

    That would make sure half the server can't pay their taxes anymore and force them to grind, so I don't think that is a particularly good option. If that were to be done, more changes would be needed. Alright, well, the low paychecks is what I meant, from whenever they start getting paid.
  11. Triple Seven

    Only pay on-duty when having a job like that, or drop it back to the 600 or 800 standard off-duty. Also lower the paychecks, for example an entry level PD Academy graduate should be paid maybe 1000 while on-duty training for the full job, then maybe do steps of 200 or 250 up per rank to get a realistic scale.
  12. Triple Seven

    Yes please, don't be too rigid, we're playing a game. Let's enjoy the Christmas atmosphere together and have fun. Don't lower RP level for interactions obviously, but yes, snow please.
  13. I like the idea, but it shouldn't require an ID on input from player (since you don't have it). Show it for the nearest vehicle or property.