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    being an epic gamer :-D

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  1. Matthew

    Turn .. into ...

    yes yes add this
  2. I personally have interest in university RP and I've helped lead university factions on other servers before, I wouldn't mind helping out.
  3. How do you justify them having an almost identical ranking structure, uniforms, cruisers, etc.?
  4. The goal of PD/SD as with every faction is to provide quality roleplay, not to police the server.
  5. Sure, the exact time is kind of unknown so something like this to clarify would make a good addition to the rules.
  6. Yes, yes. It's unrealistic, makes no sense, and radios should only be used in a realistic manner.
  7. Full name: Tyler Howard Vehicle: Sugoi Pick-up date: ASAP, preferably today Phone number: 14452844 Additional information: I wish to purchase the vehicle immediately rather than reserve it.
  8. roleplay

    1. bonk


      I second this

  9. they removed the 4k per hour from bars
  10. Hiring bartenders once again.
  11. No longer hiring bartenders. Will be updated when there's vacancies once again.
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