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  1. apothecalypse

    Thank you for the guide. I wouldn't recommend carrying additional unused notes in the inventory since receiving notes with content will vanish for some reason and you won't be able to read the text/see the image.
  2. The translation you got in your signature is funny and totally google translated.
    Correct one would be: ابن الشرموطة

    1. apothecalypse


      Thank you, will change it later today. 🙂

  3. apothecalypse

    United Pigeon (from the letter pigeon) Hedwig (letter pigeon in Harry Potter :D) Texty (text - sexy = texty) WeChat
  4. apothecalypse

    WTF! We have so much in common. My cat's name is also Mia. A friend of my grandma brought us her in a plastic bag as my little brother insisted in a baby kitten. So we took her all the way from Turkey to Germany, ... in a car. 2018 2020
  5. apothecalypse

    Golf 5 B)
  6. apothecalypse

    Thanks for both inputs. Do not get me wrong, I don't want to remove the current way of meeting people with either meeting in-game or Facebrowser. The idea was just supposed to be a third opportunity to meet people. I am not into ERP, but with it being implemented, people of course can use it to find someone to ERP with or to troll or whatsoever. I just do not see any disadvantages with it but if no one is up for something like this, then it is OK.
  7. apothecalypse

    Oldschool. And as the Facebrowser app does not work in-game, we could replace it with Tinder.
  8. apothecalypse

    Short description: Adding a Tinder app on the phone in-game or as a add-on on Facebrowser. Detailed description: I am suggesting to add a further icon on the phone in-game with a heart icon probably which leads to an app which looks similiar to the Tinder app we all know. One can create a profile with a photo of themselves, add their name, age and profession. Another one can then press X or on the heart button. If two people press the heart button on each others photos it causes a match. (No idea how it is done IRL) Afterwards, both can see their numbers or a short detail to get into chatting. This is how it looks IRL. It could be the same in-game/on Facebrowser. Commands to add: None. Items to add: Just another icon on the phone/on Facebrowser. How would your suggestion improve the server?: People can either find their true love with that or they face a fake love which causes drama. However, people can also build affairs. Of course, that all is already possible. This app will just help out. Sometimes it is still hard to find someone to chat with in-game. Additional information: We can either use it on our phones or with our profiles on Facebrowser. Depends on where it is possible. Also: I know this has no priority but it is just something I would like to see in the future.
  9. apothecalypse

    Studying Medical Management and am currently looking for a small job at a hospital for example. But somehow it is not easy at all.
  10. apothecalypse

    Looks awesome! Good luck with the faction and keep up the good roleplay.
  11. apothecalypse

    Habbo is a text-based browser game where you can chat, build rooms, participate on events and so forth. The original is www.habbo.com and there are a few retros (copies) which are roleplay based: https://findretros.com/?tag=roleplay I used to play Habbo since 2007 and it has different languages such as German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish and Brasilian. It is based on a hotel system and you can either play the original one or on the retros but you gotta find roleplay yourself since not everyone plays it to roleplay.
  12. apothecalypse

    I often watch Germans playing GTAV via Twitch and as I received my new computer, I instantly bought GTAV and downloaded RageMP. Due to the fact that I am not a fan of voice roleplay at all, I looked after text-based roleplay servers and found GTA World. And I will surely stay a while since GTAW is similar to a roleplay server on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas where I played a long time.
  13. apothecalypse

    Am I the only one who thinks that the price for the registration is too much and hence unrealistic? Surely, it should hurt to drive with an expensive sports car but we don't have taxes without a reason. Also, people get random plates. That would solve the issue. Sorry if I am too off-topic here but I felt like giving my inpunt on the registration.
  14. apothecalypse

    I don't celebrate christmas but I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well!
  15. apothecalypse

    Character Name: Katie Conway Faction name and thread (If needed) : Cupid Ltd. (no thread yet) Forum Name: apothecalypse Discord Name: apothecalypse#2436 Location of your request (If needed): Vinewood West, Eclpise Blvd. or Rockford Hills, Marathon Avenue Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): Either 43, 44, 45, 46 or 60 - 46 is our favorite Reason for this request (You may go in detail): We want to establish our company which plans and hosts weddings with creating invitations, finding the best location, catering, pictures and so-forth. However, we also advise couples if they have problems in their relationships, find two people together with our matching system and defend them in court. Exterior screenshots of the requested property: http://prntscr.com/lz2hz8 or http://prntscr.com/lz2ko0 (Both seem realistic, we have a lot of alternatives)