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  1. Triple Seven

    Having played with an alias system before I’m definitely against this. Names are fine, if people metagame through objects or otherwise, you need to report them.
  2. Triple Seven

    Find it, because you do, otherwise you can't play. Right click your shortcut on the desktop, then click "properties" or "open file location". If you clicked properties, click "Open file location" there.
  3. Triple Seven

    People with the described attitude have no place on a roleplay server, it doesn’t take that much longer to arrive somewhere while not driving like an absolute ass, in fact, the map contains so many details and jokes, it’s a nice experience to drive slower and no, you don’t see all of them in your first few times driving past them. If you use driving as nothing but an OOC means to travel between RP scenes, which is what you’re basically saying, you’re clearly not understanding that driving is part of the roleplay. If you find MVA RP boring, then drive carefully and don’t get in one. Realism while driving is necessary, obviously to a point, but you seem to just want to use some strange low level of RP or no RP at all when it comes to driving.
  4. Supported, but do this for every business, not just workshops, or businesses that have scripts. RP businesses are as if not more important, since that's what we're here for.
  5. Triple Seven

    Already possible to do so. I support this, but keep it simple, no other font if it makes it bigger or lower character limit. About the ad concerns: just limit businesses from advertising more than once every 5-10 minutes, the spam we get currently from multiple people advertising the same thing is annoying. Speak of the issue:
  6. Triple Seven

    Okay, you need to talk to some crash investigators, yes you would die.
  7. Triple Seven

    Have you tried it? Doesn't sound like you have and you're just assuming, it takes literally almost no extra time to slow down. Stop for intersections where you can't see well. It's not as if people in real life don't keep to traffic laws mostly, most people speed 10 mph tops depending on the type of street. lights are almost always followed. Yes, the streets are sometimes completely empty, or look it. Doesn't mean traffic is OOC or something. The law afaik is stop on red, go when safe. Drive on when green because the other approaching red should stop.
  8. Triple Seven

    and that's not going to happen obviously, since they're already around. and yes, /report doesn't work for this.
  9. Triple Seven

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that deals with players on an almost daily, if not daily basis that slam into other players and/or their vehicles and simply blame desync, lag or whatever else to not have to RP driving. It’s lately gotten to a point where a lot of situations are voided solely due to this supposed desync. My opinion is pretty simple: if you choose to let your character drive like a moron going near or over 100mph in the city and you hit someone it’s your own fault. Yes RageMP has flaws, yes your pc might not be able to handle loading it in fast enough (all the more reason to take slowing down as a good option), but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to roleplay driving and crashes. “/b you want to RP that?” Is used too often. Of course you do, you’re on an RP server. share your opinions.
  10. I’m still to meet the first robber that gives me time to properly RP being robbed and typing emotes without them claiming I’m stalling or simply giving me too little time to respond. I never carry around amounts even close to 5k, but if someone does, for whatever reason (that better be a good one) I still wouldn’t like to see it fall into the hands of someone who rp’s terrible and robs because they are poor and a street thug. Besides that point; hypothetically, do you think it’s realistic for a street thug to make a million off of a single robbery or even at all? It’s simply unrealistic. If someone is dumb enough to carry a million in cash (non RP), it shouldn’t mean another player doing a robbery suddenly gets rich. (“Orale ese, I just rob this guy holmes, had a cold million on him man! We rich!”) 5k is a lot of money from a robbery even in this server’s economy as it’s a large part towards buying a new vehicle or paying a long time of rent or enabling someone to buy a place to live. Now I don’t expect robbers to make 5k every time but I do feel it’s a fair limit, robbers aren’t supposed to get rich as mentioned before.
  11. Triple Seven

    I like it! Allows smaller businesses to roleplay a business vehicle and couples/families to share one or more cars. Since parking might get messy, it should get GPS tracking though, before spawning it, so you don’t have to travel through the entire city to get it again.
  12. Triple Seven

    I think it's important to not disable people that can't afford to donate silver or gold packages, or at all (like myself), a working advertisement system to run their club. The current and suggested system put people at a disadvantage if they don't and cannot donate. It makes and would make them even more, dependent on their staff who do have this opportunity and with that the command available to them.
  13. Triple Seven

    Short description: Make it easier to switch phones Detailed description: We now have aliases for our phone, please enable us to switch phones using a shorter command and easier identifier. As it is right now, we have to use the most difficult identifier (phone number) to remember to switch phones. The command to switch is also way too long for convenient usage. The phones have a custom alias now with /namephone, if we can use a shorter command and easier identifier for it, we can switch much easier between our separate phones. Commands to add: /phone [alias] Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? It makes life a lot easier on people who use multiple phones. Additional information: N/A
  14. Triple Seven

    Supported if they're not just removed, since it's not a thing in the US, the nation we're roleplaying in.
  15. Triple Seven

    If you feel your immersion is damaged, request a different interior for your own place?