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  1. Rukka

    Admin jailed.
  2. Apologies I've had some internet issues recently. @Chewy you're saying it was roleplayed however you only used one /me for a crash whereby you drove off of the edge of the road. What did you roleplay exactly and what did you do afterwards? Also, @AnarchyPanties being required at a meeting on an alternative character is no excuse to quit so quickly after a scene, especially a pursuit involving the police. You should have taken that into account before you decided to participate in a pursuit.
  3. I'll handle and will check the logs tomorrow in respect of roleplay from the reported party following the vehicle collision. Unless you have the chatlog parser, they do not save. @Chewy can you PM me the name of who pulled you over 10 minutes after the pursuit? @Humourroughly what time was the pursuit. Moved to pending.
  4. Rukka

  5. Rukka

  6. Rukka

  7. Rukka

    Punishments should already be being given out for vehicles that are particularly low (i.e sports cars) however it's not impossible for a vehicle higher off of the ground to do so. I do believe the tunnels are used too frequently however it is down to the admin to determine if the driver is failing to roleplay appropriately, I do not believe there is a need for a new rule as it would fall under non-roleplay. Players should be reported for driving on the tracks if you feel it is non-roleplay.
  8. Not really sure on the security or privacy side of things, as there's nothing stopping them from using a throw-away email to create a fake account. If you don't want something being found out, don't post it on a publicly accessible website.
  9. Rukka

    I'd have to say no on this one. As already stated, we are an English speaking community and generally do not allow people to speak other languages in our Discord, forums or IG. The main reason for this is the fact that we cannot cover all languages within our staff team and it becomes difficult to moderate. Also, as said above, it causes people to form cliques and roleplay with people just based on their nationality.
  10. Rukka

  11. Since you're ignoring me, I'll lock this until Ribsey responds.
  12. Stop going back and forth and if you haven't already, answer Ribsey's questions. If you have, then stop posting.
  13. Rukka

    Handled, player isn't banned.
  14. Rukka

    Due to the fact @SpawnMatrix was at the scene, he should handle.
  15. Rukka

    For some reason I couldn't sort this out IG. For someone else to try.