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  1. Rukka

    Fort Zancudo is currently only used by Government agencies as a training area that is out of the public, i.e LSPD training, LSFD training, etc. There has never been a military faction and there will not be one in the near future as there is no requirement for one.
  2. Yes, to be on the safe side.
  3. It's a shame you feel this way when you had an opportunity to do some good whilst you were in a Government position but chose to not do so and instead lead PD on a pursuit on your Government character before moving to a different server.
  4. Rukka

    I'm going to lock this thread as it's already 8 pages long and I haven't kept up with it as of yet. In short, we will not be removing TeamSpeak usage from the LSPD faction at this time. However, TeamSpeak usage is under constant review by Faction Management and the usage surrounding it is critiqued in depth. Faction Management were reviewing the amount of channels on TeamSpeak already and this is still something we are looking at to see if there is a requirement for such a large amount of TeamSpeak channels.
  5. Rukka

    We hire staff regularly however tend to only hire a few at a time as we want quality over quantity. It is no good having a load of staff if they are not good at what they do. Locked.
  6. Rukka

    @Rukka because he's really good at his job
  7. Rukka

    This seems be to straying away from the original post. This is a discussion regarding the usage of TeamSpeak, if you wish to discuss a rule change in regards to PKs or otherwise, please create another thread.
  8. Rukka

    Punishments should already be being given out for vehicles that are particularly low (i.e sports cars) however it's not impossible for a vehicle higher off of the ground to do so. I do believe the tunnels are used too frequently however it is down to the admin to determine if the driver is failing to roleplay appropriately, I do not believe there is a need for a new rule as it would fall under non-roleplay. Players should be reported for driving on the tracks if you feel it is non-roleplay.
  9. Not really sure on the security or privacy side of things, as there's nothing stopping them from using a throw-away email to create a fake account. If you don't want something being found out, don't post it on a publicly accessible website.
  10. Rukka

    I'd have to say no on this one. As already stated, we are an English speaking community and generally do not allow people to speak other languages in our Discord, forums or IG. The main reason for this is the fact that we cannot cover all languages within our staff team and it becomes difficult to moderate. Also, as said above, it causes people to form cliques and roleplay with people just based on their nationality.
  11. Rukka

    As Nervous posted. Paycheck systems are being discussed for a rework already.