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  1. Rukka

  2. Rukka

  3. Rukka

    Appeal in 30 days.
  4. Rukka

  5. Rukka

    Both reports can be handled under this report. The handling admin to take into consideration the evidence posted on https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/9220-cassidy-romano-adam-parker-james-sheridan-1/ which is a counter allegation. Locking this until an admin is assigned to avoid arguing.
  6. Rukka

    @OrosOros You need to consider your roleplay and where you are conducting robberies. I will take no action against the robbery however bear this in mind. However, after seeing your childish behaviour in Discord and via /b I believe you should be admin jailed. You have been sarcastic through this report, you have then taunted the reporting party in /b by saying "Money..?" obviously quoting your silly comment in here and also been immature on the GTA:W Discord. However, after liaising with other admins you are going to be banned for 30 days for "Poor RP standards, severe lack of common courtesy". You will have to appeal this through eyebrows if you wish for this to be shortened.
  7. Rukka

    As long as you give me sarcastic replies I'll post your funds if you want to go that way. Locked until I make a decision.
  8. Rukka

    You have 200k+ in your faction bank, $18k total money and own 2 properties. Interesting you require more money on top of that. Explain why you thought robbing someone in a busy docks area was a good idea.
  9. Rukka

    @OrosOros What is your reason for robbing him?
  10. Rukka