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  1. Rukka

  2. In regards to the iPhone, Pixel, etc. In my opinion that was a mistake and we shouldn't be referencing this. In terms of weapons, again I've always been against naming them certain things unless there's an agreement that the Assault Rifle is named an AK-47, etc. Otherwise as I said people always call it different things. Dollar as used as they're called dollars IG, fairly simple.
  3. I see no reason why anyone should be referencing any kind of brand in the real world. You are given brands of vehicles, company names, beer brands, cigarette brands, etc all created by Rockstar and referenced in the game already. If anything, mixing these brands with real brands would ruin the immersion in my opinion. I do hate it when people reference their vehicles as "BMW" etc. Why? As said above, we already have the brands on top of the fact if you start doing that now nobody knows what to call your vehicle as everyone roleplays them different brands.
  4. Rukka

    @Rukka still out here working hard, well done xo
  5. Rukka

    Archived upon request.
  6. Rukka

    VPN connections are allowed. Are you trying to connect to the GTA:W server when the error comes up or just load up the RAGE launcher?
  7. Rukka

    It'll end up like this and isn't really required.
  8. Rukka

    Already suggested and not possible at this time.
  9. Rukka

    At the moment there is no way to do this and it has already been explored.
  10. Rukka

    We have discord as the others have said already.
  11. Rukka

    Do not see a requirement for this.
  12. Rukka

    I see no need for this, people should read the information threads first as it contains information they require before posting.
  13. Rukka

    @Everett can this be done?